Thursday, August 30, 2018

Got Gas?

Lately, when I have gotten a chance I have been repainting old metal gas cans.  I find them at garage sales, flea markets.  Most are in pretty poor shape with a few dings and dents.  These are for decoration only, I wouldn't store gas in them.  You could I guess.  

My idea was to create some cool looking automotive man cave item that people might want.  I clean them up with soap and water inside and out.   then I take my wire grinder and strip all the old paint off.   Paint comes off pretty easy so I can clean one up in about 20/30 minutes.  Once all cleaned then I shoot them with a coat of apple red paint.

Not sure if apple red is the correct color, but I like it.  I found some stickers of oil and gas companies.  I put them on the cans after I get them painted.  The stickers really make them pop.

No idea on what I am going to do with them.   They look good in my garage, but I have about eight more cans to do and will need to unload them.  Why do I have eight, just about every garage sale has one.  I can get them for about five dollars.  So if I see one I grab it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


In what little spare time I get, I have been trying to get a few projects completed.   I recently finished another Milk Can.  This time around I decoupaged postal stamps all around the center section and painted the top and bottom blue.   Back in the day, people used to send letters to each other and some of the people collected the stamps.  I purchased thousands of them going back 10 to 40 years.  I call this one my tribute the United States Postal Service.

Late to the Party

I am such a goof.  On August 1st, we celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary.  I am so lucky and we make a great team. 

We celebrated by going out for dinner.  We chose Bonny and Read and had a nice seafood dinner.  We reminisced over what we have accomplished together over these 31 years.  We have been very blessed and are very thankful.

For an Anniversary gift, we purchased a Bird Photo Booth 2.0 and have been having a blast trying to capture that perfect photo and whatever allusive bird may visit.  

Having cats makes it a little difficult.  Both of our cats are great hunters.  Two days ago I had to clean up a small finch that ended up meeting the jaws of death.   Brooks our big boy, he hides in the raspberry stalks and waits patiently.  

If you do get a Bird Photo Booth 2.0 you will want to make sure you have a tripod.   We put ours on a tripod and set it up by our current bird feeder.  Several different types of birds have visited us.  In the feeder, we give them dried mealworms along with wild bird seed.  

One day instead of shooting birds I opted to see if I could get a good squirrel picture.  With a shake of the peanut bag and putting a few out it didn't take long to have one show up.  I would love to have one of these guys as a pet.  I am sure they are a mess, but what fun.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Berry Business

Things started out great this year with the berries and our small garden.  We had a great harvest of raspberries and were just starting to get some really nice and plump blackberries.  We had Bell Peppers, Jalapenos and Tomato's growing in pots.  All had fruited and almost ready to be picked.

Then one day we get a hail storm and it just beat the shit out of everything. Maybe next year.

A Field of Flowers

I was treated to a spectacular view of colors today.  As I was walking this morning I came across this area of wildflowers.  It was so pretty I had to take a picture.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Harvest Time

It's berry picking time.  We have picked several bowls like the one pictured.  Most go in the freezer, but we keep enough for going on our cereal and even better a raspberry shake.  

We will be picking bowls for the next several days.  This year's harvest has tasted great.  In the past, they have been a little sour, but this year they are very sweet.

When I was picking today I was looking at the blackberries and they are about two weeks out.  We have even more blackberries that raspberries so going to need to make some jam.


I finished with my Cornhole boards today.  Put one more coat of urethane on and by tomorrow it should be dry and ready for play.  Looking forward to playing on the Fourth.

Safer than the game in my previous post.  I couldn't believe I found those in such great shape.

Don't Tell

Saturday, June 30, 2018

How things have changed

Last year around this same time I planted five new blackberry bushes and four new raspberries.   I am happy to report that they all came back this year. We are going to have a bumper crop this year.  New shoots for next year are coming up strong.

US Mail

After 20 years it was time to replace the mailbox.   I was a little sad to give up my Corvette mailbox, but it was ready for an overhaul.  Recently I was going through my pile of junk and found an old staircase banister.   It was easy to clean up and easy to paint.   

The new mailbox is bigger, but I managed to get it mounted the banister. The old mailbox came out without an issue.  I dug out the hole for the new one.  Got it set and then added the Quikrete to the hole and made sure it was all level.  After four hours I cover the hole and let it sit overnight.