Sunday, January 28, 2018

Phantom Canyon

For today's outing, we headed down to Phantom Canyon.  We hiked along the creek on the rocks.  It was definitely an opportunity to work on our balance.

It was in the mid 40's today and while hiking through the canyon we tried to stay in the sun where we could.  Even though it was nice out, it cooled down when you got into the shade.

Pebbles didn't have any issue managing the rocks, ice, and water.  She had a blast and was all over the place.

Candy took the picture above as we were making our way through.  It was a fun journey and would like to do it again.  In the picture below, we are just out front of the first tunnel you have to drive through.

Earring Converstion

Last weekend I had picked up some women's clip-on earrings.  You will find them all over if you are looking for them.  Most of the time in a basket on a counter or shelf, each pair bagged and you can get them from 2 to 5 dollars. 

I take the clip off the back and then hit it with the dremmel to smooth the are that the clip was attached to.  Then just glue on the cuff stud and let it dry.  I made the four set's below and it took me less than 20 minutes, then let the glue dry overnight.

The set below is my first attempt at making a wrapped cufflink.  They came out great and looking forward to wearing them soon.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Pics from my India trip

Recently I had the opportunity to travel to India for work.  I met a lot of great people and had some awesome food.  It was an exciting adventure but all the people I work with made me feel right at home.   Below are some pictures I captured from my trip.

Each morning when I was leaving the hotel, there was a new design made from flower petals.  

These kids riding these camels down a busy street was a surprise.  Guessing they were no more than 10 to 12.   

Up and away

Pinterest is a great source for paper models.   I have found several available for download.  Another good source is, they have a large variety of plans available.  Not just planes, but much more.  

Over the last couple of months, I have built the models shown below. 

This first plane is a 1933 Cessna Racer (CR-3).  The CR3 was built for John Livingston who won first place in several races.  He set the world speed record for 500 cu inch engines at 204.35 mph at the 1933 Chicago Air Races. 

The Wedell-Williams Model 44 is a racing aircraft, four examples of which were built in the United States in the early 1930s by the Wedell-Williams Air Service Corporation. It began as a rebuilding of the partnership's successful We-Will 1929 racer, but soon turned into a completely new racing monoplane aircraft, powered by a large radial engine. Model 44s became the dominant racers of the 1930s, setting innumerable records including setting a new world speed record in 1933.

Piper PA-22 TRI Pacer - The Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer was introduced in 1952 and remained in production through 1960.  Early Tri-Pacers were powered by the 124-hp O-290-D Lycoming engine.  By 1959, the Caribbean model had the 150-hp O-32O-B rated at 160 hp.  Prices ranged from $8,395 to $10,770, depending upon engine installation and the usual extra-cost options.  A total of 7,668 Tri-Pacers were built.

Beechcraft Staggerwing - Once in a while something is created that establishes a concept and all other things that follow merely attempt to capture the quality and capability of the original.  Walter Beech began the Beech Aircraft Company in Wichita Kansas in the pit of the depression, 1932.  His first aircraft was a non-retractable version.  From then on general aviation would measure all aircraft against this machine as the standard.  Besides speed, the Staggerwing offers stylish lines, a roomy cockpit, and great flying characteristics, which rank it as an "ultra classic".

The Cessna 152 is an American two-seat, fixed tricycle geargeneral aviation airplane, used primarily for flight training and personal use. It was based on the earlier Cessna 150, including a number of minor design changes and a slightly more powerful engine running on 100LL aviation gasoline.
The Cessna 152 has been out of production for more than thirty years, but there are still a large number of aircraft in flying condition. Due to the aircraft's durability, many examples have flown more than 15,000 hours and over 60,000 landings and are still in regular use for flight training.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


We drove up to Orlando from Sanibel.  I am getting pretty good at navigating the back roads of FL.  We checked into the Hotel and dropped our bags.  Then we were out the door and headed over to Eric's.

We headed out for lunch and then the four of us did an escape room.  I had a great time, but it was nice to be with someone who has done one before.  Now that you see how the clues work and what to look for it would be easier.  If it was my first time by myself, I would have been stuck for a while.

The next day we hung out at Universal Studios.   We had a great time and were able to ride everything we wanted to ride.  Having some fast passes helped.

Love the Island

We got lucky and were able to spend a day on Sanibel Island just before Christmas.  I had to travel for work and then added a couple of days of PTO and hit the Island and then up to Orlando to hang with Big Boy.

Even though we only had one full day to shell, we made off with a pretty decent haul.   We stayed at a Hotel instead of a Condo and it was perfect since it was a quick visit. 

Catching up to do....

Wow, been a while, sorry folks.   So much going on, getting through the Holidays and already back to work and the month is almost over.  Wow, time is flying and we are all running to keep up.

Not even sure where to start until I go back to my pictures and see what we have been up to.

Look for a few updates coming.  Most likely in the form of photos with minimal descriptions, but will do my best.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

It was nice to have a couple of days off for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I have so much to be thankful for and it was nice having a break.

We did get out and walk every day.  It was so nice to be out and our weather was incredible.  In the 70's each day, so you wanted to be outside.

Candy and I went out for a little walk on Thanksgiving morning.  We didn't really see anyone so Pebbles was running free.  We caught the trailhead down the street and did a loop in BCP.  The deer were thick today, I counted six just on our street as we made our way to the trail.  We have seen a couple of nice bucks running around.  Today one was in the neighbor's backyard eating from the birdfeeder.

After our Thanksgiving morning hike, we cleaned up and got dressed to go have dinner.  This is the second year that we have gone out instead of cooking.  I have to say I am ok with it.  Don't have leftovers, but's that's OK we don't have a huge mess to contend with.

Clark and Kirsten joined us this year.  We had dinner at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  They put on a spread with everything you could want and more.  Oh boy, it was awesome and I am confident that we all ate way too much.

Friday morning we headed out to do another hike.  Clark came with us and we had planned on doing St. Mary's Falls but the parking lot was jammed.  So we drove over to Captain Jacks.  Hadn't been on this one for a while.  We hiked up about 1.5/miles and then back.  It warmed up quickly.  Pebbles was happy and ran free for most of the hike.  We did come across a couple of mountain bikers who were hauling ass down the hill.  After our hike, the three of us went out and had a little lunch.

I spent the rest of the day working on steampunking another Nerf gun.   For this one, I repeated the same process as the last.  Took it apart, painted everything black, applied rub and buff in the colors I wanted for each part and then reassembled.  For this one, I added a flashlight to the top and a copper T for side sighting.

Saturday we headed out again for another hike.  Clark joined us again and this time we did twilight canyon.  The first part of this hike is a steep climb up the side of a ravine.  You work your way up to the top and then across the spine of the mountain.  Clark showed us a fort that he had come across
before.  Not sure who built this but boy they put some work into it.   It is pretty awesome and chances are you couldn't find it unless you knew where it was.  Just off the trail, but you cant see it.

Once we got to the top of the mountain then we started working our way down the other side.  You follow a small creek that may or may not have any water in it depending on the time of year.   Once to the bottom, you run into high drive.  then just hike back along the road.  It's a 4-mile loop, but that first mile is a killer.

After our hike, I had to run over to the shop.  I am letting a friend store his car in my shop while he paints the Ranchero for me.   I guess this is good collateral as I would want this back in my garage if it was mine.  67 Chevy Corvette.  Looks pretty good sitting next to my 61.  He left me the keys and said I could drive it if I wanted.  The only driving I would do is back it out if I needed to move something in. 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

More Steampunk Fun

Last week we took Pebbles to PetCo to get a bath, but mainly to have her toenails trimmed.  While we were waiting we stopped into Ross and looked around.   Found a bin with Nerf guns in it and they were cheap.   I grabbed one with the idea that I would see if I could steampunk it.  Seen several videos where people have done so and they looked pretty awesome.

This was a fun project.  I took it all apart and then painted all the parts black.   I then used what is called Rub and Buff, found it at Hobby Lobby and you apply and the buff and it gives it an aged look.   Came in the colors I wanted.  Once dry, I reassembled and then tested.  Still works great and looks good in my office.  I will be looking to do a few more of these as I think they would be cool gifts and it was easy and fun to make.

Making Changes

I am slowly getting my home office going.  I found a desk a few weeks back.  Found it online and Candy I went and checked it out.  This is what I was looking for as it has the industrial steampunk look that I am going for.  Not a fan of the blue drawers and may change out the color in the near future.  Love the polished metal look and that fact that it is all metal.  It was a challenge for Candy and me to move and to get it up the stairs and situated where we wanted it.

Then I found the style of chair that I wanted.  Again found it online and went and checked it out and bought it.  Found both the desk and chair using the facebook marketplace.  Pretty excited to now have a place to work at when I work from home. 

Once the desk and chair were in place I started working on my equipment.  I am going for a steampunk look and you can see what I did to my monitor.   I painted the base of the monitor and then used gold duct tape around the screen.  Had some old gauges at the shop and added them to the top of the monitor.   Used e6k to glue the gauges to the monitor.  

Added a strip of tape to my laptop as well as my keyboard.  While I was at it, I also made some changes to the paper shredder.  You can see what the shredder looked like when I started.  Also in the picture is the base of my monitor.  I taped off the top and the plastic window and then applied a couple coats of paint.   I added some handles on each side, just to give it a different look.   It came out really nice.  I was able to do this project in an afternoon, with most of the time waiting for the paint to dry.

Next on the list is to do something with the back wall.  I have been looking at removable wallpaper.  Candy turned me on to the idea and after doing some looking around I think we are going to go with a brick.  This may be a Christmas break project.