Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Holidays

On behalf of the Robinson's we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Hard to believe Christmas is over and we are approaching the New Year.  

We had a nice Christmas with lots of food and drink.  The boys and girlfriends were with us on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas day.  It was nice to have everyone together.

I have had the last couple of days off so have been working around the house.  Got the garage all cleaned out so that I can park the car in the garage again.   Got out and hiked this morning and then went to the office for a couple of hours. But I have spent a bunch of time on building 3D paper airplanes. 

I found some new plans of various types on the internet.  The first two I built I printed out at home and quickly ran out of ink. So I got the idea to go over to Office Depot and have them print them for and see if they could actually enlarge them. Oh boy they could enlarge them and the colors are some much brighter than what I could do at home.  I am excited about being able to enlarge them as they will look really awesome hanging up in the shop.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Sunday 12/18

I am feeling better today.  Was in a bit of a fog after the graduation parties, we started with whiskey and then moved to beer.   It is never a good idea to mix the two.

Yesterday I heard a large crash come from somewhere in the house.   I looked all over and couldn’t find anything that had fallen.   I needed to get out today and pick up a few groceries and a last minute gift.   Well when I opened the garage door I found what the noise was.   One of the springs on the door had snapped.

Since I was headed out I ran by HD and picked up a new spring kit and replaced both of them when I got back home.

The roads were still pretty slick today.  Came across several cars stuck trying to get up hills and others that were just going too fast for the road conditions.  They will learn, I am sure.  Still pretty cold around here and I think it is going to warm up tomorrow.

So this afternoon after getting the garage door fixed I turned my attention to doing some cooking.  I whipped up about 3 dozen peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, brownies and then made a pizza for dinner.   The peanut butter balls are for the holidays and will take some to work later this week.

I packed my backpack so I should be ready to walk to work tomorrow.  Going to have to leave early as I have calls starting.


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Big Man

Big day around the Robinson house yesterday, our big boy Eric graduated from UCCS.  We are so proud of him.   After the ceremony we had a small party for him and a few of his friends.  Then we ended up going to another bar and then ended up at house.   Now that school is behind him, he is moving to FL. and starting a new job.   Go Eric!

I think I am home for a while so I need to get out and get walking again.   I haven’t really gotten out for three weeks now.    There is just so much going on with work and family.   We got about six inches of snow last night and it got cold, real cold.  I just checked the temperature and it is showing that it is -4 out.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

You never met a man like me, you wouldn't understand

Today was long and so was this week.  I headed out last Sunday and spent the week in NJ and NYC for work.  Made for a long week coupled with the fact that I wasn't sleeping well.  Not sure why, but I bet I was lucky to get eighteen hours of sleep over the last five days.  I am wiped out this evening and am ready to crash.

I am home alone this weekend, hope I make out as well as Kevin. 

Candy left on Tuesday and went to Wichita to see her sister and do some property clean up.   She wont be back until Tuesday and I am flying back out on Tuesday.  So we will miss each other again.

Eric helped out and watched the dogs while we were both gone.  Guess it will be Clark going forward now that Eric is moving.

Being that I had to spend fours hours in the air today, I was listing to music and trying to do email, but the wifi was crap.  Thanks United Airlines.

One of my favorite songs is Back in Business Again.  Maybe you have to be a teen from the 80's, but I can crank this up and blow my ear drums out.  Love the lyrics!!!

Of course being on the road I didn't really get my miles in.  Shame on me, but like I said I was busy, plus it was a pretty stressful week.  I probably would have slept better if I would have gotten out.  I need to update the tracker and will do that tomorrow.

Looks like Pebbles and I will be walking in the snow tomorrow.  I have to get out and will be a great chance to get some decent photo's.  That reminds me I should go charge the camera.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Another Day

This new cat of ours is pretty funny.  Every morning I try to get in the hot tub for a few minutes and he likes to join me.   
He doesn't get in but he walks around the edge and goes back to back.   He has only fallen in once, but he keeps coming back.

Eric sent Candy a picture of him all dressed up.  I had her send it to me so that I could log it in the blog.   He is a very handsome young man.  Lot of changes going on for him and 2017 should be a very exciting year.

I did get out this morning and logged a few more miles.  Today it was just about 6.5 miles.  I took Pebbles out and we did 4.75 miles and then I dropped her off at home and then headed out to get a couple more in.  I hope I can get out early tomorrow and log a few more miles.

I went to work on the basement bedroom today.   Had an old dresser that I needed to move out and a few other items.  I also had a couple of small holes in the wall.  When Clark moved out he took the wall bracket that holds a TV.   Got everything patched up and then found the paint.  Looks a lot better, now I just need to get my tools out and then clean the floor.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope that you enjoyed your time today no matter how you spent it.   We broke from tradition this year and didn't cook, but instead chose to go out for dinner.

We ate at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  They put on a big buffet with everything you could want.  It was Candy, Clark, Clark's girl friend and I.  We all ate way to much, it was all so good.   It actually worked out pretty well, as we didn't have to spend all day cooking and cleaning.

Eric is in California for the Holiday.   Sounds like they are having a great time.  They are staying at Disney and checking out the parks.  A big news item is that he got engaged and asked his girl friend to marry him.   Candy and I both knew about it.  Congratulations!

Candy has been hard at work with her embroidery.  She has embroidered all kinds of stuff.  From shoes, shirts, towels and more.   She just finished up a snow boarding snow man for Clark.  It looks really good.  I need to see if she can put my initials on the cuffs of my shirts.

So let's see, on the hiking front I am still plugging away.   I was out yesterday with Pebbles.   As we were walking down the trail, I happen to look over and see this deer in the grass.  I stopped and fired off a couple of pictures.  Pebbles was oblivious to it even being there.

I am just about up to 80 Miles this month.  I got out both Wed/Thu and clocked a little over 5 Miles each day.   This morning it was windy so I opted to do the treadmill.   The treadmill is not my favorite as I would rather be outside.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pleasant Surprise

I had an unexpected but pleasant surprise today.   At work and the cell phone rings.  It's my uncle who is visiting his brother, my other uncle who lives in the Springs.   Wanted to see if I had eaten lunch yet and if I could go out.

Luckily the afternoon was pretty clear, so I jumped at the chance.  They came to the office and then we headed out for lunch.  It was great to catch up with them.

My plan was to leave work early and go walk, but with being out for a couple of hours I just couldn't make it work.  Will try again tomorrow.   I am supposed to be off work, but I don't see that happening.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Turn on the lights

One thing I had forgotten to mention was that I hung the outdoor Christmas lights yesterday.  It was so nice yesterday and just took me about an hour.   Didn't go with a big display just lights and garland wrapped around the hand rails coming up to the house.  One more item checked off the list.

I have a lot of traveling coming up in the near future.   Need to get some things done while I am home.  Not only with my to do list, Eric is graduating from college and we have a ceremony on the 16th followed by a little party.  He is then moving to Orlando to start an internship with a new company.  Very proud of him!

I got out this morning and got 3.5/Miles walking to work.  I had plans to leave work at 4:00 PM, but it was 6:00 PM when Candy picked me up.

Well at least I got a few miles in.  This puts me up to 69.15 Miles.  Getting closer to 100.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Go La Junta Football

Oh boy what a great weekend here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Yesterday it was in the 50's and today it got up to 68.  I spent most of the days outside soaking up the sun.   Hope it was as nice where you are.

Congratulations to all the players on the La Junta Football Team, The High School, and all the nice people in La Junta.  Way to go beating Bayfeild 14-13 in the Class 2A state semifinals.  Sorry I missed it and thank you for making all the Alumni so Proud!  Wishing you all the best for the State Championship against Kent Denver.

Making us Proud

So let's see, somewhat busy weekend around here.   I had plans to get up at 5:30 AM on Saturday, but that turned into getting out of bed at 8:30.  Yeah I slept it.  So what!

I gathered up all the ingredients for my pot roast.  I dug the roast out of the fridge and salted, peppered and put garlic on it.  Heated up the cast iron skillet and then seared the roast on both sides and on the edges where I could.

Placed it in the crock pot on low and then turned my attention to the vegetables.   Pealed several carrots and potato's.  Sliced up and onion and place them all on top of the meat.  Left the crock pot on low and left it cooking for the rest of the day.

Candy had a craft show she was working at the Church and had to be there at noon to start setting up.   That left me with some time to fill.   I got dressed and headed out for a hike, left about 11:00 AM.  I got back just after 1:30 PM and oh man the house was smelling great with the roast and vegetables cooking.

On Saturday I got just a little over 6 miles in.   I walked up Orion and then worked my way back home.  It is a pretty decent incline from our house, up Orion to Gold Camp Road.   Felt pretty good and I need to do more.

After I got home I hooked up the PS2 to the bedroom TV.   Clark brought it over and left me some games.  Now I have a couple of old Spyro the Dragon games and Ratchet and Clank that I can play.

Candy got home just about 6:00 PM and oh man I was ready to eat.  Hadn't eaten all day and had to smell the roast cooking.  I was ready.   We made some toast with butter and then had a great dinner.  Oh man the roast and all the vegetables were awesome.

I was feeling the incline from yesterday when I got up this morning.  Moving a little slow, I still got out and did 2.5 Miles.  I should have done more.

With Saturday and Sunday, that gets me just over 65/Miles.  I need to work hard as I would love to break a 100 this month.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Goose Egg

So let's see, today I logged a big Goose Egg.  I took the day off and ended up driving.  My excuse is that it was 22 this morning......  Just an excuse.

Both our fountains had heavy ice on them, luckily they didn't freeze up.   I will be draining them tomorrow so that we won't have to worry about freezing.

O'l Brooks the cat is really fitting in to the family.   I think we have turned him into one of the dogs.  He goes out when the dogs do, eat 's when they do and he is playing with Pebbles and she is playing back.  They chase each other and have been sharing toys.

The squirrels have been on DEFCON 4 as of late.  Brooks likes to get out early in the morning when the squirrels are active.  He tries to catch them, but they are just to fast.   Brooks has taken to climbing the trees and the fence.  I came out the other day and found him sitting up in the tree.  He also likes to walk all along the fence and monitor his territory.

Speaking of squirrels, I found out who had been eating on the pumpkins.  I noticed that over a few days that the rind was being eaten off.  Well this morning I actually caught the culprit in the act.  I had no idea the squirrels liked pumpkin rind, but I guess they do.

As you can see this squirrel has been pretty active working on this pumpkin.  

In this pic, you can also see the dusting of snow that we got yesterday.

"Good-bye Max.  Good-bye Ma.
After the service when you're walking slowly to the car
And the silver in her hair shines in the cold November air

You hear the tolling bell. And touch the silk in your lapel

And as the tear drops rise to meet the comfort of the band

You take her frail hand. And hold on to the dream.

A place to stay. Enough to eat
Somewhere old heroes shuffle safely down the street
Where you can speak out loud. About your doubts and fears
And what's more no-one ever disappears

You never hear their standard issue kicking in your door.
You can relax on both sides of the tracks
And maniacs don't blow holes in bandsmen by remote control
And everyone has recourse to the law
And no-one kills the children anymore." 

"The Gunners Dream"

Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Believe

Well the weatherman pulled it off.  He/She was correct, it did get cold and we got a dusting of snow.   I was told that we got hit pretty heavy up north.  Should make for a fun walk in the morning.  Supposed to be cold so will need to dress appropriately.

Once again I walked to work but then bailed on the walk home and caught a ride.  When I left this morning it was nice, but 10 minuets into my walk the sun went behind the clouds and it starting cooling off quickly.   Even so, I did get three miles in.  That puts me just over 55/Miles.

This evening we jammed out to Blessed Union of Souls.  One of my favorites.  I included the video I Believe above. Every time I hear them I want to learn to play piano.  The lyrics are awesome and heartfelt. 

As I was walking this morning I looked back and thought this was a great view and snapped off a picture. 

So if you are looking for something fun, I have included the video Downtown from Macklemore.  I think one of the reason I dig this so much is that it has Eric Nally from  Foxy Shazam in it.  If you have read my blog over the years, you know I am a huge Foxy Shazam fan.  If you are not familiar with Foxy Shazam,  let me welcome you To The Church of Rock N Roll and follow that up with a Holy Touch.

These songs will definitely have you picking up the pace on the trail.  If you come across me, I might be dancing as I go.


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Grass is Always Greener

How many times have we heard the cliche, “The grass is always greener on the other side?” But as I looked again at the picture I took yesterday, the grass is actually greener on the other side.

So let's see I did walk to work again today, but wussed out and caught a ride home again this evening.  When I left this morning Pebbles was giving me the look.  I was going solo and didn't want to take her to work.  She was bummed.  

So with the walk this morning that gets me up to 52.5 Miles.   Will try to do the round trip tomorrow.

When I got home this evening it was time to cook dinner.  I needed to get into the mood so put some tunes on. This evening it was Quarterflash and Aldo Nova.  We rocked out to both of these bands in the 80's.  Yep we are old.   I mean who do you know that shows up in a helicopter and jumps out wearing a leopard jumpsuit and then blow the doors open with his guitar.  I mean that is just awesome.  I wish I could get away with it.  

For dinner I cooked a steak, baked potato and a bag of salad.   Candy and I split the steak and each had a potato and salad.   I cooked the steak in an iron skillet with some butter.  We use our iron skillet all the time, everything just seems to taste great.  I cooked the potatoes in the microwave and pretty much dumped the bag of salad in a bowl.

On the way to work this morning I stopped and took a picture of the creek I walk along everyday.   As I was crossing the bridge and thought this was a great photo opp.

Once again we had a beautiful day.  It was in the 70's and we should have all been outside playing.  Hard to believe that tomorrow we are supposed to have snow and the temperature is going to drop down to 26.  That's Colorado!

I am ready for some snow.  It is very dry as we haven't had any moisture in several weeks and the fire danger is high.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Tortilla

I came across the Tortilla Moon picture today when running through FB.  Have to say that brought a smile to my face.   Very creative idea and made me laugh.  Now that I am writing about it I might need to go heat one up.

Never made homemade tortillas.  Went and looked up the recipe.  Might have to give it a try if I have time, but they are so easy just to get at the store.

I fell down on the job today.  Manged to get up and walk to work.  Got 3.5 Miles in but tonight I bailed and caught a ride.  I was tired.   Got to sleep just after 1:00 AM and then then up at 5:15 AM and was on the trail an hour later.  I was pretty busy at work today and when I looked up at the clock at work it was already 5:45 PM and with being tired I was like, find a ride.  Actually Eric was just leaving so I snagged a ride with him.  He was headed to the house anyway to get some grub, so it worked out well.

Adding in the 3.5 Miles from today that gets me up to 49 Miles over the last 10 days.

This morning on the way to work I came across three deer down in the creek.  Everyone needs water!  They smiled, looked at the camera and let me take they're picture.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Fun in the Dark

Started this morning with a fruit and spinach shake.   Pretty tasty and a great way to start the morning.   Shortly after we headed out to get our walk in.   Pebbles was ready to go the minute she saw me grab my boots.

Most of the way this morning Pebbles was off the leash.  We didn't come across anyone which was nice.  When we got to the road, Candy and Pebbles made the turn to head back home and I continued on my way work.

The walk back home this evening was fun.  With setting the clock back it is dark at 5:00 PM.   I left the office just after 5:00 PM.   When I got into the park I was walking along the creek.   I had my head lamp on so I could see the trail and as I walking along I could see some glowing eyes down by the water and in the shrubs. 

I couldn't really make out what it was.   I think it was a stray cat or at least that's what it looks like from the picture.  It was pretty freaky as I was walking and to see glowing eyes from a distance.  Wasn't sure what I was about to stumble across.

At least tonight we had a full moon that offered some light.

I was able to log 6.5/Miles today so this get's me up to 45.5/Miles since I started tracking my distance on Nov. 6th.

With Thanksgiving coming up we will have a couple of days off for the Holiday so this will be a good time to finish up a home project.  When we re-painted the interior I pulled all the doors off the rooms.   Well it is time to replace them and get new doors hung back up.  Guess this weekend we will make a run to HD to see what is available and then I can start staining them and or paint them, depending on what the boss wants.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Going Solo

Today it was just me out on the trail.   Candy and Pebbles were ready to take a break for the day.   I logged 5.3/Miles on my hike this morning.   I left early and it was a great day/morning to be out.  Didn't see to many other people and pretty much had the trail to myself.  Up to 39/Miles, ready to step it up this next week.

This is my route that I took today.  Hope the weather continues to hold.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You've Got Mail

We had to go to the post office today as Candy had a small package she needed to mail.   So for our hike today we decided we walk to the post office and back.  We ended up with a little over 4.5/Miles.  Most of it was trail, but we covered a lot of sidewalk today as well.  We had a great time and Pebbles was excited to be out.  With today's distance I logged 33.7/Miles for the week.  Hopefully I can step it up next week.

I may have said this already, but I can't believe the weather we are having.   Today it was in the 60's and looks like it will be all next week as well.  

Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Apple Update

Seems like every other week I am updating my apple devices. It takes like forever to get them updated.   My iPhone has been going for about 30 minutes and still not done.  I am sure I will have to do my iPad next.   I did this just a couple of weeks ago.

I am sure that when I reboot my laptop I will have several windows updates to do. 

Get in the Groove

For this old man I have had a pretty decent week.   I am talking about getting my ass out and walking daily.  I started on Sunday, daylight savings day.  Got up early  and got a couple of miles in. 

Then I walked to work and back everyday this week, except for Thursday when I did the treadmill.  Got up and 5:00 AM and have gotten up just as early every day this week.   I have manged to get 29.2 Miles in this week.   I have to say it feels pretty good to be back in the groove.

All the miles I am tracking are from my Garmin that I use.  It goes on my wrist like a watch.  I am able to track my routes, distance, elevation and more.   I only use it when I head out for my hikes, so I don't track every step when using the ftibit.  I can load my routes into google earth and see where I have been.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Don't Jinx It.....

Well I have managed to get 15/Miles in over the last three days.  Walked to work both Monday/Tuesday and got out on Sunday as well.   Just have to keep after it.   It has been nice as Candy is on-board and has gone with me everyday.  Our dog Pebbles is super happy about this.  Just say the word walk and she is bouncing off the walls.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Back Home

I had to go look at the calendar to see what I have been up to since my last post.   Well one week, I was in Las Vegas and the following week I was in NY/NJ.  Traveling for business and trying to make the most of it.

I went and looked at my pictures taken since my last post and this is what I found.  Glad to be home for a couple of weeks.

I think between the last three weekends we have probably bagged over thirty large contractor sized trash bags of leafs.  I will say it looks pretty good around here.  Or at least for today, by next weekend many more will have blown in.

We did get a new bed. It was delivered last week while I was gone. I am pretty happy and have slept great the last two days.   Hope it holds up.

The weather here has been great.   We really need some moisture, but the temperatures have been in the 30's at night and 60/70's during the day.  We got out today and did a little of 3.5 Miles.  It was a great morning to be out.   we left the house at 7 AM and it was 42 outside.  We warmed up quickly once we started walking.

Already have my hiking clothes out for tomorrow and my backpack has my work clothes in it.   I have to get back out.

I cooked up and awesome dinner this evening.  I made baked chicken thighs, acorn squash, steamed cauliflower with cheese.   It all tasted awesome.   I included a pear and apple sliced up for something sweet.    

Sunday, October 16, 2016


It has been an awesome weekend.   On Saturday we went out and played some Frisbee golf.   We only played 14 holes, but had a blast.  It was just Candy and I and we drug Pebbles along with us.   As always she had a great time.  We grabbed a late lunch and then headed home.

This morning I woke to the smell of bacon.   Candy cooked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast.   That was a nice surprise. 

After breakfast I headed over to the shop and detailed my truck and got it all cleaned up from my camping trip.   I washed, vacuumed and wiped down the seats, doors and dash.  It looks great.

We spent the rest of the day working in the back yard.  I think we filled 7 contractor size trash bags.   We cleaned up all the leafs, mowed and did some cutting back of the summer flowers.  Candy got all the flower pots cleaned up.  Unfortunately this will be the first of several times that we will need to pick up leafs.

I dug my clothes out for tomorrow, so should be all set to walk to work. 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kitty, Kitty

I am not sure how it happen or what came over us, but we now have a cat into the mix of our already crazy animal circus.  His name is Brooks and he came from the humane society.   Brooks is two years old.   We have had him a week now.  He spends most of his time in the basement to keep away from the dogs.

Today was the first day that we have taken him outside.   We had to keep the dogs in the house as I am sure that Pebbles would have chased him all over the yard.

We have mice outside.  This comes from having bird feeders.  The birds knock a bunch of feed on the ground and then mice show up to eat.   I am sure that Brooks will catch a few.

First thing he did when getting out in the yard he rolled in the dirt.  He did this several times.  Guessing he was trying to get the pound smell off of him.

In the woods

Oh man the last few days have been a blast for me.   I actually did take some time off and went camping.   I left the house on Thursday around noon and headed up to Leadville.   I found a camping spot, which wasn't hard as there was no one around.   The camping area said it was closed.   What that means is that none of the utilities were working and that the trash dumpsters were locked up.  So you have to carry out what you carry in.

I found a great place along the creek and just down the road from the lake.    Pebbles and I got out and started unloading the truck.   We set up the tent first and then blew up the air mattress and got the sleeping bags out.

Once the tent and sleeping area was all setup I moved to getting out my chair and fishing equipment.    Pebbles and I walked the stream and I fished along the way.   Didn't catch anything but we had fun.

After all this work it was time for a beer.   I sat my chair up in the sun and kicked back and just listened the birds.   A little later I dug out some fire wood and got a fire going.   As the sun was going down it was starting to get cold quick.

Once we had the fire going I started wrapping some potato's in tin foil.  Once I had some coals from the fire I dropped the potato's into the coals to cook.   I dug out my skillet and cooked up a couple of pork chops to go along.

After dinner I cleaned up and finished off my third beer.   It was cold so moved into the tent.  Pebbles was snuggled up with me and I watched a movie on my iPad.   Fell asleep shortly after starting the moving.

The weather was great.  It was in the mid 50's both days.   The morning was a different story.   When I got up on Friday and checked the temperature it was 32.

The following are some more pictures that I took.