Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Where did you go Mr. Robinson

What up!  I have been off-line for a while and for a number of reasons.  Figured it was time to get back on with some updates and catch up.  I think in my last post over 6 weeks ago, I mentioned that I had a sinus thing going on.  Six weeks later I am just about over this crap.  WOW, really stuck with me and I was down in the dumps.  Tried several things to kick it, but nothing worked.

I finally went to the Doctor and got some heavy antibiotics to knock this crap out.  Finally feeling better.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Date Night

When I got home from work the weather was still nice.  I talked Candy into going for a little vette ride.   We headed over to a little brew pub for a beer and snacks, but they were closed.   Then we headed over to another brewery close by.   I was lucky to get a spot in front where I could keep an eye on things.

We each had a beer and Candy had fish and chips and I had some chicken drums.   We sat outside and weather was nice, the sun was setting over the mountain.   It was nice to be outside. Once we were done eating we headed back to the shop.

Queen - We Are The Champions GO USA

Sitting on the back porch this evening.  It is trying to rain, but only getting a few sprinkles.  Good thing I watered this evening. 

Watching the Olympics and all I can say is GO USA.  Congrats to Michael Phelps along with Katie Ledecky.  Wishing Simone and Gabby D. the best.

Looking at the medal count for the USA, I think that calls for a little Queen.


I LOVE the USA and Queen so this is like a double whammy for me.  So proud of our athletes.  The life long level of commit is to be admired as well as the amount of time, effort and the sacrifices that the athletes and their families have made.  GO USA

While we were sitting outside, the sun was setting with some clouds hanging low.  The sky was bright orange and was a pretty awesome site to see.  Almost looked like the sky from the big fire a couple of years ago.

I took this picture on my phone.  Came out OK and really shows the colors.

During a commercial break the news announced that the forest department has lifted the ban of fires.  This is great news as I am planning to go camping later this month.  I am ready to go and Candy said she would go with me for two nights.  I am sure that Donkey will get to go.  I know she will have a blast.  I need to dig out the tents and our gear and make sure everything is in working order.  Always be prepared!

Joe Walsh & The James Gang - Walk away (1971, HD)

I was jamming out to a little Joe Walsh this evening.  I was looking for some of his video's and there is not really much out there or at least that I could find.  I did include Walk Away, which is an awesome tune.

I worked on the Blackberry bushes this evening.  Each one has a shoot that is close to 7ft tall.   I had to figure out a way to keep them erect so that they wouldn't hang and break off.

I had a couple of starter scrub oaks behind the shed.  I cut them off at the base and then cleaned all the limbs coming off them.  Once cleaned now I had a half inch round, 6ft long shaft that I could use to support the blackberry shoot.  I used zip ties and attached it to the small trellis I had been using.  I can't wait until next year as this plant and my other should produce a lot of fruit.

I had a nice surprise when I was all done.  Candy had made us a chicken pot pie for dinner.  It looked so great that I had to take a picture.  It tasted even better.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Sign of the Gypsy Queen

Been feeling down this weekend.  Got some kind of sinus thing going on.  Waking up with a soar throat, then burning eyes and pressure in my head.  Slowed me down this weekend but I did get a few things done.   On Saturday we were planning to go hunting for camping spots, but with my burning eyes, I just couldn't see myself driving for four hours.   I kicked it on the couch for a bit and watched a little TV, about 9:30 AM I finally got moving.

Friday morning I got my corvette back.   It has been gone for just about two years.  I brought it home and parked it in the garage and then headed to work.  I wanted to hang out and gawk over it, but had shit to do.   After work on Friday we headed over to the pub and met up with the boys and a couple of friends from work.   We were celebrating Candy's 51st Birthday.   Had a few beers and some food.  I think she had a great time and it was nice that the boys could make it and celebrate with her.

Saturday morning after lying around I got up and backed the vette out and washed it all up.   It cleaned up nice and is really running good.  It should with all the work that has been done to it.  Luckily it was all covered by our car insurance. After I was done I drove it over to the shop and parked it there.  Did a little clean up and rearranging.  Just around 1 PM, I got back and we headed out for lunch.

On our way to lunch we came across an estate sale.   The house was big and it was full of stuff.  We walked through and I found a few small items.   I picked up some suspenders and a tie.  I also snagged a couple of boxes of fishing lures.   Figured I could do some type of display with them and my Fishing Machine that I picked up.

When we got home I laid down on the couch and fell asleep.   Candy was messing around with her embroidery machine.   When I woke up she showed me what she had knocked out.   She put her initials on a pair of converse.  I think these are pretty cool.

I pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on the couch and then just went to bed early.

Feeling a little better today but still not moving to fast.  I did head over to the shop this morning and cut up a piece of wood to hold my lures and fishing machine.   I cut down 1/8 inch piece of plywood to fit and then cut a slit at every inch.   This allows the hooks to slide through and be underneath the wood.  When I got the lures they were all tangled and hooked together in a box.  I slid all the lures on and then placed everything in a wooden box.   No idea what I am going to do with it and I don't have any place to display it, guess I will box it and put it up in the attic at the shop.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Candy and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary today. As I look back I can't believe where the time has gone.  It doesn't feel like it has been 29 years.   We have accomplished a lot together and have been very blessed and fortunate.  And most importantly she has put up with all my shit for all these years. (smiley face)

We celebrated our day by starting off with an early morning hike.  Actually Candy walked me half way to work.   We left at 7 Am and it was already heating up.   I was pretty soaked when I got to work.  Luckily we have a shower and I had taken a change of clothes.

I bummed a ride from Clark for my ride home.   When getting home, chilled for a bit and then we headed out to dinner.   It was Candy and I and her sister and brother in law.   We had a great time and it was pretty low key.   

We didn't make a trip this year, usually we plan a hiking trip or something and get away for a few days.  I booked some time off for the end of the month and I think we are going to head out and go camping.  Candy said she would give me two nights. 

I think for the next couple of weekends we will have to get out and see if we can scout some new locations.

When I got home this evening I went out and watered the berries and event picked a few.   The black berries are starting to ripen and I am ready to eat them.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Walters Brewing

Hello Everyone!  I hope that you had a good weekend.  It's 6:30 PM MST on Sunday July 31st.   Figured I would catch up on my activities for the weekend.

Candy's sister and brother in law arrived on Friday.  Friday evening Candy cooked up some baked chicken with green beans and potato's.  Both of the boys showed up, so we had a full house.   We sat out back and then had dinner.  After cleaning up everyone headed home or to their hotel.

Saturday morning we loaded up in the Avalanche and drove down to Florence CO.  They have numerous antique stores and a couple nice restaurants.  We spent most of the day walking up/down main street and checking out the various shops.

I found a couple of cool items.  The first item was a Fishing Machine.  I had never seen one like this, but a very similar idea to the Ronco Pocket Fisherman.   I got it for $8.00 dollars.  When we got home that evening I tried it out and it works great.   I need to restring it and will take it with me next time I head out.  If nothing else it will be a cool conversation piece.

The next item I picked up is also pretty cool in my opinion.  I picked up two steel sheets of un-rolled beer cans from the Walters Brewing Company in Pueblo Co.  Being that it was a Colorado brand and that it was out of business in 1974 it seemed pretty cool to me.  I figured I will frame the sheets and it can be my version of a Warhol.   Should look pretty good up on the shop.  Not sure what I will do with the second sheet.  In total their are 35 cans per sheet.

All in all, had a great day.  It was a lot of fun to walk through all the shops and see so much history.  How this little town in Southern Colorado can have so many full antique shops is pretty unique.

Today we drove up to the top of Pikes Peak.  We hand Candy's Sister and Husband with us.   Candy and I loaded up a cooler with some of Friday's chicken, potato salad, cookies and some other stuff we had at the house.  Made sure we had plenty of water for everyone and a couple of soda's.

We stopped at Crystal Lake and did a little walking around.  Took a couple of pictures and walked a little around the lake.  It was a pretty busy day with lots of park visitors.  Luckily the traffic wasn't bad.   We made our way up to the top and looked out over the mountains and down to the plains.   Grabbed some almonds and checked out the gift shop before making our way back down.

On the way down we found a nice picnic area with tables and stopped and had our lunch.   As we were eating the chipmunks came out and I was able to snag a couple of pictures.

I think we got home about 1:30 PM.  Our guest left and I took a quick nap.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

More time on the trail

This week I have been trying to make a real effort to walk to work.   I did great on Monday, walked to work and got a ride home because we had lighting and showers.  Tuesday was a no go because I had a 7 AM face to face meeting and had to be in early.  Today I managed to walk to work and back home.  This helped me to get a little more distance, bringing me up to 9.79 for the week.

Candy and Pebbles both walked half way with me on Monday and Wednesday.   We have been able to get Pebbles off the leash a little and she loves that.  We have had a bumper crop of grasshoppers so Pebble is bouncing all over trying to catch them.  It's actually pretty funny.

My wrist band on my fitbit blew craps so I started using my GPS again.   The above are the routes that I have taken the last couple of days.

This evening I put the sprinkler on the garden and let it run for about an hour.   For about two weeks we were picking a bowl of raspberries everyday.   Well the first round of raspberries are done and now the black berries are starting to ripen.  I have two plants and they are both exploding.  The picture below is a close up and you can see how big they are getting and they are just starting to turn from red to black.

We picked one this evening and oh man it was good.   Going to be having some of these on my ice cream and cereal.

Last night I made plum icee's.  We bought some plums at the flea market and they were huge and ready to eat and they were awesome.   Several of them had really started to ripen and were getting soft.   I cut the core out and threw them in the blender and then added ice and a little honey.  Oh they were good.

While I was in the yard this evening I snapped a few other pictures of some of the plants we have growing.

Tiger Lilly



I had some help in the yard this evening.  Pebbles was following me around and keeping and eye out for any wildlife.   I have to say this picture of her, looks like she may have gotten into some brownies.

Monday, July 25, 2016

On the trail

I got up at 5 AM this morning.  Hung out outside on the patio and checked the news and my email.  Showered up and then cooked up an egg to go with my lettuce and tomato.  

We were out the door just before 7 AM and on the trail.  Took Donkey with us and she was happy to be out.  I took the camera with me as I was wanting to see if I could get a better picture of the shrew.   Well it was MIA today but I did see a nice buck and a little rabbit.


On Sunday afternoon I headed over to the shop for a bit.  Originally the plan was to clean and put things back in there place.   Well I got a little side tracked.   As I was sorting through the parts pile I started to set a few items to the side for what I thought I could make a bird out of.   I had an S wrench for the body, some tines for the head, smaller S wrenches for legs and a couple of gears and old nuts and bolts.

I tried several different variations on what it could be. Well it didn't really come out as a bird, but more like a chameleon.