Sunday, May 13, 2018

Turkey Vulture

Last week when I was driving to work I came across a Turkey Vulture who had found a recently deceased Squirell.   I had to take a picture as I can't say that I come across too many of these.

Coming Together

Slowly my radial engine project is coming together.   I am getting closer but still have several things to figure out.  I have finished the crankcase and got all the holes drilled for the lifters and the spark plug wire.  I cut all the copper tubing that I will need. 

Painted the crankcase gray and sprayed with sealer.  Once they dried, then I mounted a cylinder head to each hexagon section.  I used glue and then three screws underneath.  That should hold together.

Now I am adding my copper tubing and spark plug.  Once I have all the heads done, then I will work to screw together the crankcase.  Like I said slowly but surely and so far it is looking pretty good.

I am still trying to figure out, what I will do for the back side so that it will be able to hang from the wall.  It's going to be pretty heavy once completed and then adding the propeller, I am guessing it will be close to 24 to 28 pounds.  I could still be off, will see if I can weigh it.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Play Time

I started a new project this weekend.  I am trying to build a decorative radial engine that I can hang on the wall.   I have a propeller that I had made and it is sitting in the corner at my office and I thought how cool would it be to mount in on an engine and hang it on the wall.

I used a 4x6 piece of Douglas Furr to make the cylinder heads.  I cut out seven of them, but will only be using six.   I had drawn the plans of what I wanted to do, so I had the vision and then just cut it up on the table saw.  Then I mocked up the look I was going for.  It's art, so not meant to be accurate.   Kinda going for a steampunk look as well.

Once I had all the cylinder heads cut out it was time for paint.  I painted the heads black and painted the bolts I will be using red.  I cut holes for the spark plugs and for the lifter rods.  Next, I will need to spray the wood with a sealer to help protect it.   I think this is going to look pretty awesome when it is done.   I still have a few things to figure out when it comes to how I am going to mount the propeller. Below is an example of where I am heading with this project.

Hard work

If you know me, you know that I am not afraid of hard work and getting my hands dirty.   My parents are rebuilding there deck and I went out and helped out for a couple of days.

My Dad and I spent three pretty full days working on it.  I think the hardest part, was removing the old wood and the overall amount of time we spent on our knee's either tearing out wood, cutting wood or screwing the new wood down.

I was in bed early each day and I can tell you I was pretty sore each morning.   It was a pretty big job.  My pops still had a lot to do even after my help.  It looked pretty nice.  If we go visit for the 4th of July, I look forward to seeing how he finished it up.


I had a couple of my Uncles come through town and they stopped by the house for a visit.   It was great to catch up with them.  We spent most of the day on our patio, just catching up.

From left to right: Jan Clark, Me, Pat Clark, Mike Clark.

Busy, busy, busy

Been very busy these last couple of weeks.  With work and with some personal time.  I had to be in DC. for meetings and had Candy fly out and spend Friday and Saturday with me.

We did some hiking both days and had a great time.  We went and hiked around the Great Falls one day and then stopped by the air and space museum out by Dulles airport.

On Saturday we drove west from DC. and caught a section of the Appalachian Trail.  We did three miles up and then turned around and headed back.  the weather was great and it was nice to be outside. Even visited a couple of thrift stores along the way.

We spent much of Sunday traveling home.  Got home around 4 PM and unpacked and got ready for the start of the week.

The Air and Space Museum was pretty awesome.  It is out by the Dulles Airport and you can watch the planes landing from a control tower at the museum.

Some pretty awesome history packed into this building.   Was great to be able to see it.  Snapped a few pictures but they don't really show how expansive the building is.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


In the evenings I am still trying to spend a little time on my models.  This is the fifth Stearman that I have completed and I get a little quicker and better at each build.  I hope to have some soon that will be in our company colors with our company logo.  I think the team will like them.

Trying to get back at it.

On Easter, I started my hiking again.  I have been at it for the last 14 days and have logged some decent miles.  I am just a little over 55/Miles for this month.  Going to be tough next week as I have to travel, but will try.

We had a cold snap and had some frost.  I got out early in the morning and did a walk through BCP.   It was cold, but nice to be out and with the frost, it really changed the scenery.  Of course, I snapped a selfie while I was at it.  Be thankful I didn't make it full size. HAHA

A Great Saturday and an Happy Easter

I hope you had a happy Easter.  Around here on Saturday we fired up the smoker and cooked up Ham.   While I had the smoker going I put on some Trout and we had it for lunch.  Seems like we spent most of the day cooking.  We sure enjoyed the meal.  Clark and some other friends of ours came over to join us.

On Easter Sunday we loaded up and headed out for a hike.  Clark came with us and we headed down to Brush Hollow and walked along the lake.   Had a great time and got a couple of nice bird pictures.   We saw a Red Hawk and an Osprey.

It was a really nice hike and nice that we could all be together.  I wish the weather would have been a little warmer.  It was cold and glad that we were bundled up.  After our hike, we drove to Penrose and had a late breakfast.

Looking Good

As you know Eric is now working for Disney.   I grabbed this picture of his FB page.  The young man is looking good!