Monday, September 29, 2014

You Bastard

So the title is a little misleading.   NO, it is not from me flipping someone off, who didn't use their turn signal.  NO, it wasn't from a close call of almost being run over.   The title stems from my pet rat Pinky and the look that he gave me the other day.   Oh yes, I can laugh about it now, but on Saturday, I thought I had done it.

So Pinky is old and he has come into my possession as love has gone wrong.  Somehow I ended up with my son’s ex-girlfriend’s rat.  Go figure!   I have come to love Pinky and we have accepted him as one of our own.   

I try to take him outside as much as I can as he seems to love it.   Most rat’s only live to be around 2 years of age.  My buddy Pinky is pushing it, so if taking him outside makes him happy then I will continue to do so.

I took him out on Saturday and let him run lose in the back yard.  This is nothing new, he is old and won’t go very far (that’s what they will be saying about us someday.).

I worked inside at the kitchen table and would glance from time to time to see if he was still in view.  I guess 50 minutes had passed, so I figured I should go out and check on him, as I couldn't see him and I worry about a hawk swooping in and carrying him off (It could happen.).

I stepped outside and didn't see him, so I called for him, Pinky, Pinky, where are you?  Oddly enough this rat actually comes when you call him.

I then heard a sound coming from under the house/patio.   I looked and my buddy was pushing with his nose, a box of d-con out from under the house.   The first words to come to my lips where “oh fuck”.  We had a mice issue earlier in the year, most likely from the feeding of the squirrels and birds.  I had forgotten that I had put d-con under the house.

When he pushed that box out, he had a look on his whiskered little face that would have brought most men to tears.   It was the look of “How Could You, You Rotten Bastard”.  I stood there in panic seeing the bright yellow box with a mouse upside down and dead, slowing making its appearance.   Pinky stood atop of the box with his red beady eyes burning a hole through me with his glare.   I rushed over and picked him up, thinking to myself, that I had just killed my sons, ex-girlfriends rat and my new best buddy.

I felt so bad, not knowing if he had eaten any or not and if this was his final hours.   I took him inside and gave him a bath in the sink.  Dried him off and brushed his rat fur.  I didn't tell anyone what I had done, I felt so bad.  I put Pinky back down in his cage and have been watching him for the last couple of days.   

Pinky is still with us, so not sure if he didn't eat any and just wanted to call me out, or maybe it was so old, it just didn't have required dosage needed.  

Long story short, Pinky is doing fine and seems to be OK.   He doesn't seem to be as pissed off as he was and I think we have finally moved past this chapter in our relationship.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Just Sharing

Let's Clean House

I guess today was a day for cleaning up around the house.   We have a big stack of stuff that we were going to put in a garage sale, but instead decided to just donate it to the ARC and take the tax wright off.  So tomorrow they are going to come and pick it up and haul it off.  I had to move it all out to the driveway and  have it covered with a tarp so it should be fine over the night. I spent most of the day cleaning around the house.  I started with the garage and swept it out and then mopped up the sticky spots.  I think I filled one of the trash cans with crap that needed to be thrown out.  On top of that I think I swept up a couple pounds of dirt.

I then turned my attention to the back patio.  I pulled all the chairs, tables, etc. out into the yard and swept up the leaves and acorns.  Once I had all the big stuff off, I used the leaf blower and blew off all the little stuff.   Then I grabbed the hose and washed of the patio and then replaced all the furniture I had moved.   Looks damn good, to bad it will only last a day or two.

Took the RAV4 over to the shop and parked it.  With all the crap we had stored in the garage we haven't been able to park it inside.  So I parked it over at the shop.  We have been using the RAV when we have to go to Denver.  The boys use it more than me, but better to put the miles on the RAV instead of our daily drivers.  It just turned 100K and still runs great and looks great.  We have taken really good care of it and I bet we can get another 100K out of it.

Yesterday  we mad a trip up to Cripple Creek.  A excluded a few photos as  thought they would be best on their own.  We still have active gold mines in the area and we passed one on the way up.   Things have definitely changed over the years on how they go about getting the gold out.

After I finished all my work around the house I finished off my center pieces for the upcoming party. They look pretty awesome!  I just need to spray them with a matte finish and they should be ready to go.   I think they look pretty cool and I hope that everyone who attends will find them just as cool as well.

I think the KISS one came out the best.  You can't see it in the picture but the band members wrap around the holder.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Day Out

Today we drove Stagecoach Rd. to Gold Camp Rd. up to Cripple Creek.  It was the perfect day to get out and see brilliant gold Aspen trees as they turn.
Both of these roads are dirt with wash boards in areas.   Couple of sections will really rattle your teeth. Gold Camp has narrow sections and narrow blind curves making passing oncoming traffic challenging.  Considerable traffic kicking up dust, as soon as we got home I rinsed off the truck as it was covered.

Along the way we stopped at Saint Peters Dome trail.  It’s an out and back trail with a distance of 1.6 miles, a 620 feet elevation gain and is rated easy.   You get an awesome view of downtown Colorado Springs and beyond in addition to the surrounding peaks.

Further on down we stopped off along a small stream to take some pictures.  We stacked a few rocks and enjoyed the sound of the rushing water.  We came across several nice campsites and boy I really got the bug.   I just don’t know that it will happen anytime soon.   I have a lot going on with work and some travel coming up in the next week.

We found our way into Cripple Creek and parked.  Walked the street past several of the casinos and found a burger shop.   We were both hungry as it was now a little after 4PM.  With our stops it took us about 5 hours to get there.   We did stop into one casino and we put a $20.00 into a slot machine.  Cashed it out five minutes later for $25.60. 

The Aspen trees were in full color, from brilliant gold and fiery orange and reds.  This was the perfect time to be out if you wanted to see this spectacular display of color before the leaves fall.

I have been working hard to get my miles in.  Doing pretty good this month, as of today I am up to 73 miles and still have a couple days left.  I have a bunch of vacation time that I need to take or I am going to lose it.   So yesterday I took advantage of that and scheduled a day off.   I would say more of a morning off.  

We headed out of the house just a little after 7AM and headed to the trail head.  We did a 5 mile hike up over the mountain and back.  The first part of this hike is a 960 ft incline in the first 1 mile, it’s a real breath taker.  Once you get to the top, you follow the ridge so you have some decent views of the city.   Mable went with us and she walked the entire way.   For most of the hike she was off leash, there was about a mile of road that she needed it.  This was great hike and a decent work out me. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Humming Birds

I was out in the morning and I saw two humming birds on the feeders.   So they havn't left yet but I am guessing it will be only a few more days before they leave to a warmer climate.

Need to step it up!

Today I crossed the 60/mile mark for my walking this month.   Going to have to step it up as I would like to hit 100 or more.   Trying to watch what I eat, but it's hard as I shovel it in so fast. hahaha

Here is my graph for the month, wish me luck.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Living the Rock Star Life

I have always been such a big fan of music.  If you pull up beside me at a stop light, the windows are down and the music is loud and I am usually rocking out.  If I am at home cleaning or working in the shop the music is loud and I am rocking.  Music is great for your soul and personally I think it keeps you young.

So since I have been in the consulting/IT business for the last 20+ years, I have traveled just about everywhere in the US.  I have had my music with me every trip I have made.  So in a way, I look at myself as a rock star out on the road touring every time I go out.  It has been a tough life, but I wouldn't trade it.   I often get asked about being gone all the time from family and friends and yes it is tough, but it is the job.

This last week was no different.   I left on Monday, spent three days in Austin TX, and then traveled up the Chicago for two days.   Didn't get home until Saturday mid-morning and yes I was glad to be back home.  I think I am home for a couple weeks and the off again to Boston.  As I was coming home on Saturday, they were having a big to do in the park.   I told Candy about when I got home and she asked mother google, and it was Pawtoberfest.   We put the leash on Mable and headed down to the park.   Checked out the vendors and had a little lunch while Mable sniffed ass and pissed on just about everything she could find.  I was a little envious.

When we got back I started working on a little project for my upcoming birthday party.  Even though I have sent request out to all my favorite bands to come, I haven’t received any replies.   I am sure that they are just busy and that’s why they haven’t gotten back to me.   So I was talking with Candy and she suggested that I make some center pieces for the tables.   After thinking about it we came up with a cool idea.   Back in the late 80’s early 90’s I was playing guitar and I had a subscription to Guitar Magazine.   Being the hoarder that I am I never threw them out, and have used them over the years for various projects.

We ran over to the dollar store (one of my favorite places) and picked up some glass candle holders.  We brought them home and I started going through my old mags to see what artist I wanted to use.   I cut out enough to make eight of them, but may need a few more.  The first thing I did was to cut out the music tablature for each artist and then there picture.  With my handy decoupage I began gluing them all together.    I have to say the first three have come out pretty fucking awesome.

In the picture above we have the following:  The music for Sweet Child O Mind from Guns & Roses and a picture of Slash.  Stevie Ray Vaughn with the music to Mary Had a Little Lamb and Van Halen’s You Really Got Me Now, with a picture of Eddy Van Halen.   I think these are going to looks AWESOME!  I have several more to do which include, Skid Row, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Hendrix and a few more if needed.  I don't think you will find anything like this out there. First off the magazines are 20+ years old and to tie the music the artist is pretty cool in my opinion. In twenty more years this will be some pretty awesome folk art.

When I finished up I headed over the shop and started the old Model A's.  I am trying to keep the batteries charged so I don't have to charge them up every time.  I called my buddy and he had a small project he was working on and needed some help, so I ran over to his house for about an hour.

This morning I had planned on going hiking but I was wasted from the previous week and slept in.   We got up and left the house about 10:30 and drove down to Pueblo for the chili festival.  Not the chili with beans, but green chili's.  The first thing we did was to purchase two bushels of peppers.  We got one bushel of Pueblo Hots and one of Anaheim Mild's.    We had to wait in line for about an hour to get both and once we got them we took them back to the truck so we didn't have to carry them around.

We went back and checked out all the vendors and they had a lot of them.   Had a great time and ate lots of food with green chili's in them.    When we got home we cleaned and bagged the two bushels we had bought and I am looking forward to cooking up some green chili through the winter.   Good shit, especially the way that I make it.  The festival must have been a huge success as there were several hundred/thousand people there today.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 14th

OK, so with the title being today's date you might be asking why?  I did't see any Humming Birds today on the feeders.   I will check again in the morning before I leave, but usually we see them both morning and evening.  I didn't see any today. (Sad Face).  So I wanted to get this down, so I can track when they leave again next year and have a reference.  Nerd!

I crossed the 50/mile mark today for my walking for the month.   Pretty excited about that, but still fat.  We walked up to the top of GCR and then caught the trail back down.   Mable went with us and did well, although she was looking for shade on the way home.   I am starting to wonder about her, she lost her footing at least twice that saw,    I noticed it again at home to.  As I write this she is standing next to me with her squeaky.  I have thrown it about 5 times and she keeps bringing it back.

It will be tough for me to get some good mileage in on foot this coming week as I am traveling and will be in Austin Texas and Chicago Illonios.  I will have to adjust my schedule some to make it happen.   Need to check the weather so I know what to pack.

I have a few projects on my list.  The first being a quilt ladder.   Candy is hooked on Pinterest, and  has been coming up with all kinds of recipes, crochet patterns, design ideas and so much more.  I am planning to build some quilt ladders, so if you want one let me know.  We are going to put one on the living room in the corner behind the recliner.   Should look pretty good as Candy has a couple of quilts that her Mom made.

She also want's me to make her a heart shaped mirror out of the old fence wood we have collected.   I couldn't find any examples so I might be onto something.

OK, need to go finish packing up for my trip.  Have an awesome week!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Model A Day

I spent most of the day over at the shop goofing off.  I figured it was time to clean up the Model A.  It took me about 30 minutes to get it started, the battery was dead.   Once I got a little charge, she started right up.  

Let it warm up and then took it for a drive around the block.   Pulled back into the shop and did a quick walk around to see if there were any issues and or leaks.   All looked good so I drove around the block again and stopped in front of the house.   Left it running while I hooked up the hose and then sprayed off all the dust.  It had been a while since I cleaned it up and with all the work I have been doing in the shop, if have kicked up a considerable amount of dust.

I drove it back into the shop and proceeded to dry it off,  Once dry, I used a spray wax that I have and waxed it up.   It must have taken me a good hour to get it all done.  I was pretty happy with the result.  I let it run for a while to get a charge on the battery.

Once the red one was done, I turned my attention to the other Model A.  Same story with the battery, dead and had to put it on the charger.  I decided I would go ahead and shuffle up the parking now that I had some room with the Ranchero being gone.  Once it warmed up, I took it for quick spin around the block.   No issues to report, which was nice.  Got them both parked where I wanted them and shut them down.

My paint and body guy came by and picked up the floor pans I had ordered the the Ranchero.  He is going to cut out the old ones, that had some rust in them and replace them with these new ones.   If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right.

Eric came over for dinner this evening after working on the incline.  They were looking for volunteers to help cut in some new trails.  Candy dropped him off at 7:30 this morning and he had to hike up three miles and then work for 8 hours.   I forgot to ask him what he did for lunch, if he had to take it or they provided it.   He seemed to learn a lot about how to put in new trails and how the helicopters deliver the supplies on platforms that they build as they work there way up the mountain.  Kinda wish I had gone and helped.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Night

I can't believe it, but I have a fire going in the fire place this evening.   It was snowing when I left the house this morning to walk to work.   It was cold all day and overcast, supposed to be in the low 30's tonight.   Once again another Colorado weather story.  We seem to have a lot of them.  Candy took a picture this morning of her Tiger Lillie's with snow on them.

I have been walking just about every day.   I have a couple of goose eggs but as of today I am up to 46/miles.  That doesn't seem to bad to me.    It's going to get tough as I will be traveling next week and then again during the first part of October.    It was nice this morning to walk in the falling snow on my way to work.   It was peaceful and very pretty, even though I am not ready for winter.   We didn't event really have a summer.  I guess we are in a El Nino year so we are expecting above average snowfall this winter.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

30 Miles

I crossed the 30/mile mark for the week this morning.   We did 3.6/miles up and around through BCP.  It was a nice morning but the temperature was going up fast.   Its just a little after 2:30 in the afternoon and now it looks like it might rain again.  Actually just heard some thunder in the distance.

Yesterday I washed up the outside of the truck and today I took it over to the shop and detailed the inside and the outside.   Figured I would just leave it parked at the shop, since I am going to try to walk everyday this coming week.  It looks pretty good!

I have been keeping a spreadsheet with my miles starting this month.   I included the Graph below for the first seven days.  I hope to be able to pound out just as many this coming week, because after that I will be traveling again for the next several weeks.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Feeling pretty good about my miles this week, I am u to 26 in the last six days.  Just need to stay focused and keep it up.   I am calling today's  route, the  crazed deer trail.

I spent the rest of the day washing the truck and working on cleaning the fountain out back.   Then I cooked up dinner.  We had bacon wrapped shrimp and a cheese plate,   It was yummy.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thank You

Big hugs and kisses out to Candy.  She cooked up an awesome dinner this evening.   On Thursday's we normally go out to dinner with Marv and Belle, but we thought this week we would have them over as a thank you for using his truck and trailer to haul the Ranchero to the body shop.  Candy, baked up chicken thighs, mashed potato (every time I spell potato, I always look it up.  Don't want to be a Dan Quayle.) Corn and even made a cake.  It was AWESOME!

Just to give you an idea of what robots our politicians are, I did actually look up the Dan Quayle snafu to see what happened and this is what I found:  "Quayle was at the Munoz Rivera Elementary School spelling bee in Trenton, N.J., when he relied on a notecard provided by the school on the spelling of the word potato, a word used in the contest. The notecard incorrectly added an “e” to the end of the word, and Quayle advised the student to spell it that way." Source:

Keep in mind I did find this information on the internet so it has to be true!  Imagine that not using your own brain and to know that the letter "E" killed your political career.

Dan my friend, this video is for you:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where to begin

As the title states "Where to begin"  I have so many things rushing through my head, from work to my dinner this evening and the shit that is going down with ISIS, our president.  The list goes one.

First and foremost I would like to encourage you to sign up for the #‎Journey2aMillion‬ to help fight childhood cancer.   Please see the information below that I borrowed from a co-worker whose son battled cancer.

"Join ‪#‎Journey2aMillion‬ all September for a virtual walk/run/ride for National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month with Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. No cost to join a team, you just log the miles you already walk, jog, run or ride. If you use any of these apps/devices: MapMyFitness/MapMyRun/MapMyRide/MapMyWalk/MapMyHike/MyFitnessPal/PowerTap/Garmin/Fitbit/Jawbone/Nike+/Polar/Timex/Magellan/Fitbug/Suunto/Withings you can create a free MapMyFitness account & import/link from the one you already use. Please share/recruit others and join our team here: Please share and thanks to those already on the team!"

Seems to me it would be a hell of a lot better for you to get out and walk/run/ride and get a little exercise instead of dumping a bucket of water over your head.  Not only that but if I read the FAQ correctly, about 86% of the funds received go the help fight childhood cancer.

I am up to 14/miles for the month.   This challenge is just what I needed to get me walking and logging some miles.

I think I will stop here as I don't wan't to throw in a bunch of negativity combined with something that is so positive.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

Wow the weekend is over, hope you had fun however you spent your Labor Day!   We spent most of our time working around and on the house.   We talked about going to the State Fair or to the Drive-In but we never made it.

I did get a couple of nice 5/mile hikes in.  Felt good to be out early in the morning.  I was lucky enough to see the Balloon launch on Saturday morning.   I counted around 32 of them, but could be wrong.  Of course I didn't have anything with me to take a picture.  Left the house early this morning,hoping I could see the Balloons again.  No such luck! and yes this time I was prepared.  I guess it was to windy this morning for them to take off.

What Color?

Originally I was planning on painting the Ranchero blue and white as I wasn't going to paint the dash, but have now decided to do so.  So I can really paint the car any color I want. I have so many options to choose from.  Below are some pictures of paint combinations that I like.

Whats your favorite?