Saturday, October 15, 2016

In the woods

Oh man the last few days have been a blast for me.   I actually did take some time off and went camping.   I left the house on Thursday around noon and headed up to Leadville.   I found a camping spot, which wasn't hard as there was no one around.   The camping area said it was closed.   What that means is that none of the utilities were working and that the trash dumpsters were locked up.  So you have to carry out what you carry in.

I found a great place along the creek and just down the road from the lake.    Pebbles and I got out and started unloading the truck.   We set up the tent first and then blew up the air mattress and got the sleeping bags out.

Once the tent and sleeping area was all setup I moved to getting out my chair and fishing equipment.    Pebbles and I walked the stream and I fished along the way.   Didn't catch anything but we had fun.

After all this work it was time for a beer.   I sat my chair up in the sun and kicked back and just listened the birds.   A little later I dug out some fire wood and got a fire going.   As the sun was going down it was starting to get cold quick.

Once we had the fire going I started wrapping some potato's in tin foil.  Once I had some coals from the fire I dropped the potato's into the coals to cook.   I dug out my skillet and cooked up a couple of pork chops to go along.

After dinner I cleaned up and finished off my third beer.   It was cold so moved into the tent.  Pebbles was snuggled up with me and I watched a movie on my iPad.   Fell asleep shortly after starting the moving.

The weather was great.  It was in the mid 50's both days.   The morning was a different story.   When I got up on Friday and checked the temperature it was 32.

The following are some more pictures that I took.

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