Sunday, July 1, 2018

Harvest Time

It's berry picking time.  We have picked several bowls like the one pictured.  Most go in the freezer, but we keep enough for going on our cereal and even better a raspberry shake.  

We will be picking bowls for the next several days.  This year's harvest has tasted great.  In the past, they have been a little sour, but this year they are very sweet.

When I was picking today I was looking at the blackberries and they are about two weeks out.  We have even more blackberries that raspberries so going to need to make some jam.


I finished with my Cornhole boards today.  Put one more coat of urethane on and by tomorrow it should be dry and ready for play.  Looking forward to playing on the Fourth.

Safer than the game in my previous post.  I couldn't believe I found those in such great shape.

Don't Tell

Saturday, June 30, 2018

How things have changed

Last year around this same time I planted five new blackberry bushes and four new raspberries.   I am happy to report that they all came back this year. We are going to have a bumper crop this year.  New shoots for next year are coming up strong.

US Mail

After 20 years it was time to replace the mailbox.   I was a little sad to give up my Corvette mailbox, but it was ready for an overhaul.  Recently I was going through my pile of junk and found an old staircase banister.   It was easy to clean up and easy to paint.   

The new mailbox is bigger, but I managed to get it mounted the banister. The old mailbox came out without an issue.  I dug out the hole for the new one.  Got it set and then added the Quikrete to the hole and made sure it was all level.  After four hours I cover the hole and let it sit overnight.

They call me Brooks

Needed our own

I mentioned that I had painted up the Cornhole game for the office. Had so much fun painting and playing that I had Candy order one for us.  We found them online at Wal-Mart on sale for $88.00 and free shipping.   With tax, it came out to $94.00.   It would take me all day to build one, probably cost me more in materials and time.

I headed over to the shop this morning to begin working on the game.  I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the boards our of the box.  The one we ordered turned out to be a better model than the one the office ordered.   This one used better materials, was better constructed and was already sanded and ready for paint.

I opted for a fairly simple paint design and again used colors that I had on hand.  I was able to get two coats of urethane on and will apply another coat tomorrow.   I am sure we will be using these on the Fourth.

Out on the Town

Last night we went over to Fossil Craft Beer because the Lobster Bob food truck was going to be parked there and we wanted to try it out.   

We found a seat outside and had a couple of cold beers.   We ordered up a couple lobster roles and just kicked back.  It made for a nice evening.  The rolls were good but a little pricey.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

On the Trail

Last weekend we were up on the trail.   Pebbles got a chance to jump in the water and she was pretty happy about it.

She loves the water and jumps in any time she get's a chance.  We were out early and it was nice as we didn't really come across any other people.   We did come across a deer who was hiding in the bushes.


Our company picnic is this week.  So we bought a cornhole game from Wal-Mart for one of the activities.  I didn't see what we had ordered and offered to see if I could paint the logo on it.

I took it to the shop and pulled it out of the box.   Seems it comes unfinished so that you can do what you want with it.   This turned out to be a little more than I had planned for.

Luckily I had paint and what I needed so I went to town.   It's not a great match too our company colors, but I think this will work just fine.  I filled any holes with wood putty, then sanded the surface smooth, being sure to remove any excess putty.  Then it was just a matter of getting three coats of blue paint on.   I then taped off for the white line and then cut out the lettering for the company name.

Once the white dried, I then applied two coats of urethane, letting it dry before each coat.  I'll check on it tomorrow and see if it needs one more coat.

A couple weeks ago I finished my first XTIVIA Stearman.  It's in our office now in our cabinet of XTIVIA souvenirs.  I need to make a few more, I have another that is about done but just haven't had any time to focus on it.