Friday, July 6, 2012


I found a dead finch on the back porch this evening. From the initial investigation it doesn’t appear that fowl J play was involved. The deceased was found at 19:45/hrs, lying on its left side on a concrete patio, its dimensions was 9.5 cm (3.8 in) and 8.4 g (0.3 oz), sex is unknown.   The deceased appeared to have been dead for at least two hours.   There were no signs of any struggle and forensics RSID testing detected no fluids in the surrounding area of where the deceased was found.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

With the recent fire in Colorado Springs and all the other fires burning in the state, you know that fire works have been banned.   I have not heard a single fire cracker pop or any other types of fireworks today.  If they caught you around here shooting them off, I am pretty sure you would get the maximum thrown at you.   The town’s people would be marching towards your home with pitch forks.  They would drag you down to the courtyard where you would be stoned.

I spent most of the day over at the shop working on various projects.   I am about ready to start working on the hallway and bathroom down stairs.   I have been staining oak trim this week in the evenings.   Finished with the trim today and will start working on the door and frame next.  Once all the staining is done I can start on the painting in the hallway and bathroom.

The previous owner had left a storage locker and I have been using it.   The top is about to rust out so I unloaded everything and hauled it out in the driveway.  They also left me an old refrigerator, I guessing 1950’s or so.   I had thought about trying to restore it but for me it’s not worth it.   I pulled the doors off and all other metals.  Pulled the two compressors and drained them.   Everything is stacked in the driveway, so sometime tomorrow I need to get it loaded and to the recycler.  Guessing I might get $8.00 if I am lucky.

Worked in the front garden as the shop and pulled enough weeds to fill two 48 gallon trash bags.   I had some other trash that filled a third bag.   Loaded it up in the truck and took it to trash.  Then when I got back to the house I had to water the plants out back and do laundry.

Candy’s sister is here visiting and they were out and about all day.  We all had dinner over at the Roadhouse.