Monday, November 21, 2016

Turn on the lights

One thing I had forgotten to mention was that I hung the outdoor Christmas lights yesterday.  It was so nice yesterday and just took me about an hour.   Didn't go with a big display just lights and garland wrapped around the hand rails coming up to the house.  One more item checked off the list.

I have a lot of traveling coming up in the near future.   Need to get some things done while I am home.  Not only with my to do list, Eric is graduating from college and we have a ceremony on the 16th followed by a little party.  He is then moving to Orlando to start an internship with a new company.  Very proud of him!

I got out this morning and got 3.5/Miles walking to work.  I had plans to leave work at 4:00 PM, but it was 6:00 PM when Candy picked me up.

Well at least I got a few miles in.  This puts me up to 69.15 Miles.  Getting closer to 100.

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