Thursday, November 17, 2016

I Believe

Well the weatherman pulled it off.  He/She was correct, it did get cold and we got a dusting of snow.   I was told that we got hit pretty heavy up north.  Should make for a fun walk in the morning.  Supposed to be cold so will need to dress appropriately.

Once again I walked to work but then bailed on the walk home and caught a ride.  When I left this morning it was nice, but 10 minuets into my walk the sun went behind the clouds and it starting cooling off quickly.   Even so, I did get three miles in.  That puts me just over 55/Miles.

This evening we jammed out to Blessed Union of Souls.  One of my favorites.  I included the video I Believe above. Every time I hear them I want to learn to play piano.  The lyrics are awesome and heartfelt. 

As I was walking this morning I looked back and thought this was a great view and snapped off a picture. 

So if you are looking for something fun, I have included the video Downtown from Macklemore.  I think one of the reason I dig this so much is that it has Eric Nally from  Foxy Shazam in it.  If you have read my blog over the years, you know I am a huge Foxy Shazam fan.  If you are not familiar with Foxy Shazam,  let me welcome you To The Church of Rock N Roll and follow that up with a Holy Touch.

These songs will definitely have you picking up the pace on the trail.  If you come across me, I might be dancing as I go.


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