Saturday, August 30, 2014

And away we go

OK, so I got the call and we are loading up the Ranchero on Monday and taking it into the body and paint shop.  My guess is that it will take 4 to 6 months to get the car back.  Hopefully the next pictures I post will be of the car with paint done.  I am going to have the dash repainted so will need to have all the door trims, etc. redone as well.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lucky Bastard

Wow, so this weekend was pretty busy for me.   I got an early Birthday gift which caught me by surprise.  I guess a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that it would be nice to have a TV on the back porch.   We can sit by the fire pit or in the hot tub and keep current with events.

Well Candy informed me that I needed to be home on Saturday as the cable guy was coming to install a wireless box for our new 32 inch TV that she bought.   She picked up the TV and swivel stand and Saturday morning I hung it up on the patio wall where we wanted it.   The cable guy showed up and after several hours, he had finished upgrading most of the equipment inside and added a wireless receiver outside under the patio.

It looked great by its self, but Candy had shown me a picture of how someone had used some old fencing for shelving on pintrest.   Even though they say the TV is wireless (no wires), you still have two power cords, one for the TV and the other for the wireless box.    Needing someway to hide the power cords I decided to build my own old fencing shelves like Candy had shown me.

Being the hoarder that I am, I had picked up some old fencing about three months ago from a neighbor down the street who was replacing their wood fence.   Yes, we stopped and knocked on the door and they said we could have all we wanted.   I ended up taking about 3 panels.  I had taken the panels to the shop and broke it all down so it would be usable for my needs.

Having wood ready to go, I sanded and put a coat of urethane on each plank.   Made all my cuts and drilled and screwed everything together and ended up with this!  My Gnomes that we bought at auction now have a home.

All together it took me about 4/hours to put this all together and get the new/old fencing sanded, nail gunned, drilled, screwed and hung up on the wall.  Bonus points if you can tell the the name of the show playing on the TV.

While I was at it I also had to redo the laundry room this weekend.   We used to have a stacked washer/dryer, but after having them fix the dryer four times in the last three months, we decided to replace both the washer and dryer with new side by side units.  We have been hanging our clothes outside on our makeshift clothes line I made.  Pretty sure our neighbors think we are white trash, but I could care less. On a side note, if you want to be successful you can't worry about what other people may think of you.

Anyway I hung up a new white cabinet and put in a rod so that we can hang clothes to dry as well or just making it easier to hang clothes when taking them out of the dryer.  Yes, I do laundry.  reminds me of a joke, ask me the next time wee see each other.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Checking In

I was looking and it has been a good month since I put anything down.  So much going on as of late, which is a good thing.  Still working on several projects at the shop.   

The Ranchero is ready to go to the paint shop.   This last weekend I finished sanding and cleaning the door jams.  Pulled out the bench seat and ripped out the old carpet.    I took it into the shop two weeks back and had the mechanic go through the motor and make sure everything checked out.   I have been having a problem keeping a charge and I wanted a compression test done.  They replaced the armature on the generator and I had one cylinder that the compression was low.  Had them pull the valve covers and check and set the valves.  She start up easy, sounds good and charges the battery.

I am guessing it will be another couple weeks before my paint guy is ready and worried it will take six months to get it done.   I am thinking I may want to use someone else.

This has been a good month for me.  We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.    Candy had a Birthday and I  set my schedule so I wasn't traveling this month.  I have been walking just about everyday, watching what I am eating and logging everything. Feeling pretty good and have dropped a couple of pounds, still have a ways to go.

Couple weeks back we went up to Denver to see Foxy Shazam.  We had a blast.  Stayed downtown at the Grand Hyatt, walked around,  had dinner and drinks and then headed to the show.  We got in early and had a meet and greet with the band.  I got a shirt signed and we took our picture with them.  They put on an awesome show. I don't know why I am such a groupie but I am.

With the walking I have been doing the last couple of weeks, it has been a combination of treadmill and trails.  I haven't taken many pictures of the flowers or wildlife this year.   We have had rain and lots of it.  Maybe we are finally out of our drought.   The yard looks awesome and we have hardly had to water.  The wild flowers are in bloom and the vegetation is going wild.  I snapped this picture the other day as I thought it was a nice grouping.

When I had the Ranchero out to the mechanic, I pulled out the sandblaster and worked on cleaning up a few parts.   My dad had given me some old radial engine aircraft cylinders along with some old aircraft instruments.   Still not sure what I am going to do with them.  I have a couple of ideas, just need more time.  Any way, I blasted one of them and painted it candy red.   I had some old gears that I picked up at a junk yard a year or so ago.  Candy had been using them in her flower pots.   I blasted them and they came out so nice, that we hung them on the wall in the living room.   Maybe this is my start to steam punk art.

With everyone doing selfies, I figured I should do one just so I can keep current.   I got a new hat for hiking, yes a little odd but you will remember seeing me.  OK so my judgement of things I share might be in question. LOL