Monday, May 30, 2016

Catching Up - Palm Springs - The End

On our last day we went back to Tahquitz Canyon but this time we took our swimming suits.   I was ready to get in and I did.  The water was freezing cold but it was great to hang out below a waterfall.

We spent a couple of hours there enjoying the cold water and the warm air.  Then we headed back downtown and had lunch.  Afterward Candy did some shopping and I went to the casino and played some three card poker.

I ended up winning a couple hundred dollars so that made my time worthwhile.  We headed back to the hotel and then went out for dinner.   It was a great trip and if you are a golfer it is the place to be.  I read that they have over 100 courses.   We didn't play any golf as I would rather be hiking.

Catching Up - Palm Springs - Part Duex

On Saturday we headed out again, this time to hike in the Coachella Valley Preserve.  This place was pretty cool.  It is the lowest point in the area and in the San Andrea's fault.  Once again in the middle of nowhere you find thousand year old palm trees with a natural spring.  We hiked through the area and snapped some pictures.  This was a very cool place and I would go back again.

Then we headed up to make the drive through Joshua Tree National Park.   We came across some very cool cactus, some great hiking and rock climbing and just a great time being together.

We got back to the hotel around six in the evening, cleaned up and headed out for a nice dinner together.


Catching Up - Palm Springs

As I mentioned we were lucky enough to be able to meet up and spend the weekend in Palm Springs.   Our goal was to get some desert hiking in and we did.  I have to say that Palm Springs is one of the prettiest towns I have seen.   Everything was very well maintained and looked new.  We stayed at the Hyatt and our room over looked the golf course.  At work we have a travel agent we work with and she hooked me up with free breakfast and $100.00 voucher towards any charges.

I drove up from San Diego and Candy flew into Palm Springs.   I got into town around 2 PM and checked in and then headed to the airport to pick her up.

We looked online and found that they have an open market every Thursday night in downtown.   After picking up Candy we headed that way.  Found parking and walked up and down checking out the vendors.

Had a great time and had some dinner and cocktails.  Then we headed to the store to get a few items to stock the fridge.

Coachella Valley - Palm Springs

The next morning we had breakfast and then headed out to the Tahquitz Canyon.  We hiked in the steps of the Agua Caliente Indians.   This is not a long hike but it follows a stream that dead ends at a waterfall.   Hard to believe you would find this in the middle of the desert.  We did this hike on Friday and we waded out in the water but didn't have our suits.  It was cold but we definitely wanted to come back and do some swimming.

We kept and eye out for rattle snakes but only found some lizards, birds and dragon flies.  I did grab a few good pictures and it was so nice to be hiking in some new terrain.   The weather was great, in the high seventies low eighties.  After we finished up the hike we headed back to the hotel where I had scheduled spa time for both of us.  We each got a message and then took advantage of the suana and shower before heading to the pool for cocktails and a snack.  The sun felt great!

Friday, May 27, 2016

On the Road

Living the life of a rock star for the last 10 days.  what I mean by that is the fact that I have been traveling for the last 10 days.  Staying in Hotels, eating out and spending to much time in airports.

All of my trip was in California so I can think of worse places to be.  I started out for a few days in San Diego, then drove up to Palm Springs where I met up with Candy.  Then traveled to San Francisco for a couple of days.

It was rough, but having a break in the middle and having Candy with me made up for it.

We spent the weekend in Palm Springs.  I have to say I had a blast and was able to really relax.  We hiked ever day and then spent the afternoons by the pool.  One day we got messages and that made the relaxing that much easier.

I took a bunch of pictures from our time in Palm Springs and will post a few story's later.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

When Doves Cry

It was sad to hear that Prince had pasted away last week.  I am sure we will hear more on what happened in the weeks to come.  We used to dance out ass off, to his music in the 80's.  Seems that 2016 has already claimed several artists.

I started keeping my Fitbit in my front pocket, when I remember.  The band broke and I am to cheap or lazy to order another one.  I had a decent month, but I need to really do more and be consistent.

According to the tracking log I managed to get 134/miles logged.  In May let's hope to seem more days over six miles than below.

I was on the news two weeks ago.  Actually I wasn't on the news, but a photo that I had taken was on the 10:00 PM news.   I was able to capture the two baby owls, sitting beside each other.  I sent it in and thy showed it and had my name listed.

Last week I was in Washington, DC. for a conference.  The weather was nice and warm.  I stayed downtown so that was fun to be in the middle of all the action.  When I landed in Denver it was cold and raining.  This soon turning into snow.  As a matter of fact it is snowing now and has been most of the weekend.

Friday and Saturday I wen't to town cleaning and downsizing.   Went through all my closets, drawers and got a couple of piles ready for the garage sale.  Yes we are planning to have a garage sell in a couple of weeks.   We are painting the upstairs bedrooms.  We have finished one and are now getting ready to paint the office.   So we are cleaning off the shelves and will move the furniture tomorrow.

I had to get a break from cleaning today so I headed over to the shop.  I cleaned.  Then I set my attention to an old pencil sharpener.  Candy picked this up for her sewing room.   I cleaned it all up inside and out and then taped it off and painted what was black, pink.   It looks pretty good and am sure it will get lots of use.  Once we are done filling holes and painting I can make some new holes and hang this on the wall.

I have been collecting cuff links, specifically wrapped cuff links.  I usually by them in lots on eBay.  I can get them for about $7.00 a pair and estimate that they will re-sell in individual sets for about $20.00.

I have been wearing cuff links most days at work lately.  Last week when traveling I wore them each day.  I had been keeping them in a drawer with my watches.   I wanted to find another way to display them and this is what I came up with.

I already had the piece of ceder, it was in the scrap pile.  The pipe I had bought for another project.   I sanded down the wood, then cut a piece of pegboard the same size as the wood.  clamped it on and then used the pegboard holes as my template for drilling the holes for the cuff link studs.  The template worked great and made easy work of ensuring everything lined up.

I stained and sealed it.  Added felt to the bottom and then added the pipe to hold my watches.   The really came out nice and now I have some idea's on what I would do differently next time.

Candy is cooking up bacon and eggs for dinner.  Mmm smells good.  I am ready to eat.