Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back for a few days, at least I hope that I am.  I was up in Chicago last week working.  Flew up on Monday and returned on Thursday.   While I was there I got the chance to see my sister and her family. We all went out to dinner and then got us some yogurt.  Good times and my nieces are growing up quick.

I didn’t do a very good job keeping up with the blog, nor did I get out and walk as much as I would have liked.   It was hot and humid, pretty rough when coming from Colorado’s dry climate.  So I added up my miles for the month and I was at 48.96 miles.  Now I have a target to beat in September, although I know it is going to be another tough travel month.

Took a little different approach on my shelving, two weeks ago I stood in the lumber department of Home Depot looking at my list and thinking about the task in front of me.  I also started thinking about the fact that the ones I build will be a permanent fixture.    I had looked before for some type of pre-fab shelving that would work, but  couldn't find what I wanted at a price I wanted to pay.   

I looked at Lowes and found a commercial 3-Tier Steel Freestanding Shelving that is adjustable and movable should I want to change.  I decided to go with them and they are going to work out great.   The only thing I want to change up is it came with wire shelves and I want plywood, so I have a flat surface.   Each section is 72-in H x 77-in W x 24-in D and I bought 4 of them and they span the length of the wall.

I came across a 59 Ford Ranchero today.   It was in pretty decent shape and I was told it was a California car.   The body was straight and all the chrome was on it.   Someone had swapped out the motor and made it a 4 speed on the floor.   Needed brakes, new wheels, interior but it was running and drive able.  I would love to have one of these, but would want a 57 or a 58. If you are looking for 59 Ford Ranchero project, this would be one to look at.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well I made it home this morning after being down in Austin for a few days.   Caught the flight home at 7:30
AM this morning and arrived in Denver just after 9:00 AM.    I only ended walking to the Austin office on Monday and Tuesday.  Worked out pretty well, the route that I took was 2.6 Miles each direction.  In the evening I caught rides with team members as we were on our way out for dinner.

Looking forward to the weekend and getting shelving project started and competed.  Candy is doing a girls trip with her sister this weekend so I have two days to knock this out.

Parts of town are getting some pretty good rain this evening, up to 4 inches in some areas.   Once again we may have flooding.  The local news has been talking it up all night.  They have closed highway 24 into Manitou.   We shall find out soon I guess.  We haven’t seen much rain on our side of town but can see lots of lightning and hear the thunder.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

We headed out about 8:30 AM on our way out to Peyton, CO. to an estate auction.  The auction was already in full swing when we go there at 9:30 AM.   This was so big that they had two auctioneers going at the same time in different parts of the house.   Yeah, that's how big the house is!   Indoor pool, on acreage and with a nice pond behind the house.  We hung out for about an hour, lot's of nice stuff but nothing I needed.  Big crowd today so everything going at a premium.

On our way home we stopped and picked up several cartons of 9 MM ammo.  I have been looking for ammo at Wal-Mart and they never have it so we stopped at gun shop that was on way back from Peyton.  Picked up a couple of boxes of target ammo and two home defense.  Candy keeps saying we need to go target shoot and now we don't have an excuse not to.

Then we stopped in at the Ross Auction House and did a quick walk through.   Saw a few things but nothing that would keep me hanging there for several hours.   So we split and headed back for the house.  Stopped at the German Deli on the way home and picked up some rolls and peppered salami and made some tasty sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch I headed over to the shop, the yard  needed mowed.  Mowed then cleaned up around the shop.  I fired up the Model A's and let them run for about ten minutes.  Hadn't started them in a while, but the fired right up.  Took a few more measurements for the wall that I am going to build the shelves on.   I plan on building them next weekend.

I think we are going to do Section 16 in the morning.   Going to try to get an early start as I have to drive up to DIA as I am headed to Austin, TX. tomorrow for work, should get back on Thursday.  I think I am all packed and ready to go.  Taking a larger backpack with me to carry my stuff.   I am going to try to walk to work and back when I am in Austin.  So I need a bigger pack to carry a change of clothes, shoes and my tools for work.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well day three that I have made it out on foot. Today I did 4.8 Miles up through BCP and back.  Ended up going on my lunch break as I didn't walk to work today.   I didn't come across anything exciting and moved pretty quick.  For the month I am up to 32.3 Miles, not bad just need to keep after it.

I am making a road trip next week to TX.  I mapped out my route if I was to walk to the office and back.  It works out that it is 2.36 Miles each way.   Just checking the weather forecast and it looks clear for next week and warm.   Only problem is I don't want to be the stinky guy at the office and I have lunches planned and will need to drive.   So we shall see.

I have to go to Denver in the morning and will need to get up early if I want to get some distance in before I go.   I would need to leave the house by 6 AM if I wanted to get out and back in time to shower and head up I-25.

So the last few days I have been working on my plans for my shelving that I am building.   I have worked up the plans and made a list of supplies needed.  Looks like this is going to cost about $450 in supplies.   Building them myself is much more inexpensive that going with something prefabbed.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I turned mine off......

This came across as a post on FB today.  Very interesting and I did turn of geotagging on my photos.  This link also provides a good overview and what you can do to protect yourself.

Smartphone pictures pose privacy risks

I walked to work again today, so I was able to get 5.2 miles in.  At least tonight it wasn't raining!  Last night I had to wear the rain poncho home.   It has been raining just about every day.  What a year we have had.  From the drought, the fire in Black Forest, flooding in Manitou Springs.  

Last Saturday after the flash flood, Candy and I took a drive over to Manitou to survey the situation.  Back in the day, mid 1998 I used to office in Manitou located at 514 El Paso Ave.   We drove by there and low and behold the building was gone.  It looked like they had just done it, as the area was still roped off.  I am guessing it flooded in the last flash flood we had a week ago, not only that it was up against a hill.  I remember several large boulders coming down the back side and hitting the building.  The area was a mess, with mud and debris left by the high water.  We didn't make into Manitou as the traffic was pretty heavy so we turned around and headed out.

Wow, now here is a tool-box from back in the day!  Wish it was mine!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Busy, busy, busy.   I guess it has been a few days since I have posted any updates.   Just been crazy busy with work and home, hard to keep up with it all.   Did manage to walk to and from work today.   I ended up walking home in the rain, which was OK as I had my poncho with me. 

I just finished making my shopping list for the shelves I am planning to build at the shop.   They will be 14 ft long and 8 ft high and 2 ft deep.  I already drew up the plans and I think I have settled on the location.

Tonight we all went out to Chili's for dinner.   Not often we get both the boys together to join us as everyone is working various schedules.  Hey at least we are all working.   Eric and his girl friend are headed to California in a 16 ft U-Haul truck.  Moving some of her moms stuff from Colorado to her new home.   Should be an interesting road trip for him driving that beast across the country.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday, yes it is Sunday.

I am sitting here trying to figure out what I did today.   Let’s see, got up about 9:30 AM, yes slept in a little.  Stayed up to about 2:30 AM watching TV and playing on the iPad, I thought about going walking this morning but it didn't happen.   

We drove over to Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up some coffee for the Kurig.    Then we walked over to Michael’s and did a walk through.  Then it was off to the grocery store to pick-up a few items.

Clark mowed the yard, so I fired up the weed eater and cleaned up the edges.  I guess the rest of the day was spent working around the house.   I did three loads of dishes and several loads of folding clothes.  Candy had the washing machine in full action today.  I did have to put a new tire on the bicycle; actually, I just had to put the tire on.   We took it to the bike shop and they replaced the tube and couple of spokes that had broken.

I was looking at my work calendar and I have a full week ahead of me.   I guess that is a good thing.   Need to layout my clothes for tomorrow.

I love this Colorado weather.   Just about every evening for the last several weeks it has rained in the later afternoon.   Hopefully this is filling up the reservoirs and we can get past these water restrictions and bringing the fire hazard down.  The yard and plants have sure greened up.   The Humming Birds remain elusive to my attempts of being photo’d.

Later folks, I need to go sync the apple devices and run a few maintenance items on the laptop.   Catch you later!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pod Racing

We got up this morning and headed out for a walk.  Hiked up through West BCP and around, signs were posted to be on the look-out for Bears.   We didn’t see any but did keep an eye open.   Some people spotted one in the area and said that it was following them.   Chances are he was just going the same way.  We managed to get 3.2M in.   This gets me up to 11.72 this month.
I am guessing it has been about 10 years since I picked up the ass end of a 79 Corvette.   I got it for free and brought it home, cleaned it up and painted it blue and the bumpers black and have had it hanging in the garage here at the house.     Well I took it over to the shop a couple days ago along with some Lego’s that I had put together.

After our walk today I headed over to the shop to hang up the Lego’s and the back-end to the 79 Corvette.  Once I figured out where I wanted them I hung up the Pod Racers with Anakin and Sebulba.  I used fishing line and tried to hang them so it looked like Sebulba was coming down on Anakin,   looks pretty decent.

Then I turned my attention to the bumper and figuring out where it would look good.   I ended up hanging it to the left of my work bench.   I screwed a 2x4 to the wall and hung the bumper on it, ran some screws in the holes for the tail lights into the 2x4.   It looked good once it was up except you could see the 2x4 through the tail light holes.

I solved that by going over to Hobby Lobby and picking up some red metallic paper.  Found four round wooden circles already cut out the size that it needed.   I took it home and used the wood circles to make my line for cutting the paper.   Once I had for paper circles cut out, I glued the paper to wood and let it dry.

Once it was dry I just placed the wooden circles into the holes for tail lights.  Shazam, it was just that easy and made this look much better.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Today, Candy and I celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary.  Doesn't seem like 26 years have gone by but they have.   We celebrated by going out to dinner this evening, reminiscing about the years.  Love you babe!

Being that today is August 1st, I built yet another new spreadsheet to start tracking my distance, meals and weight.   Speaking of which, I need to go add what I had for dinner.   I walked to and from work today and it was good to be out.   I plan on doing the same again tomorrow.   I have the rain poncho with me as it has rained just about every day in the late afternoons.  Not much of a rain but enough to get you wet.

I have seen several large moths of different types this year.   I came across two today, one at work and one here at the house.   The brown one on the right is from the Sphinx family and I believe the other is as well.

Like I said we are finally getting some rain, which is nice.   The rain has sure helped green things up around here.   I snagged a few pictures on my way to and from work today.