Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday night blues

Wow another busy day around here.  I worked in the yard mostly, cleaning and planting.  I planted a new blackberry bush along with another raspberry bush.  The raspberry I planted a couple years back has done very well and keeps coming back, so I hope these two new ones do as well.

We got a few flowers for the yard.  In the front we planted the wheelbarrow along with the yard art flower.   It looks pretty good!

Saturday, May 30, 2015


I slept in a little this morning, got out of bed at 10:30 AM.  Had some coffee and checked the Ipad to see what was going on in my world.  Candy had me get up in the attic and get some boxes of fabric down.   She has been sewing and is ready to start making us some quilts.

I have been planning on making a second yard art flower.  I had an old axle in the backyard and loaded it up and took it over to the shop.   I cut off the wheel mount with the grinder.  Then I welded a cam shaft from and airplane motor.  The flower is an old tilling wheel that I picked up.   The horse hames on the bottom where an after though but I think they look good.  I took it home and we put it in the front garden.

We left the house at 4:00 PM and went and had dinner.  Afterwards we stopped at Hobby Lobby.  Candy got a quilting book and I got some bronze paint and small clock faces.   When we got home I started working on my next piece.  I cut out a picture from my Star Wars poster book.  Painted the canvas with the bronze paint.  After it dried it took some modge podge and stuck the picture on and then started attaching the gears and clock faces.   I call this one Gears in Time, a tribute to release of the new Star Wars movie.  So in a way I guess you could say the boys got the band back together.  I still have work to do on this and will try to finish it up tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pushing rocks up-hill

I was up early, or at least early for me.  Was out the door by 7am and managed to get three miles in to the office.  During the day for lunch and between a call, I did three laps around the office complex.  I had plans to walk home, but it started raining around 4pm and is currently raining with lightning and thunder,  I am pretty sure we are getting close to setting a record for the most rainfall in May.

8:49PM, it is raining and the pictures are rattling on the walls from the thunder. Looks like they are getting hit pretty hard out east.

I purchased the items below on ebay.  I plan on making flowered yard art with them, not sure if I want the natural rustic look or paint them up.  Currently the natural rusted look seems like it would be best. I need to figure out what the base will be as these disks are pretty heavy,  More to come, but this is going to be really cooool!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015


We got the dogs out this morning and did 3 miles through the park.  It was nice to get out and wasn't as muddy as I thought it was going to be.   We had the trails to ourselves which made it nice.  It took all I had to get my 5 miles in today.  It was nice to take a little break.  Back at it hard tomorrow.

We went checked out the new Avenger's movie.  It was OK, enjoyed the movie along with the Mr. Pibb and buttered popcorn.   After we left we stopped at the Broadmoor and had a salad in the garden room.   Afterwards we took a nice walk around the lake and checked out the grounds of the hotel.  It was a nice little way to celebrate Memorial Day.   Candy snapped up a few pics of the wildlife we came across.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spread Your Wings

Today we went down and checked out Territory Days, in old Colorado City.  Had a good time checking out the vendors and eating some good food.  I need to get out and hit the trail tomorrow and the dogs need to get out.  If we get out early we should be ahead of the rain.  I called it today, we got to Territory Days just after 10AM and we were headed back to the car at 12:30 in drizzle.

They had some Hawks and an Eagle on display today.  I got this picture of the Eagle spreading his wings. He was a beautiful bird and this one is blind in the left eye.  

It has continued to rain here.  We are going to float away pretty soon.    I was sitting out back and Pebbles came cruising by.  I snapped her picture, she is such a nut.

I finished my penny ball this afternoon.  I think it looks pretty good.  I have it sitting in front of the fire place for now.  Once it cures for about a week I will move it outdoors.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rainy Days

I flew to Orlando last Sunday to work a trade show.  The weather was awesome and each day I got out and walked my miles.   I was staying at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center. The hotel was pretty nice.  On Tuesday afternoon I was able to hang out by the pool and get a little sun.

For our give-away item at the booth we were giving out selfie sticks.  I took this photo of myself while testing them out.

My walking, plus working the show floor, I was able to really rack up some steps.  I flew home on Wednesday and when I come out of the airport in Denver it is 39 degrees and drizzling.

Since being home I have been active to get some distance in.  Most of it has been on the treadmill as it has been raining daily.  Since mid-April we have received 14 inches of rain. 

I started a new little project this Memorial Day weekend.   I had seen on Pinterest where someone had covered a bowling ball in pennies.   It just so happened that I had all the things I needed to do the same.  I bought the stand on e-bay for 5.99 and free shipping.   The bowling ball was Candy’s moms.  I had pennies and the glue was 4.99.  I will be working to finish it up tomorrow.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I have been up to.

We are so busy at work.  I think it is a good busy, but sometimes I wonder.  Spend cycles on things we shouldn't, but they are necessary evils so we have to.  Blessed and thankful to be busy!

The weather has been crazy around here this last week.   We have had Hail, Rain, Sleet and Snow. On the North end of town, we received up to 9 inches of penny sized hail.  Glad I missed that!  The hail caused the highway to close as they needed to bring in the snow plows to clear it.  On the news this evening they reported that we live in what is called hail alley.  It runs from Cheyenne WY to Pueblo CO, so all along the Front Range.  We get more hail storms than any other state, but not the most damaging.  So there you go!

I also see that tornado alley is also in full swing.  Tornados are touching down in OK and TX over the last few days.  Been there done that when I lived in KS.  I think I will stick with the hail.

The Lilacs are in full bloom.  We were lucky that the hail didn't destroy them.   In addition to the big bush, I have also transplanted a few starters and they are taking off.   

Robinson Lilac Bush

Robinson Lilac Bush

I Have already written about my Horse Haim Wheelbarrows.   I have finished two of them and they look great.    Looking forward to building a few more.  Well I have two wheels left, so I guess two more.

Horse Haim Wheelbarrow

Horse Haim Wheelbarrow

Candy asked to make her a shelf for the laundry room.  She wanted something Steampunk, well I came home with the picture below.   This is an old wrench, a steel gear and an oil filter cover.   This is what I had lying around, so this is what I ended up with.   She really liked it, and I do to.

Steampunk Wall Vase

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I hope everyone had a good weekend.  Busy around here mowing and cleaning up the yard.   The Lilac tree is days away from being in full bloom.  I can hardly wait!  My transplants are also in bloom.  I will get some pictures shortly.

The humming birds are here.  We have had one feeder up for them, today we cleaned up the other two and filled and hung them.   Saturday I mowed and turned the sprinklers on.  I had two heads that I had to replace but doesn't look like I have any broken lines.

I am in the process of making more wheelbarrows.  I found 5 sets of Hames on Ebay and they arrived last week.   I took the wire brush to them and then gave them a quick blast in the blast cabinet.   Cleaned them up, then primed and painted them.   The balls are brass and not painted.   I was surprised how well they cleaned up.   They came out looking great, and will make great handles.

I had some green paint, so I painted the outside of the wheelbarrow green and then sprayed sealer on the inside of the box.   I cleaned up the wheel I am using and painted the rim and spokes.    I should be able get it finished up next weekend.