Sunday, October 16, 2016


It has been an awesome weekend.   On Saturday we went out and played some Frisbee golf.   We only played 14 holes, but had a blast.  It was just Candy and I and we drug Pebbles along with us.   As always she had a great time.  We grabbed a late lunch and then headed home.

This morning I woke to the smell of bacon.   Candy cooked up some bacon and eggs for breakfast.   That was a nice surprise. 

After breakfast I headed over to the shop and detailed my truck and got it all cleaned up from my camping trip.   I washed, vacuumed and wiped down the seats, doors and dash.  It looks great.

We spent the rest of the day working in the back yard.  I think we filled 7 contractor size trash bags.   We cleaned up all the leafs, mowed and did some cutting back of the summer flowers.  Candy got all the flower pots cleaned up.  Unfortunately this will be the first of several times that we will need to pick up leafs.

I dug my clothes out for tomorrow, so should be all set to walk to work. 

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