Monday, December 7, 2015

Looking like Christmas

Been a crazy week for me.  I am sitting here on Sunday evening and prepping for the up coming week.   At least I am home this coming week, so maybe I can get out and walk.  This last week was pretty intense.  Lot going on at work and then on Thursday I flew down to Austin.  We had a company party on Friday evening.  It was a blast and great to see everyone.

I flew home early AM on Saturday.  I was up to 2:00 AM Saturday morning and then up at 5:15 AM the same morning.   I tried to sleep on the plane but that didn't happen.  After making the drive I arrived home about 10:45 AM.  Candy was cooking up biscuits and gravy for me.  I am so lucky, it was awesome!  I emptied my travel bags and we ate.

After eating I went and took a nap.  I am not a big napper but I was tired.   I slept from about noon the 2:00 PM on Saturday afternoon.  Felt great and really didn't get much done the rest of the day.

This morning I rolled out of bed at 8 AM.  It was nice out so this was the day to dig out all the Christmas decorations.   We got the tree up and I decorated the porch and put our our blow up Santa train.   Looks pretty good.  

We headed to the store and grabbed a few things so we could have a little tree decorating party tonight.   We are having Taco soup, jalapeno dip and a couple of 90 minute Dogfish heads.  Wow!

Poor Mable

My poor little Mable had an indecent this last week.  Candy took her and Pebbles out for a walk.  She went down to the meadow, but on this day we had an issue.   She came across another dog owner with a pit bull that was off leash.

The pit bull took Mable to the ground and locked on.  Keep in mind Mable weighs 10 pounds, wet at best.  The owner was able to break the dog off Mable.  Candy got his information and I am sure he got a lecture.

Everything seemed to be OK with Mable, she was a little shaken.  They walked the rest of the way home.  When getting home Candy noticed the blood and Mable was pretty much flat, she couldn't walk any further.  In looking one of the teeth drove deep into her just left of her spine.  She was bleeding badly and the area was swelling up.

She was down and out.  She din't move the next few days and had a visit to the vette for xrays.  Tonight she is moving around a little better.  Impressive considering she is 13 years old.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Working on the todo list

I have gotten some miles in just about every day while I have been off.  It has been great, didn't go more than 3 miles in a day, but still got out or hit the treadmill.

Colorado weather, On Wednesday it was 60 and on Thursday it was 20, with rain/snow.  How quickly things change.  Pebbles and I got out in the snow on Friday.   Pebbles had a blast jumping out in the weeds and snow.  Looked liked she was doing the hurtles.

I am sure you have all heard about the shootings we had on Black Friday.  It was a terrible and senseless  event.  My regards and prayers go to the families of the victims.  This is just another reason why I carry when I go out.  You just don't know what sicko crazy son of bitch you may come across.  Sorry for the families and that this is the reason Colorado Springs get's it 30 seconds of fame.

I had to move my table out of the dinning room and into the workout room.   We wanted to eat in the dining room for Thanksgiving, so needed to clean up.   The top is finished and sprayed with urethane.  Once it warms up, I will dig it back out and finish it up.  Most likely after Christmas or in the new year.  I have to paint the checker box around it and that is going to take some work.

So since the dinning room was clean, on Saturday I dug out our shell box from our last trip to Sanibel island.   Went over to Hobby lobby and  picked up a straw wreath wrapped in plastic.  I used the same on the last wreath I made and it has worked great.   for this wreath, I used up all the conch shells we had collected on our last trip.   I did a reverse patter each time I went around.  I used the hot glue gun to attache them to the wreath. It came out really nice, super sweet, very happy with this one.

Today I ran over to Home Depot and picked up a plant hanger.  I need to cut it down and paint it, then I will be able to hang this wreath in the dinning room.

This afternoon I am watching Harry Potter, not sure which one and going through email and setting my tasks for the coming week.  I have a lot going on and then travel to Austin for a company Christmas party.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

It has been so nice to have a few extra days off.  I started on Wednesday, which was an awesome day here in Colorado Springs.  The temperature was in the 60’s.  That was on Wednesday.  On Thursday the roads were covered with ice and then it started snowing.  I think the high today is 17.

I hope that you and your family had a great Thanksgiving.  We had a blast for ours.  Nothing major, but all the food came out awesome and then we played a couple of games afterwards.  We had both the boys and their girlfriends join us for dinner.  Everyone hung out and we played a new game for me.  I think the kids had played it before.  It is called “Cards against Humanity”.   I laughed my ass off.  It was a lot of fun.  It is a game for the adults and not the younger crowd.  The boys got a long with each other so we didn’t have any of that bull to put up with.

Candy did a great job with the dinner.   We actually prepared most of what we could the night before.  The Turkey was great, not dry.  She cooked it in a cooking bag.  We had all the fixings to go with it.  I was in some serious pain last night, thought I was going to pop.  So good!

So far I have gotten some miles in starting on Wednesday.  I told myself I was going to walk/hike every day that I was off.  Today is day three and so far so good.  Two of the days have been on the treadmill because of the weather.  Feels good, I feel good and just need to keep it up.

The following are some pictures I have taken since Wednesday.

Monday, November 23, 2015

In the Hood

I got to work early this morning as I had a ton of shit to catch up on.  As I pulled into the parking lot I saw a guy sitting against the building and I could of sworn he had a gun under his chin, like he was going to blow his head off.   I must have been wrong so I did a u-turn and went and looked again and yes he did have a gun under his chin.

I made another u-turn and headed back to my office and called 911.  Reported what I had seen.  Several minutes later the 5-0 comes cruising through the parking lot.  I waved them down and pointed out where this person was and what I saw.

Next think I know we have five cop cars, swat and they are all yelling for him to lay on his stomach.  He did, they approached with guns drawn.  Cuffed him and threw him in the back of a squad car.  Little did all them know I was also packing and was ready to get down and dirty if I had to.  Bring it bitches.

Just another day in the wild west known as Colorado Springs.  People wonder why I carry and now you know.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Busy day today.  I got up and took Pebbles for a walk through the meadow.  We had an electrician out as we were having some power issues in the kitchen.  Once he was done, we headed over to the shop as I had a couple of fence panels that had blown down.  Fixed those, then had to go get the Ranger from the mechanic.  Had to replace the alternator and battery.  Joy, Joy!.

Ran by the grocery store and then came home and cooked some chicken on the grill.  Frozen bag of vegetables and some toast. It's whats for dinner.

I spent some time on my quilt table and just about have the top finished.  A few more area's to touch up, but it looks pretty good.   More to come as I still have a lot to do.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Needs a title

As of late I have been watching way to much news.  Seems everything is see is ISIS and the threats that are happening all over the world.  I was traveling this morning and reading the news alerts. Another attack in Africa, tonight Brussels is on it's highest alert.  It get's me all worked up.  I had some extra time this morning while waiting on a flight and I started writing a poem or a song, I don't know.  Here is my first draft.

Somewhere at the end of all this hate
Theirs light that shines through all this evil
There intention is to kill and they will, they will
Until they drink the wine, they will, they will

I will stand strong with the light and Christ in my life
I pledged with hand over heart and freedom at my side
I am not afraid, I wont burn out in this place
My intention is to fade and I will, I will

They will try to breakdown your beliefs
With there bullets and there bombs
Children are taught to die and they will, they will
Until they drink the wine, they will, they will

I will stand strong with the light and Christ in my life
I pledged with hand over heart and freedom at my side
I am not afraid, I wont burn out in this place
my intention is to fade and I will, I will


News about databases and the collection of information has been in the news recently in regards the Syrian refugees.  Donald Trump stated “I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,” Trump told NBC between town hall appearances in Iowa. “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases,” he added. “We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it.”

Republican presidential candidates swiftly condemned Donald Trump’s call for requiring Muslims in the United States to register in a national database, drawing a sharp distinction Friday with the GOP front-runner.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called Trump’s proposal “abhorrent.” Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Trump was trying to “divide people.” And Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who has largely avoided criticizing Trump throughout the 2016 campaign, said that while he was a fan of the billionaire businessman, “I’m not a fan of government registries of American citizens.”

In another article I found this “The United States has resettled more than 3 million refugees since the mid-1970s, and the screening system in the post-9/11 era includes multiple background checks, screenings against FBI and other databases and an in-person interview. 

So really if Donald would have taken a little time, the issue is not the database aka registries, but really the information we are going to be able to collect from these refugees.  From the day you are born in U.S. you are in the database.  We give our information away everyday on Facebook, blogging.  Hell when you sign up for a credit card, create an account with your favorite retailer, book a flight, get a driver’s license, get arrested, pay your taxes, the list goes on. You are in a database.

No matter what happens these people are going to be in a database. That my two cents.  Another fine example of our politicians who don’t have a clue.

Monday, November 9, 2015

One step over the line

I had the best of intentions to get out and walk to work today, but that didn't happen.  Did manage to come home after work and got directly on the treadmill.  Only did 2/miles but that was two more than I had 35 minutes ago.  So there!

I have been religious about updating my tracking spread sheet.  I didn't weigh this morning but did this evening.  It's funny how much your body fluctuates in a day.

Up to just over 11/miles for the last three days.  Need to catch up tomorrow.

Candy cooked up an awesome dinner this evening.  Thanks Babe!

Some Days

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I have a love hate relationship with Fall.   I enjoy the temperatures and the changing of the colors, but I hate the yard work that comes along with it.   I spent a good three hours working in the yard today picking up leaves.   I used the lawn mower and bagged.   I could take two swipes and then have to empty the bag.  I ended up with eight large trash bags.  The yard looks great now, but in a day or two, I will have everyone else's leaves back in my yard and driveway.

I didn't get out on the trails as far as I would have liked to today.  Had Candy and dogs with me.   Candy and Pebbles do great, but old Mable has a hard time.  She sure tries, I will give her that.  She doesn't hear or see so great, so if we get to far ahead she gets a little confused.  She walks into things on the trail as well.  But again, she gives it hell.

We just did a little loop around the park.  It was nice out today and I was surprised that we didn't see anyone. 

Over the weekend I have been working on my quilt table.  I have made some good progress but have a long way to go.  Candy says I need to have it done and moved before Thanksgiving so we can use the dining room.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Out on the trails.....

Pebbles and I got up and took off for a little hike this morning.  It was a little cool out, but I was dressed for it.  Pebbles didn't seem to mind as far as I could tell.   We did just about 5/miles and she was off the leash for the most part.  She does really good except for when we come across other pooches. 

My fitbit blew craps and isn't working any more.   So I am back to using my Garmin GPS.  I actually think I will prefer using my GPS as I can route it out on Google Maps.  It will also allow me to track my elevation.

I started a new spreadsheet to track my distance and my meals.  If I can just get in the habit of using it daily I will be off to a good start.

Pebbles took some time to check out the creek this morning.  She was all wound up after getting in.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Gotta Keep A Runnin

I was talking with my mom and my sister on the phone.  Conference us all together, that was a first.  Need to get us all setup with video, it would be more fun.   It was great to catch up and I get to see my sister next week.   Really looking forward to hanging with her and the family.

Work is super busy, but that’s not new.  I have some serious travel coming up through the rest of the year.  Looking forward to it as it will give me a chance to spend some time with our awesome team members.  I need to do it more, but it is tough.

I was perusing through my older post and I what I learned is that I need to get out and take some pictures.  I used to be so good about it when I was hiking all the time.  I need to get back start doing both again.  If I would get my ass out and hike, I am sure I would find something to take a picture of.

I started a new project this last week.  This has been a challenge but fun and worth the effort.  Back in the day, talking 20+ years ago, my parents gave us an oak dining room table.  I think they had it while I was growing up, so it’s at least 40 years old.  We used it for years; I even sanded it all down and re-stained it at one point.  Well long story short it was time for something new .

About six months ago we got a new table and chairs and the old table has been down on the garage taking up space.  I couldn’t get rid of it.  We have had it so long and I knew I could do something with it or give it to one of the boys. 

As luck would have it, Candy turned me on to barn quilts.  Google it and check it out.  So I figured I could use this table to make a barn quilt table.  Yes I am so original.   So this is my adaptation of the Lemoyne star quilt block.  I drew out a couple of ideas on paper so I could figure out my placement and colors.  

I will say working with a larger medium is a bit more of a challenge.  

First thing I did was to take the table over to the shop and take it all apart.  I pulled the top off the base.   This table used to expand and you could add two leafs to it.  I glued it together so now it will just be a round table.  I then took my sander with some 80 grit sand paper and sanded the top and all around to remove any stain.  Once that was done I blew it all off and then wiped it down with a cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining dust or dirt.

I used a string, stick pin and pencil to draw out the outer edge. Then used a tape measure, yard stick and a long piece of trim wood to draw out the lines.

I applied white paint that we already had in the garage.  This is the paint that we used to pain the kitchen walls.  It was still good and I have enough so why not.  I painted table with two coats of the white and let it dry.  Then I brought the table home and placed it on our dining room table.

I drew out my design using my tape measure and pencil.  This project requires a little math so be ready.   Once it was all drawn out, I started adding my colors.  This project goes a little slow as you have to tape off each area and apply several coats.  This only allows me to get one or maybe two squares done  a night.  Now I know where the term “waiting for paint to dry” came from.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Catching up

It has been a few weeks since posting anything to the blog. A lot has gone on, that’s for sure.

We celebrated Clark’s Birthday, My Birthday, a trip to Florida and then Texas. Clark turned 21 on September 30th. We all met at the Golden Bee and had drinks and dinner. A couple of people came from the office, Candy and I along with Clark and his two friends. We had a good time and kept everything under control. Clark was heading out afterwards with friends to go bowling. Wow, hard for me to believe that he is 21. Guess that means I am getting old.

Candy and I snuck away to Sanibel Island for a week. The majority

of our trip was spent hunting for sea shells. Had a blast! Had a chance to do some fishing and bike riding. We rented a condo a block from the beach. It had a pool and we could fish in the canal out back of the unit. 

We checked out several of the beaches searching for shells. A couple of mornings we were on the beach at 5 AM with our headlamps on. It really paid off one morning; we walked the trash line, following a storm. When I tell people I am going shell hunting they look at me a little funny and wonder. Then I show them a picture.

Experienced sheller's walk in a sort of a crouch, the better to see their quarry and the easier to grab it. The posture is known as The Sanibel Stoop. On a busy day the beach is populated with arthritic looking tourists who all appear to be searching intently for a missing contact lens.
We didn't collect any live shells, and believe we found a bunch of them. I found two large lighting whelks, but they had inhabitants and threw them back.  And imagine that there a people there every day of the year doing the same thing, collecting shells.

We collected a large variety of shells including: Lightning Whelks, Lettered Olives, Conchs, True and Banded Tulips, Drills and more.  We have several ideas on what we plan on doing with them.  I would like to make another wreath and roof another bird house.

On our bike rides we saw a few critters.  We saw turtles, lizards, a snake, birds and we got to see an alligator when we drove through the wildlife reserve.

One morning on the beach I bet we came across over 100 jelly fish dead on the beach in the morning.  First of all they freak me out, don't really want to piss on myself.  But being that they were dead I guess they were no issue.  This is just another example of how different every day on the beach is.

While we were in Sanibel I celebrated my 51st Birthday on October 7th.  We spent the day searching for shells, riding our bikes and doing a little window shopping.   We enjoyed a nice dinner and then kicked back by the canal having a cocktail.  51, guess that means I am getting old.  Think I said that already.  hmm.

As soon as I returned I was back out again traveling to Austin for work. It was a needed trip as I hadn’t been down to office in a while. It was great to see everyone and actually got some work done, so I would say it was a good trip.  I have to say there is just so much to do, and my advice to you is focus on the things that make money, don't get caught up in bullshit.

I can't say that I got a lot done this weekend.  I spent time over at the shop but didn't really accomplish anything.  Spent most of my time just cleaning and putting tools away.  I did make a list of things that I need to do, and it is never ending.  Painted a green bowling ball chrome.  Why do you ask?  Well I am going to do another dime ball.   I have done two so far, one penny and one dime ball.   In the picture, the dime ball is on a stand that I got at the flea market for a dollar.   Painted it black and there you go.

I have found that it is best if you paint them chrome or bronze if you are going with pennies or dimes.  Guess it would depend on what your application is.

I am looking to expand my storage space and bring in a shipping container.  A friend was storing a couple of cars at my shop on the side and they are now gone.   Does this make me a hoarder?  Candy agreed that we need one as well so I am going to say no.  But you know I bet I have room for two, maybe I can get a deal.  Shit, I am a hoarder.

Over the last week Candy has been working hard to clean out our dining room.  She moved all of the soap supplies to the basement after cleaning out the basement.  Looks great.  Now that she had some room back I bought her an old wagon while I was at the auction on Saturday.  

Today we went out for lunch and the to Petco and Michael's.  Candy picked up up a small bail of hay and some pumpkins gourds to decorate it with.  Hard to believe that fall is here, but it is.  The leaves are starting to fall and the temperature has dropped.

I will say that this is the best sleeping weather.  We have doors out of our bedroom and out to the patio.  At night we leave them open and you curl up in the blankets and sleep great or at least I do.

I guess that is all for now.  We plan on starting out diets and walking daily again tomorrow.   Looking forward to it as I always feel good when I get to the office after walking a couple of miles.  Gives you some time to think about what it ahead of you.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Getting ready to watch the Bronco's play the Lions, in Detroit.  figured while I had a few minutes, I could catch up on the weekends events.

We boogied out of the house about 10:00 AM on Saturday and drove across town to the Flea Market.  Did a quick walk through and didn't see anything.  I don't no why I have so much fun looking at and for junk but I do.  Candy enjoys it, so it works out well for both of us.

We headed out and made the drive down to Pueblo for the Chili Festival.  We walked through and checked out all the vendors and there was a lot of them.  Candy had a pork chop on a stick and I had a cup of corn.  The place was packed and we arrived about 12:30 PM.  We found parking pretty easy, but the amount of people was surprising. We bought some Pueblo chili's that were already roasted and peeled.  I used to buy a bushel and then I would have to clean them.   Going this way is easier as I will probably only use the six small bags I got.  We got three mediums, two hots and one extra hot.  I am going to be making some awesome green chili this winter.

Friday night I did some looking on to see what I might find in Pueblo since I would already be in town.   Well I did find some old junk that I wanted to look at, so on our way down to Pueblo I called the # and left a message we would be in town and if I could look around.   We met up at his property at 3:00 PM.  Candy was a little freaked out because of the area as well as buying off Craigslist.   So we met the guy at his address.  It was a RV/Mobile home repair business. It was just outside the mobile home park, which he owned as well.

He was pretty cool and he opened up his shop to let us in the back.  When we got out back, it was about an acre, just loaded with old farm implements.   I will be going back to get some more items as there are lots of things I can do with what he has.

We walked around and looked at all the different old tillers, disc harrows, cutters, harvesters and more.   It was a blast.  We came across what I think is an old cement or some type of industrial dump cart.   I have searched the web high and low trying to find a picture of something similar but haven't yet.  It all seems to be original and it is in excellent shape.

We had always talked about trying to find a mining cart, but man they are like 3K.  Candy spotted it and when she pointed it out, I was like yes.   It was tucked away where it wouldn't be easy to get out.  It weighs a bunch and no way Candy and I would be able to get it out.   

The owner went got his truck and chains.  We had to drag a couple of large disc harrows out of the way.  Then we were able to just roll it out.  It is in working order and was pretty easy to move on the 36 inch wheels.  We loaded it up in the back of my truck.  Luckily the guy had some ramps so that made it easy to load.  

I also grabbed a couple of old steel wheels that are about 5ft in diameter.  I plan on going back soon and getting more.  I have several uses where I could use them.  There are some other cool items that I am interested in as well.

This picture shows one of the steel wheels I snagged.  I am also showing off, my sunflowers.   I made a second one today.  We placed them to the left and right of the big wheel on the backyard fence.   I think it looks pretty cool.

Who know's maybe I am getting a little bit crazier as I age.  But it is a lot of fun to take some of the old steel and re-purpose it into something else.   My welding skills are starting to improve and I still have all my fingers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Flea Market

For the last couple of weeks on Saturday, Candy and I have been going out to the Flea Market.  We have a pretty good time walking around and checking out the vendors.  It is like a big outdoor garage sale.   I have picked up some decent items for little money.

I picked up a Viking Sprinkler Alarm head for $5.00.  It will look pretty good hanging in the shop.

last week I found a barn hay trolley and got it for $25.00.  Not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am sure I will find a use.


So what is up.  I have been super slammed as of late.  Plus I have been trying to get my distance in.  I think I crossed the 100 mile today.  My truck went into the shop on Monday, so it made it an easy decision that I needed to walk.  It should be back on Thursday.

This last weekend Candy was out with friends to Denver for the day.  This gave me some extra time to mess around at the shop.   With my time, I created another piece of yard-art.  Another flower but this one is about six feet tall.  It is my Kansas Sunflower.  It should look pretty good through the winter.

For this piece I used:  18' diameter tiller wheel for the flower head, an 8 ft. Studded T Post for the stem and the base is a heavy duty brake rotor.  

The stem was a re-used from when I had posts and chicken wire around some new trees we had planted.  They have grown enough that earlier this summer I pulled the posts.  That was a job! I had twelve of them to pull.

The brake rotor was a freebie that picked from a car dealership in the scrap pile.  The tiller wheel came off of E bay.   I actually bought four of them so have some more flowers to make.

I cut off the bottom of post where I wanted it.  Then I cut a groove in the brake rotor so that it would accept the T post.  I took the wire wheel  to the tiller wheel.   Welded the tiller wheel to the post.  Then welded the post to the brake rotor.   Then I welded on bolts to the post so that it will hold three wine bottles.

Took some black and yellow spray paint to it.  Shazam, there you go!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Building out the Squadron

I have been expanding my WWII aircraft squadron.  So far I have built a Mustang P-40. Douglas SBD Dauntless and a  Mitsubishi Zero.  I am getting quicker at making these.  I sat down and knocked the Mitsubishi Zero our in about an hour.  Each time I cut one out, I learn a new trick to make the process quicker and easier.

From top to bottom we have the Douglas SBD Dauntless, Mitsubishi Zero and the Mustang P-40.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Framed Art

Back in May I created a decoupage project on canvas.  I used a picture from an old Star Wars poster book we had.   I painted the canvas a bronze color then added the picture and glued the gears and clocks on around it.   It has been sitting in the dining room since May, this weekend I picked up a frame for it.   I hung it in my office next to my Star Wars film canisters.

Now that it is framed and hanging, I like it even more.

3D Paper Airplanes

When I was in the sixth grade I had a teacher who turned me on to these 3D paper airplanes.   I can't remember the teachers name, now that I am writing about it.  It will come to me....

It only took me a few minutes to find what I was looking for on Google.  Being I was off yesterday and looking for something to do.  I printed a couple off and started cutting and gluing them together.   Building these two took me about three hours total.

If you would like try your had at one of these you can visit:

Once they were done I sprayed them with a clear satin urethane.  I figured this would help with adhesion as well as strengthening the whole structure.  I have about four more plans for different types of airplanes.   I think they will look pretty cool hanging in my office or shop.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

I cheated and got an early start to the Labor Day weekend.  I took PTO on Friday so we could go to the State Fair.   We left the house at 10 AM and stopped and met the boys at the office.   We had a quick breakfast together at the greasy spoon next door.

On the way down to Pueblo, we stopped in and visited the Corvette Center.   I have my car there having some more work done to it.  Will probably be another few weeks before it is ready.  So while there I asked if they had a scrap pile I could dig through.   They did and I scored on some pretty good scrap for my yard art.  Picked up a cam shaft, several brake disks and some other assorted parts.

The Fair was nice, we were there at 1 PM.  Found free parking close to the gate.  Did the tour, animals, 4H, arts, midway and several food vendors.  All in all I think we spent 4.5 hours there.  Had a good time.

Saturday we spent a good portion of the day at the Auction House and then the Flee Market.   I scored some pretty decent deals, of course more stuff to make yard out of.   Picked up an old jack, old detonation meters and the coolest item was my X Ray On warning light.   I think it came out of the airport because they were also auctioning off old school bag/suite case scanners.  Didn't need them, but the light was cool.  The light flashes red when it is plugged in, the light inside makes the red lettering glow.

I was going to build another flower for the yard with the jack I picked up.  Instead I decided to use up the denotation  boxes I snagged.  I bought 4 pieces, two denotation boxes, one amp gauge and another box like the denotation boxes, but labeled with heating.  They were a buck a piece.  So I decided I would make a box to hold them to go along with the X Ray On warning light.

I cut the wood, then holes to hold the control boxes.  Screwed it all together and hit it with some yellow paint.   I used scrap wood that I had saved and yellow paint that I already had on hand.

Added the control boxes and the amp meter once it was dry.  I think it looks pretty cool.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

What's next

I have two projects in mind.  I need to get going on another penny, nickle or dime bowling ball project started.  I have three of them at the shop, waiting for me to do something with them.  

This trunk was fun and being that I had to tape it all off, to paint in the green stripes, it really got me jazzed about doing a couple of Barn Quilts.  Who knew there was such a thing.  Candy had introduced me to them a couple of weeks ago.

I am thinking about doing four of them all at once.  Each one will be 4ft x 4ft, all will have the same design and colors.  I have a couple of ideas where I can hang them when done.  Either on the fence or one on each of the sheds and two as gifts.   Seems like it would be fun and if I have buy paint, might as well use it up.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something Old, Something New

Well it's finished.  This was a fun, but long project.  The hardest part was the removal and clean up of all the hardware that I stripped off the old trunk.  There was over 160 rivets that I had to grind off to remove all the hardware.  Once it was all off, I took the wire wheel and knocked off most of the rust and dirt.  Then bead blasted each piece, primed and painted.

The box is made of premium pine panels.  I got them at HD and then cut everything to size and glued and clamped it together.  Instead of using screws to hold it all together, I drilled holes and used wooden dowels.  I would insert the glue in the hole and then nail in the dowel.   Sanded and then sanded some more.  Cleaned it all up and then applied two coats of golden oak stain to the top and bottom.  Once the stain dried, I taped it all off and painted in the green.  Why green? It's what I had from the wheel barrow project.  I also painted the inside of the box green.  Once the paint dried, I then applied two coats of urethane.

With the lock being brass I decided to use these gold looking decorative wood screws.  I have to say, overall I got pretty lucky as the colors work really well together.

For now I have it sitting in the living room.  I plan to give it my Mom if she want's it next time we go back or they come visit.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trunk Update

I didn't get a chance to work on the trunk this evening, but I did run over and take a couple of pics.  Also gave me a chance to see how the urethane looked now that it had dried on the lid.  I still need to urethane the base.

I sat it together with the lid on and then place a couple pieces of the hardware on to see how it was going to look.   If I don't screw anything up, I think this will look pretty decent when completed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Party's Over

Oh man, the party is over, tell us about it Willie....

I go back to work tomorrow after being off for two weeks.  I have to say that these last two weeks have been the greatest.   We had so much fun in Olympic National Park and then to be home and have some time to do some projects.   I did pretty well these last three days.  I really started pounding out my version of a steamer trunk.   

I managed to get all the metal pieces sanded, primed and painted.  This was the bulk of the work for this project.  There are 32 pieces of steel parts that I saved from the original as well as two pieces of brass for the lock.   The patent date on the lock is 1880, pretty cool.

I have built a new trunk, using nothing but glue and wood dowels as nails.  How I made the lid is interesting.  I built the whole box, with the top and bottom already on.   Then I elevated my blade on the table saw, and just cut the top off the box, working all the way around it.   Now I can ensure a great fit when going to put it all together.

I stained the box and the lid, three coats on each.  Then I taped off where I wanted my braces to be and painted them green.   It looks pretty awesome with golden oak stain and green colored braces.  It was dry enough that I could put a coat of urethane on the lid.  Wow this really made it pop!  Just the look I was going for.

It’s hard to explain what it looks like and I didn’t get a picture.  But here is a picture of what I started
with.  The new trunk looks nothing like this, but utilizes all the original hardware that you see on the donor trunk.

Our dog Pebbles, what a nut she is.   I was sitting on the back patio watching the news and she is lying on the recliner.   She has her nose in the air and she is working her head back and forth.   I am pretty sure she was checking to see if there were in new smells in the vicinity.   It was fun to sit there and watch her., silly dog.

As I was looking for a fun video to share, I also came across Willie singing America the Beautiful. What I liked was the scenery and to see that there are still so many places in my backyard that I need to go see and hike.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

Spruce Railroad Trail

For our last day we headed out again early, this time our missions was the Spruce RR Trail.  The sign
at the park on the way in, said it was closed, but we continued any way just to see what was up.  A good portion of the trail was still open, so we headed out to do it.

It was a great hike and all the way along we followed Crescent Lake as we worked our way around.  We were to slow with the camera, but as we were walking along an Eagle came swooping down and grabbed a fish out of the lake and then flew off with it.   It was pretty cool to see.

We hiked for about 3.5/miles.  We came across an old tunnel from in the day, when the railroad was operating and hauling logs out of the forest.  Shortly afterwards we found a nice spot over looking the lake and stopped and had our lunch.  We finished up and then started making our way back.

When we got back to the trail head we headed down to the lake as the there was an open dock, with no one around.   We took off our shoes and socks and soaked our feet in the cool lake water.  We laid around for a while and soaked in some rays before heading back.

We were back at the house around 3:30PM and we started getting ready to cook dinner.  Being our last night we were going to grill steaks and asparagus.   We had a few beers and kicked back by the river and then started cooking. 

We had a great time, I was ready to hang out for a few more days.   Oh well.  We packed up so we would be ready to boogie out in the morning to get back to Seattle and catch our flight home.

More Hiking

We slept in a little today, I think we left the house at 8:30AM and headed down to the Hungry Bear restaurant for breakfast.  I say run down, but it was about a 15 mile drive.  Breakfast was great and one of the few times we actually ate out.  Every day we have been taking our lunch and when we find a nice place on our hike, we stop and eat.

After breakfast we drove about 20 minutes to the Marymere Falls trail head.   We parked at Bovee’s meadow.  We made the hike up to the falls and glad that we did.  It was a great trail and we only came across a few
people.  On our way back we actually did several other small trails in the area.  

We got 5 miles in pretty easy that morning.   When we got back to the meadow, we grabbed the cooler and found a picnic table and setup camp.   We ate our sandwiches and I tried my hand at some fishing, while Candy worked on her embroidery.

After we finished up around 3PM, we drove about 20 minutes to the Sol Duc Hot Springs.  We had brought our bathing gear with the plan of going.  It was pretty nice and not overly packed.  They had three pools.  One was 78, one was 105 and the other was supposed to be 115, but it didn’t feel that hot.