Friday, October 28, 2011


So about a month ago I encountered an issue where iTunes could no longer connect to the iTunes Store.    Then I found that I could no longer sync my iPad or iPhone with iTunes. 

My initial searching for a fix said to uninstall and reinstall iTunes and all related components.  I went through this process with no fix.

Apple released the most recent update for iTunes, iPhone and iPad so I thought upgrading might fix the problem.  So I update iTunes and still had the same issues and now I found a process called AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe *32 was consuming 50% CPU.

I mentioned this to one of my coworkers and found that he was also having a similar issue.   He sent me some links for a fix that worked for him and I just finished going through this process and it has also worked for me.  These instructions are for Windows 7.

The first thing you will want to do is create a restore point in the event that you need to recover.  You can find instructions for how to do this in Windows 7 by following this link:

Then try:
Start-> Programs -> Accessories -> (Right Click On Command Prompt) ->Run as Administrator

then type in:

netsh winsock reset

hit enter, restart PC, open iTunes. Hopefully fixed.

This worked for me and I can now access the iTunes store as well as syncing my other apple devices.

Thanks Tony!  Appreciate the help with getting this fixed.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

On the road this week.

this week I am headed to Las Vegas and then off to San Diego for a couple of days. I just finished getting through security which is always great fun. Boy it's not like the old days of air travel. Hell you used to be able to smoke, drink and actually get a meal on a plane and in most cases it was all free. Enough about all that, let's just admit that today traveling by air just sucks.

Sunday through Tuesday I will be at the IBM Information On Demand conference and then Wednesday through Friday the Alfresco DevCon in San Diego. Looking forward to DevCon as this is a new partnership for the company and we see opportunity to grow in this space.

So this morning we go to get into the truck to leave and I notice that the left rear tire is low. I pulled out the air hose and got it aired up but I could hear a slow leak. Jumped into Candy's car and drove out. So guessing I will get to deal with a flat tire when I return. oh joy!

Happy Hiking!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

That's One Down

Today I finished the family room in the basement. I spent most of this week cutting and getting the trim glued and nailed up. The most time consuming area was the trim on the fireplace wall. Lot’s of angle cuts to line up. Furniture is moved back, and out of the garage. Going to take a two break and then we will tackle Clark’s room.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Getting Closer

Saturday night I started putting the trim along the concrete wall. I had to glue this portion of the basement as I can’t drive nails into the concrete. This morning I finished my cutting and put the trim up on the remaining walls. Headed over to the shop and put another coat of stain on my additional trim. If everything goes according to plan I should have this wrapped up by next weekend.

Now it’s off to catching up from being off last weak. I need to get through my email and update my task list. We are really busy right now and we are all thankful for that!

Auction Day

I could hear it raining around 5AM, but when I got up at 7am it was snowing. Seems early in the year for snow. Wonder if this means we are going to have a hard winter. Guess we will find out.

We got to the auction house around 10:15AM and the parking lot was full so we parked down the street. It was rain/snowing as we made our way up the street on foot. Once inside we cruised through to see what was going today. We found a nice pottery kick wheel. Candy had been looking for one and here was a nice one. Unfortunately it was going to be one of the last items sold.

We were getting close to the pottery wheel. I looked it up on the web and new ones like this one go for $800. Found a couple on eBay for around $200. All day people were checking it out by sitting on it and kicking the wheel. I was worried that there were going to be several bidders. The auctioneer and the crowd made there way to the wheel and away we went. The auctioneer started and nobody was bidding. He got down to $25 and I bid on it. Going once, twice sold. We just got a really cool pottery kick wheel for next to nothing.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 5 of my Vacation

Got up and cooked bacon and eggs for my parents.   We loaded up in my truck and ran over to put another coat of polyurethane on the trim.  Took a drive through old Colorado City, passed a sign for a garage sale so we made a trip around the block to check it out.

I picked up six, 90-Degree Angle Miter Corner Clamps still in the box for a couple bucks. It will be handy when I go to cut the window frames for the basement.  I had looked at one when I was at Home Depot and almost got it.  We found two more sales while we were in the area.  I found a 1948 REVERE model 48 16mm projector.  They were asking 35, I offered 10 and then loaded it up in the truck.  This looks pretty cool next to the camera’s I had picked up.


We went to Outback for dinner and celebrated my Birthday.  Had a good time with family that evening back at home with ice cream and cake.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 of my Vacation

Up at 7am this morning and away we went.  My dad and I went out for breakfast at Barney’s.   Great little greasy spoon if that’s what your up for.   Then we headed over to the auction house to preview what is coming up for sale this Saturday.  Didn’t see much that I was interested in.

Stopped by Pikes Peak Auto on the way home and took a walk through the yard to check out all the old cars.  Found a few Model A’s, that hadn’t been there long and were already sold.  One of them, it was in rough shape and would need lot’s of work and money, sold to someone on Australia.  If you come across any old Model A cars or parts let me know as I would be interested.

Ran back by the house to check on Mom and see what was going on.  Checked over the basement project, all looked good and just need to finish up with the trim.  Ran over to Home Depot and picked up oak trim and while we were there I looked over insulation and Dad offer to help me put it up, so I bought enough to do the two end walls in the shop.  We managed to get one wall done so it is now ready for sheeting.

While at the shop I was able to get two coats of stain on the trim.   I plan on running over in the morning and getting a coat of polyurethane on the trim and then take Dad on a hike.  Going to see if I can get him up Mt. Cutler or St. Peter’s Dome.

Day 3 of my Vacation

Candy is off on Wednesday’s and was home to help me clean house.   My parents are coming to visit for a few days so we needed to spruce things up a little.   It took most of the day, with most of it being laundry to get done.

So last Saturday I made a new playlist of the sounds of the seventies.  I figured it would be a good week for a 70’s tribute.  Somewhere along the line I picked up the Time Life 70’s collection.   All together it is 480 songs.   I have been playing the IPod on the stereo all week while I have been working on the house.  It’s so bad that I’m even watching movies from the 70’s on Netflix.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Clark

This last Friday we celebrated Clark’s 17 Birthday.  We all met at the house at 5 and had ice cream and cake.  Candy baked up the cake and it looked great.  Clark had his girl friend and a buddy over.

He got a couple of skate tees and couple of cards.   By six the party was over and Clark and his friends were on there way out the door.  Something going on at the school, I think a football game.

Pictures from the Party can be found here:

Day 2 of my Vacation

Today sure flew by quick.  I managed to complete the flooring and electrical work.  Now I am down to the trim work and a few little paint touch ups.   Need to pick out the oak trim and start staining hopefully tomorrow afternoon/evening. 

We have company coming this week, actually tomorrow.  So I need to take a break and get some house cleaning done.

Here is a picture of today's progress.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 1 of Vacation

Well making more progress that I had expected. I finished out the cut in and other spots that needed it. Painting is done, so scratch that off the list.

Around 1PM, I started working on the flooring. After measuring a couple of times I found my starting place and away I went. I should be able to finish up the floor, electrical outlets and vent covers. We picked out the trim we want to use. I will probably get it tomorrow and then stain it on Wednesday.

A few pictures of the progress I am making.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Let the Vacation Begin!

I am on vacation this week. Nothing major planned just working around the house and getting miles in. This morning we did 3.5/miles up through the park. I am so glad that we got out. Fall/Winter is quickly approaching and it’s going to be getting cold soon.

Feel kind of bad about taking time off right now. But there never seems to be a good time. We have a lot going on around work and need to strive while the iron is hot as they say.

My other project this week and to get our basement re-finished. We started this project about a month a go by ripping out the carpet, pad, base boards. On Saturday I got the ceiling painted and today I got a coat on the walls and most of the cut in done. I should be able to wrap up paint by tomorrow evening and then will be ready to start working on the flooring.

For the ceiling we used Toasted Marshmallow 76OC-1 and the walls we covered with Toffee Crunch 700D-5. It looks pretty good together. For the floor I am laying Allure floating resilient plank flooring. Looking forward to see how this goes. I read the owners manual and have watched a couple of videos. I hope to get started on the floor by tomorrow night, no later than Tuesday.

Happy Hiking