Sunday, February 23, 2014

Love the weekends

We got out and did some hiking this weekend.  did just a little over 3/miles.   I have a lot of work to do, so I am going to add the pictures with brief descriptions.

Bear Creek
As we were hiking along the creek we came across several deer.   By the time we go the camera out, only one remained.

We had taken Mable with us for the hike.  I think she had a pretty good time.

I picked up some new wall art this weekend.   I plan on hanging this up in my shop on the wall.  Should look pretty good.   These are chrome parts off of a 58/50 Chevy Apache pickup.  With a little polishing and some touch up paint they should look pretty good.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nice Day

Now today was a Colorado day!  The temperature got up to 64 degree's and we had no wind this morning.  Candy and I left the house and headed up to hike Intermittent Falls off of Section 16. I think we did 3 miles round trip.   The trail was muddy and we passed several other hikers and bikers.   The bicyclist were having a tough time.  We came across several icy spots in the shaded area's and had to take it slow.  Afterwards we went and got a coffee and then headed home.

I headed over to the Shop just before 11 AM.    Once again I was there all day, but I did get a lot done.  Rewired and labeled all the wire for the rear-end.  Then I pulled off the bed trim, emblems, rear bumpers and side mirrors.   I have been very careful to label and bag everything, so I can put it all back together.    I need to make a couple of calls tomorrow.   I found a website that has a database of parts in salvage yards across the country.   I submitted my need and had two get back with me.  One is out of PA and the other is out of MN.

We are supposed to be off tomorrow for Presidents Day, but I have a long list of things that I need to get done.   I am hoping to get out in the morning and a hike and then we will see what comes next.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Can you say windy?

Man oh man, the wind was ripping through Colorado Springs today.  We had gusts today up in the 70/mile an hour range, and windy all day.   The temperature got up to 62 degrees, it would have been a great day if we didn't have the wind.   Supposed to be nice tomorrow and not as windy.

I spent most of the day, well all day actually working on the Ranchero.   I got to the shop at 10 AM and I didn't leave until 6 PM this evening.   Most of the electrical bugs have been temporarily resolved.  I got the tail lights, brake lights, turn signals all working, that took me most of the day.   None of the wires were marked and the way they were hooked up before, all I had was tail lights.   I need to get some wire and connectors.   Now that I know how it all goes together I am going to rewire what I need to and use colored connectors so that when I get it back from paint it will be plug and play.

The horns were disconnected and I tracked down the wire I needed to hook them back up.   I got them both working but shortly after I lost all power.  I think I might have a bad horn relay switch.   I am going to pull it and see if I can find a replacement.   The wipers were giving me some trouble but they seem to be working now.    I think some of my issues today came from the disconnected horn wire, it was shorting out.

Candy and Mable showed up around 4 PM to check on me and she brought me a coffee.   She hung out for a few minutes and then it was back to work.

At work we are in the process of creating four video's, one for each of our business units.  Here is our first one for our Database Managed Services group.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Boba Fett

Boba Fett
I took this quiz and it say's I am like Boba Fett. 
Because of your dark past
you don't say much, and you don't
have many close friends,
but man do you look cool!


Mace Windu


Qui-Gon Jinn


Lando Calrissian




Han Solo






Princess Leia


Obi-Wan Kenobi


(This list displays the top 10 results out of a possible 21 characters)

Click here to take the Star Wars Personality Quiz

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Machete Don't Text!

So much shit running through my head this evening, I have a lot going on right now with work.   I started
writing this blog 45 minutes ago and only got the first sentence done.  Side tracked with work items.   I had a couple of things I wanted to write about this evening and  it is almost too late.  So let me provide the cliff notes.

I am a big fan of Danny Trejo (pictured on the right). You can check out his story and background but here is a man that went from bad to being lucky and then making it work for him.  He has appeared in numerous movies and usually plays a bad guy (based on his looks), but also in movies like the Spy Kids series. If you like Robert Rodriguez movies, then chances are you have seen Danny as he plays a part in numerous Rodriguez films.

I really like the Machete series of movies along with Grind House and Planet Terror.  They are all filmed like they were made in the 1970’s and the action and gore is so over the top that it is comical.   Check out a couple of the trailers and you will see what I mean.


Machete Kills

Machete Kills Again in Space

OMG, funny shit! Not only are these so over the top, it is great that they get so many famous actors to play roles in each of the movies.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wiener again for dinner


Yes chances are I am going to burn in hell, but I couldn't resist.

Laughing my ass off.

I walked to work and back today.   It was snowing when I left the house, but not really much to speak of.  On my way home this evening it was a full on blizzard.   Left the office just a little after 5 pm and headed out.  I had everything with me that I needed so I wasn't concerned about the cold.   I had been walking for about half mile when I got to the intersection of 8th street and W. Lower Gold Camp Road.  I spent about 30 minutes standing on the corner laughing my ass off.   W. Lower Gold Camp is a pretty decent hill that has a stop light at the bottom.

We had received about 4 inches of snow in an hour and the roads were slick.   Any car coming down the hill
was sliding as it was mostly solid ice.   Several of them ended up doing 360's and you could see the terror in there eyes.   I tried to get some video but my damn phone wouldn't cooperate.  I would guess 20 cars came down the hill and the results were the same for each of them.

I finally made it home at just a little after 7 pm.  Took me a little longer than usual but I was walking through a good six inches of snow.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st 2014

Mable our little Boston Terrier just burnt her tongue on a jalapeno.  I told her not to do it but she just wouldn't listen, dumb dog.  Our other dog Roxy went and fell down the stairs this evening.  She is not doing to good.  She has had a slight stroke and the left side of her face is froze.   Her hips are about shot and she can't navigate stairs very well.   Not sure how much time she has left.

I finished up January with 54.68/Miles in the log book.  Not great, I should have had double that number.  I
did however get out and did a nice 4.4/Miles in the snow today.  I still need a new camera but I manged to get a few pictures.   The big news is that I cam across Mountain Lion tracks.  I was hiking around Gold Camp Road and was working my way back when I came across the tracks on the trail.   The only tracks were the ones of the Mountain Lion.   I asked mother Google to show me some Mountain Lion track pictures and mine match.   So I am pretty sure it was a big cat.  I followed the track up the trail and after about 1/2 mile they took off up the side of the hill.  I kept on the trail and about a hundred yards later I came across them again.  I am glad that we didn't cross each other, as I didn't have anything with me.  Usually I carry a knife on my back back, but didn't wear it today.

I headed over to the shop this afternoon to work on the Ranchero.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got there, but I have a long list so I knew I would get something done.   I focused my attention on the bed again. I decided to go ahead and unbolt the bed panel.  I pulled it out and then cleaned out all the dust, mud, leaves that have accumulated since 1957.  Out of the 18 bolts I had to remove, I only snapped off three of them.   I drilled them out and once I get everything cleaned up and sanded I will put the panel back in.