Saturday, December 3, 2016

You never met a man like me, you wouldn't understand

Today was long and so was this week.  I headed out last Sunday and spent the week in NJ and NYC for work.  Made for a long week coupled with the fact that I wasn't sleeping well.  Not sure why, but I bet I was lucky to get eighteen hours of sleep over the last five days.  I am wiped out this evening and am ready to crash.

I am home alone this weekend, hope I make out as well as Kevin. 

Candy left on Tuesday and went to Wichita to see her sister and do some property clean up.   She wont be back until Tuesday and I am flying back out on Tuesday.  So we will miss each other again.

Eric helped out and watched the dogs while we were both gone.  Guess it will be Clark going forward now that Eric is moving.

Being that I had to spend fours hours in the air today, I was listing to music and trying to do email, but the wifi was crap.  Thanks United Airlines.

One of my favorite songs is Back in Business Again.  Maybe you have to be a teen from the 80's, but I can crank this up and blow my ear drums out.  Love the lyrics!!!

Of course being on the road I didn't really get my miles in.  Shame on me, but like I said I was busy, plus it was a pretty stressful week.  I probably would have slept better if I would have gotten out.  I need to update the tracker and will do that tomorrow.

Looks like Pebbles and I will be walking in the snow tomorrow.  I have to get out and will be a great chance to get some decent photo's.  That reminds me I should go charge the camera.

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