Sunday, May 21, 2017


Saturday, Clark and I headed out about 11:30 AM on our way to scout out our route for our hike.   
Our first stop was at Brush Hollow reservoir.  We dug out the fishing poles and fished off the bank for about an hour.  No luck so we moved on. 

Made our way over to Phantom Canyon drive.   Our plan is to start about 5/miles in, where the dirt road begins.  We kept track of our distance on the way so we could start looking for camping spots at about mile 11 and beyond.  As we drove we found a place to pull over and eat our lunch.  We hung out and goofed around the creek.  Pebbles loved it and she even got into the creek to cool off.  Clark chose to use the log cross the creek.   We tried to get Pebbles to follow up but she wasn't up for it.

We found a great spot, but we will have to get a full 15/miles in on day one to get to it.

We are going to be sleeping in hammocks instead of a tent.   This will be a first for me.   Today I set up my hammock so I could see what is the max distance I can have between trees.

The spot we found is off the road a bit, and there are some great trees that we can tie up to.   We stacked some rocks for a fire pit and we spotted some good wood close around for us to use for our fire.

We continued up the canyon and ended up in Victor, CO.  We stopped in town and parked in front of a beer joint.   Went in and had a cold beer and sat and talked about our plans and things we will need to pack with us.

Then we headed over to Cripple Creek to hit one of the casinos.  Clark had never gambled on a slot machine so we thought we should give it a try.   I think he dropped $20 in and he ended up walking away with $52, pretty decent for a first timer.

We got back to the house just after 6 PM and grabbed Candy and went and had some dinner.   Now that we have driven the route I am even more excited about a trip.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Counting Down

June 1st is just around the corner and I have some work to do.  I need to get more miles in and ASAP.  Going to have to get up early and get out.  I bailed on Mon/Tues and drove, so I suck. 

I searched through the blog and the last time I did this hike was Oct. 4th, 5th 2008.  I was hiking pretty much every day then and doing some serious distance.  It was a rough trip then and am sure it will be just as rough this time too.  Better go pack my work clothes for tomorrow.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

California Dreaming

This week I had to travel to California for business.  Business, well actually to play golf.   Our company was sponsoring a golf event with a partner and the team member who was supposed to go was unable to do so.  I was fortunate to be able to attend in his place.

The event was scheduled for Thursday, so I took Friday off and flew Candy out with me.  We left on Wednesday and stayed at the resort where the golf was being played.  We had three of our customers join us and sadly this was the first time I had met them.  

We had a blast, all three of them were pretty cool to hang out with, none of us were ace golfers, but all had a decent game.  I even played decently for someone who doesn't play all that much.  I had some great shots.  I birdied a par 3 with a nice shot next to the hole. That made me pretty happy.

It started at 7 am and we finished up with the lunch and awards by 2:30 pm.   We didn't bring home the gold, but we did end up coming in fourth out of about twelve teams.  

Once done Candy and I headed over to Palm Springs.   This was our second time going and we both really like this area.  We arrived about 6:30 pm on Thursday, checked into the hotel and then headed out to the street fair.   We had Thai food for dinner and then walked up and down several blocks checking out the various vendors.   Then we headed over to the Casino and dropped twenty dollars.  That went quick, so we just headed back to the hotel.

The next morning we were up early and off to Tahquitz Canyon to do some hiking up to the falls.  We had out swimming suites with us so we could jump in and cool off. 

Tahquitz Canyon
The water is really cold, but it is so much fun to get back behind the rock and under the falling water.  We hung out for a while getting in and out.

When we finished up we were ready to head back down the trail and we came across a rattlesnake.  After seeing this one, we had our eyes open on the way down.

Tahquitz Canyon
Tahquitz Canyon

Tahquitz Canyon
We saw lots of other wildlife including lizards, hummingbirds, butterflies.

Water is definitely life. You are surrounded by desert and where there is water you will find a variety of flora growing and wildlife is all about if you are looking for it.

Tahquitz Canyon

On Saturday we drove out to the Indian Canyons and hiked on the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation.  We did Murray canyon and found another great waterfall to play in. 

Seven Sisters

This hike is a little longer than Tahquitz but well worth it.  Part of the trail is desert and the rest follows the water.  There are large palms all along the water that you go through.   You have to cross the water several times and balance on the rocks.

Murray Canyon

Murray Canyon
Murray Canyon
Murray Canyon
Palm Canyon

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Over The Hill

Our hike today was just about 5/miles.   We drove up to the top of Gold Camp and then caught the trail, well really more of a washout.  It is a pretty decent incline on the way up and being that we hadn't done this hike in a while, we did have to stop and catch our breath.

I don't know what the elevation gain was, but per my health tracker app, it said we climbed 40 flights of stairs.  When we got to the top we stopped and had a little snack.   We then worked our way down the other side of the mountain down to High Drive Road.  Pebbles had a blast today as we didn't see anyone on the trail.  She had no issue climbing up and would stop and keep looking back to see if we were coming.


We got out on the trails both Saturday and Sunday.  Both days were great to be out.  On Saturday we did 4/Miles through Bear Creek Park.   Had Pebbles with us and she was off leash most of the way.  The creek was running strong, so snow is starting to melt in the high country.

We came across several good photo opportunities but only had our phones with us.  The camera on the phone works ok, but not ideal for trying to zoom and capture good close up pics.    Our other camera is nice and takes great photo's but a pain to carry with you.

After we finished hiking and got cleaned up, we drove over to Target to look for a compact point & shoot camera.  We ended up with Canon Powershot ELPH 190.  Should be easy to carry and hopefully will take a decent picture. 

Who doesn't love a good tamale?  On our way home from Target, we saw a lady who was setting up on the side of the road   We drove down and pulled a u-turn and headed back.  We got Pork and Cheese and Jalapeno.   

Candy made up some ceviche so the tamales were a great addition.  I think they are all gone.  

"I don't normally buy food from the side of the road, but when I do, its tamales."

Lilac In The Air

Friday evening I pulled into the driveway at home.   As I exited the truck the aroma of Lilac was in the air.   So seems that flowers didn't get zapped to bad from the last cold snap.   

The bush isn't as full this year, but the suckers that I transplanted 5 years ago are going strong. 

They still have long ways to go to catch up to the bush I took them from.   We have been in this house for 20 years and the bush was here when we moved in.   I love the color and the fragrance.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

We shall see

We got lucky with the snow and really didn't get much.  Maybe a little over an inch.  Saturday morning I went out and knocked the snow off the lilac and berry plants.   It was below freezing and the lilac is just about to bloom, so hopefully, this cold snap didn't zap all the blooms.

Today the sun is out and the snow is all gone, just that quick.  The lilac looks ok, but we will see in the following days.   The berry plants look ok.  

That's all the big news I have.  For the most part we just worked around the house all weekend and did a few trips out to forage.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Bring it on!

Supposed to wake to snow on the ground tomorrow.  Can you believe that shit, April 28th and we could get 3 to 4 inches of snow?  I am praying that my berry bushes make it through the cold temperatures.  Maybe I will get off my fat ass and go hike in the snow.

I was just outside and I counted four hummingbirds.   They are so cool.  Buzzing around and hitting the feeders.  We have two feeders, one at each end of the porch.  We are getting a light sprinkle, but no snow yet.

Sitting here with the TV on and on mute.  I have the stereo on and have my phone playing music.   INXS just came up on the playlist, Never Tear Us Apart.  Next, I am on Youtube checking out a few videos and had a really hard time picking one as they are all so good.  But here you go!

That's all I have for now.  The week flew by, and am so glad it is Friday.  Ready to chill for a bit.  I need it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Canyon City

It was a great weekend around our house.  On Saturday Candy, Clark, Kirsten and I headed down to Canyon City and then over to Florence.

Our first stop was in Canyon City for a little Frisbee golf.   We parked and unloaded.  No one was around, so Pebbles was off the leash.  Everyone did pretty decently, but we all need practice.  Candy had the shot of the day, she sunk a 30-yard putt.  Go, Candy!

The creek was full of some type of growth, that made it look like it was a nice grassy area.  Pebbles see's this and figures she will just walk on it.  Well, she tried and sunk about a foot into the water.  She was surprised.  But once in she was loving it.  Afterward, she was just a nut running circles around all of us.

Our next stop was Florence for some lunch and to check out the Steampunk festival.  As you can see from the picture above it was actually pretty cold out on Saturday.   When we were leaving the springs it was raining.  It was dry on Canyon City and Florence, but overcast and cool.

We found a parking spot just outside the restaurant in Florence.  We stopped in and had a bite for lunch.   Clark snapped a picture of me with my hat on.   You can see I am sitting by myself, maybe they were afraid to be seen with me.  LOL

After lunch, we got Pebbles out of the truck and walked over to the park to check out the festival.   It was OK.  I am guessing maybe 25 vendors, a couple of food vendors and a beer garden.  I did see some cool stuff and got a few idea's for some new projects.

Today was much nicer than yesterday.   I headed out about 9:30 and went and picked up a few things at the shop and filled a couple of gas cans.   I mowed, weeded and then blew all the grass off the patio.  Starting to look pretty good around here.  Things are starting to blossom and bloom.  The brown spots in the yard are starting to sprout grass.

Then it was time to detail the truck.  With Pebbles being with us yesterday, she left plenty of hair in the truck for me.  Headed to the car wash and vacuumed and washed the truck up.  Once I got it home I washed it again, but just hitting the grille and just behind the fenders and any other spots that I saw needed some love.  Cleaned the rims and sprayed the tires.  She looks brand new.

I already have my pack loaded and am looking at hauling it to work tomorrow.   I need to get some distance in and get used to the pack so I can make our big hike.

Friday, April 21, 2017

That sounds like fun

Looking forward to tomorrow, we have plans with Clark and Kirsten.  Our plan is to head down to Canyon City, play Frisbee golf and then stop in Florence to check out the Steampunk and Wine festival.  Should be a good time.  I already have the frisbee's, camera and my steampunk hat and goggles sitting on the table so I don't forget them.

Then on the way home, we thought we would stop by the trail head for the Beaver Creek Wilderness Area and see what information we can gather from the signage and do some looking around.  This is where we will start our hike up to Skaguay and then to Cripple Creek. 

It's Hummingbird time.  Earlier in the week, Candy said she heard a Hummingbird flying in the backyard.  They are easy to identify by the whirling sound they make when flying.  We made up some sugar water, filled the feeders and hung them in the backyard, same place as the years before.  Tonight we have two of them flying around in the yard and hitting the feeders.  They are so cool.  One of my favorites.

The cat is tripping out.  He doesn't know what to think or even what to do when they come flying in.  This is the first night I have seen them and he is already all over it.  The cat has is the eye's in the sky when I just stepped outside he was in his crouching tiger position with his eye's fixed on the hummingbird as it whirled around.  This should make for some good laughs because I don't think the cat stands a chance against the Hummingbirds.