Friday, November 11, 2016

Get in the Groove

For this old man I have had a pretty decent week.   I am talking about getting my ass out and walking daily.  I started on Sunday, daylight savings day.  Got up early  and got a couple of miles in. 

Then I walked to work and back everyday this week, except for Thursday when I did the treadmill.  Got up and 5:00 AM and have gotten up just as early every day this week.   I have manged to get 29.2 Miles in this week.   I have to say it feels pretty good to be back in the groove.

All the miles I am tracking are from my Garmin that I use.  It goes on my wrist like a watch.  I am able to track my routes, distance, elevation and more.   I only use it when I head out for my hikes, so I don't track every step when using the ftibit.  I can load my routes into google earth and see where I have been.

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