Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Agent, Promoter, Manger, Critic for Hire

So I mentioned that I got some new tunes for the iPod.   Well I have been rocking my ass off the last couple of days, and I LIKE IT!   Tonight I was looking at music videos from Babylon Bombs and Pop Evil on the YouTube.    I like a few of the tunes from Babylon Bombs, but I am not as stoked about them after watching a couple of videos.   In the 2006 video Hometown Hero the lead singer changes shirts twice, going from a Poison to a Crucified Barbara t-shirt and the lead guitarist changes shirts at least five times.   Subliminal messaging at its best, but not sure what the message is, listen to more Poison? I did have to look up Crucified Barbara, this is a female glam rock band out of Scandinavia.  My advice to both Babylon Bombs and Crucified Barbara would be to consult you glam rock consultant before you take another run at the US.   First off, both bands need a make-over.  The lead singer from Babylon Bombs is just kind of freaky looking.  Too much make-up, the hair, just not sure but something has to change. Your videos with all the shirt changing and apparent lip syncing just don’t make a good music video.   You play some cool riffs with good lyrics, but don’t look like you have your heart into it. 

Pop Evil, now these guys rock.  They are playing in CSprings this week at the Black Sheep.  I checked out the line-up and Pop Evil, is really the only band that I would want to see.    In the video Boss’s Daughter, they have enlisted Mick Mars from Motley Crue for a cameo.  Really not needed the song stands on its own.  In the video, I think the last thing anyone is looking for is Mick.  If you check them out on the YouTube you will find other videos.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Away we go!

Wow, what a fun weekend!  I managed to get out Saturday morning and get 3.5 miles in up through BCP and back.  Then we headed over to an estate auction that was selling off a persons lifetime collection of American Indian art and artifacts.    I snagged two Charles Damrow oil paintings. One is of two buffalo's ramming heads and the other is a white buffalo.   Also picked up 3 Woody Crumbo prints and 12 or so arrowheads.    There was some pretty nice stuff that went through, wish I new a little more about some of the items.

Saturday night the Colorado Springs symphony set up in BCP and they had a big concert.  Played rock music from the 70's & 80's.  Had several food vendors and a beer garden.   Had a great time and it was great the we only had to walk two blocks to get there.

Managed to get the yards mowed this weekend.   Yesterday I did the house and today it has been overcast and raining off/on, but I was able to get Bott done in between the sprinkles.

It's a new week and I am going to start doing a better job of tracking my walking distance and what I eat.  Need to go layout my walking clothes and pack my work clothes for tomorrow.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Having fun

For the last week I have been going commando because the washing machine has been broken.   I will say there are some advantages of going commando.  First, you eliminate that dreaded wardrobe woe, visible brief lines. Second, you’ll never do an emergency load of laundry because you've run out of clean underwear. Plus, briefs and boxers can be icky sweat magnets. Third I haven't been all bunched up so no embarrassing wedgie picking! 

Relax I am kidding about he commando part, you don't want to catch anything in a zipper.  But the washing machine being broke is true.  The repairman came today and replaced the pump.  So we are back in business.

So let's see I walked to work yesterday and caught a ride home because it was raining.   Ended up driving today.  We both overslept, awoke at 7 AM and it was a mad dash.  See there you go, mad dash was yesterday's blog post title and I didn't know why I came up with it.   Does this mean I am psychic, can I actually see into the future?  Will have to test this further.

Ok ,yeah we overslept, but I was still at work by 8:10 AM, I had to stop and get some caffeine.  Another busy day and that is always good!

I have been trying to get a picture of the humming birds we have in the backyard and are coming to our feeder.   I just can't get a picture, I will sit and wait and when they do come and I try to take the picture, they fly off.   I counted 5 of them buzzing around the yard this evening.

Got new a few new tunes to listen to when walking.  You should check out Adler, this band is named after Steven Adler the former drummer for GnR and he also plays drum's in this band.   So I go to check them on-line and Steven is back into a rehab treatment center and had to postpone the their summer tour.   Really Dude!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mad Dash

Why the title? I don't know just couldn't come up with anything else.  I left the house this morning at 6:40 AM, stopped and grabbed a coffee and hit the highway for the 73 mile drive to downtown Denver.  I made it to my destination about 8:20 AM.   I met up with my contact and we walked about 8 blocks to a little breakfast joint.   We discussed our plans for World Domination and to review for our up coming presentation we were doing.   We had a decent turnout, about 14 people, we had more sign up that were no shows.   The event went from 11 AM to 1 PM, with lunch served.

I then had to go pickup a refrigerator at the old office in Littleton.  I had everything I needed to move a fridge, dolly, pads, tools.   I had to take the handles off to get it through the door.   A co-worker was there and he helped me get it out and into the truck.   Drove back to Colorado Springs and stopped at our office.   Recruited a couple of team members to help me get it up the stairs.    Will let it set for our couple days and then swap it out with the one we have.

Round trip I drove 150 miles today.  Note to self: change the oil in the truck.   I think I am home for a while and plan on trying to walk as much as I can.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Have a Nice Day!

It was a late start but it was a start.  We left the house about 9:45 AM and drove up to Cold Camp Road.   Parked and headed up the trail.  It was just a little over three miles but the incline in the beginning had us both catching our breath.  We made several stops for pictures of the various things that caught our eye.

Friday, July 19, 2013

A good day

I had the opportunity to play in a charity golf tournament today.   It was hosted by SofTec Solutions with the charity proceeds going to Open World Learning.    We played at the Lonetree Golf Course in south Denver. I actually played pretty decent.  Surprising, seeing that this is the second time I have played this year.   Last year I didn't get out at all.    One of our customers was there so I had a chance to visit with him.  I played in a foursome with three other individuals, two CEO's and not sure about the third.  Made for a long day, started at 11:30 AM and I got home about 7:30 PM.

Spent the last three hours getting caught up on the email that I missed today. It's the weekend! Yay!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So far so good.

Yesterday I walked to and from work and today I walked from the mechanics to the office and then took the dogs to the dog park.   Feels good to be getting back into the groove.   I need to get my ass in the groove and actually need to step it up.  I did keep a look out for snakes yesterday when I was going through BCP, but I didn't see any.

At the office today I saw a really cool moth.  I actually saw two of these, both about the same size. One took off before I could get the camera ready. They were both the size of my hand.   I checked with Google and I think it is a: Big Poplar Sphinx (Pachysphinx occidentalis)

So I had mentioned that I finished my shop project.   I was looking back and it took me about two years to get it completed.   Big thanks to Candy and the boys for their helping hands and my buddy Marv for volunteering his time and providing me a few pointers Overall it looks pretty good, if you don't look to close.  Glad to have this behind me as I have several other projects to get done.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Are you done for a while?

Yes, I think I am done and will be home for the next couple of weeks.   We have been crazy busy at work and I have been traveling pretty consistently for the last several months.  On my days off last week, I worked like a mad-man to get my shop walls primed.   I finished up on Saturday afternoon, came home and packed and left the house at 6:00 AM on Sunday headed to Ohio.   Just returned home this evening.

That's it for now, I am pooped and need to go lay my clothes out for tomorrow so I can walk to work.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being that I am on PTO this week, I have been working hard to make progress on the shop.   Today I finished up sanding and then worked on cleaning up all the dust.   Moved just about everything out and brought in the hose and sprayed the floor.   When the floor was dry I brought everything back in and stacked it in the middle of the shop.   I moved everything away from the walls and then sprayed out the west wall with primer.    It will need another coat, will do that tomorrow and start working on the other walls.   I would like to get this done by Saturday.

The 80906

I got out this morning and did 3.5 up through BCP.   I took my camera with me and this is what I saw today.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home again, home again!

We made it home this evening.   We had a great trip but, I have to say I am glad to be back and am already working on my list of things I need to get done around the house.  I do have a few stories to tell from the trip.  I will try to get some photos and stories up in the days to come.  I did see myself in a few pictures and have some serious work to do.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Relax my ass

Not that I need to relax my ass, although Candy would say I need to when it comes to spending money. Yesterday we hung out by the pool and then grabbed a cab to take us to Paradise Village.  We got a coffee and hung out and watched the people scurry back and forth.  We decided to walk back and it was a little further than what we thought.  I don't know the exact kilometers but it took us a good 2/hours so I am guessing about 6 miles.   I was soaked from the sweat and probably smelling a little rank, but we made it.

When we got back we headed down to the pool to see who could drink the most rum and cokes!  We sat at the swim up bar and I think we tied at 7 each and then stumbled back to the room.   Showered and changed and then it was off to dinner.  The food has been great so no complaints from me.

Today we were up early and caught a cab to take us to the pick-up for our ATV adventure.  Our ride never showed up at the pick-up point so we grabbed a cab and headed back to the hotel.   When we arrived I checked in with our tour guide and told him it was 10AM and I wasn't riding ATV's.   He got on the phone and about twenty minutes later he had a ride for us from the hotel to the ATV company at no cost.   When we got to the ATV company they had a very mucho special trip for us as they had made a mistake.  We got

checked out on our ATV's and away we went.  The first part of our trip was through town and then we were on the trail up into the mountains.   The area we were in was a very depressed and I am sure it was a rude awaking for Candy and Clark.  After a good 40 minutes we were close to the top and we stopped at this little hut where they gave us free beers for the screw up and then they fed us lunch.

Following lunch we had a tequila tasting, we tried about six different types.   Man you have to love Mexico, the rent you ATV's and then load you up on beer and tequila!  The place we stopped at was pretty cool!  It was on the river and had several large natural swimming pools.   We opted to sit down by the
water and ate our food and drank our beer.  They had lime, avacoda and several other fruit bearing trees.  Candy wanted to get her picture with this fruit and I will be damned if I can remember what they called it.   We saw lizards, a snake and several wild dogs.   I tried to get some pictures of all the butterflies that were buzzing around, but no luck.

After lunch we made our way back down the mountain!  Driving through town was an experience, but we all made it.   Once back we walked down to the coast and checked out a few shops before finding a cab and making the 40 minute trip back to the hotel.   When we got back it was back into our swimming suits and
back into the pool.  Tonight we had a reservation for the steak house located on the property.   It was nice and the food was good!  Even better when it is all-inclusive and you don't have to pay.

Every night they have a show, the first night it was a ballet.  I think last night they had a rock band and tonight it was a tribute to Michael Jackson.   We plan on keeping it low key tomorrow and getting boogie boards for swimming in the ocean and the off to the market.

View all of today's pics here: https://plus.google.com/photos/115678648713324071004/albums/5895863684370907505