Monday, March 17, 2014

Back Again

I have been crazy busy as of late and just haven’t made any time to get entries into the blog.   I was traveling two weeks back and with work it has just been insane.  This is a good thing, don’t get me wrong.

With everything going on I am now back to finishing up the basement remodel.   All I had left was the bathroom and didn't want to do anything until I got the shower done.   About 2 months ago we had gone to the home and garden show and found several companies that do bath remodels. 

They can reface/replace the walls with panels.    We got estimates and went with Bathfitters.  They tore out the walls and hung new concrete board and then placed the panels up with glue, sealed and hung the new door.  They were done in a day and it looks great!  I will never go with real tile again, just too much work to keep up with.

With the shower being done, we went out on Sunday and found a new vanity, sink and faucets.   It took me about 4 hours to tear out the old and replace it with the new.   Candy picked up some paint today, so maybe by the weekend I will have the bathroom done.

When I get a chance I have been over at the shop working on the Ranchero.    I think I have solved my concerns with the hood.   The previous owner cut a hole in the hood so that he could use an aluminum hood air scoop.  It looks cool, but not the look for me.   I had been looking for a replacement hood and found a couple but they wanted several hundred dollars and it would be the same or more to ship it.

So I did find in Denver a 1958 Ford hood off a Ranch Wagon.   I picked up today and this evening I hung it on to check that it would fit and to see if I would like the look.   I do like it so need to pull it off and sand and primer it.  The 1958 hood has a different look than the 57.  The 58 actually has a hood scoop look to it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


For the last couple of weekends I have been helping a friend of mine move out of his leased shop.   Guessing he has been in this place for 20+ years.  I did however get out this morning for a quick 2/miles.   Candy bought me a new camera.  We have been needing one as the quality on the one we had has dropped.   We bought at Nikon D3200 and I took it out this morning for a test run.

It was cold and very foggy, ice crystal had formed on most of the vegetation.  These are a couple of pictures that I snapped off as I hiked the trail