Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope that you enjoyed your time today no matter how you spent it.   We broke from tradition this year and didn't cook, but instead chose to go out for dinner.

We ate at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort.  They put on a big buffet with everything you could want.  It was Candy, Clark, Clark's girl friend and I.  We all ate way to much, it was all so good.   It actually worked out pretty well, as we didn't have to spend all day cooking and cleaning.

Eric is in California for the Holiday.   Sounds like they are having a great time.  They are staying at Disney and checking out the parks.  A big news item is that he got engaged and asked his girl friend to marry him.   Candy and I both knew about it.  Congratulations!

Candy has been hard at work with her embroidery.  She has embroidered all kinds of stuff.  From shoes, shirts, towels and more.   She just finished up a snow boarding snow man for Clark.  It looks really good.  I need to see if she can put my initials on the cuffs of my shirts.

So let's see, on the hiking front I am still plugging away.   I was out yesterday with Pebbles.   As we were walking down the trail, I happen to look over and see this deer in the grass.  I stopped and fired off a couple of pictures.  Pebbles was oblivious to it even being there.

I am just about up to 80 Miles this month.  I got out both Wed/Thu and clocked a little over 5 Miles each day.   This morning it was windy so I opted to do the treadmill.   The treadmill is not my favorite as I would rather be outside.

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