Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Fun

We have been getting snow the last couple of days and I headed out today to do some snow shoeing. Never got the shoes on but had a great time. Started out on trail 666 and at the Ring the Peak marker I kept to the right instead of continuing on trail. Wasn’t much of a trail but I followed it up for two miles until I hit a dead end, or at least a dead end for me. Round trip I ended up doing six miles.

For Christmas I had gotten some new STABILicers and tried them out today. What I expected to happen did. I lost one and had to keep screwing with the other one and finally just ended up carrying it. I always come across these and other brands in the winter on the trails. For this terrain STABILicers makes a strap-on version that over the last two years has worked great for me.

STABILicers Lite Shoe Traction – Thumbs Down

STABILicers Classic Shoe Traction – Thumbs Up

This picture is looking back on the trail.

This picture is looking forward on the trail.