Monday, November 14, 2016

Fun in the Dark

Started this morning with a fruit and spinach shake.   Pretty tasty and a great way to start the morning.   Shortly after we headed out to get our walk in.   Pebbles was ready to go the minute she saw me grab my boots.

Most of the way this morning Pebbles was off the leash.  We didn't come across anyone which was nice.  When we got to the road, Candy and Pebbles made the turn to head back home and I continued on my way work.

The walk back home this evening was fun.  With setting the clock back it is dark at 5:00 PM.   I left the office just after 5:00 PM.   When I got into the park I was walking along the creek.   I had my head lamp on so I could see the trail and as I walking along I could see some glowing eyes down by the water and in the shrubs. 

I couldn't really make out what it was.   I think it was a stray cat or at least that's what it looks like from the picture.  It was pretty freaky as I was walking and to see glowing eyes from a distance.  Wasn't sure what I was about to stumble across.

At least tonight we had a full moon that offered some light.

I was able to log 6.5/Miles today so this get's me up to 45.5/Miles since I started tracking my distance on Nov. 6th.

With Thanksgiving coming up we will have a couple of days off for the Holiday so this will be a good time to finish up a home project.  When we re-painted the interior I pulled all the doors off the rooms.   Well it is time to replace them and get new doors hung back up.  Guess this weekend we will make a run to HD to see what is available and then I can start staining them and or paint them, depending on what the boss wants.

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