Sunday, July 12, 2015

It Was the 4th

We took a selfie on July 4th.  This was late in the afternoon and we starting to shoot fireworks.   I kept it pretty low key this year and let the kids go to town.   I bought fireworks but let the kids shoot them off.

The weather was great and I spent most of the afternoon in the pool.  My sister and her family where in town as well and it was great to see everyone.

Weekends Over

The last two days have been pretty busy for me.  I was in Boston, Wednesday through Friday.  Got home late Friday afternoon.  Made the drive back from Denver through the traffic.

I hope to be getting my vette back this coming week. I am excited, but nervous as well.  I checked on it last week before I left town and they were finishing things up.  So it should be ready this week.

I spent most of the weekend working at the shop and getting everything cleaned up so I would have room for the vette.  I had brought home some items from Kansas that my dad had given me.   I needed to do clean up on some of them.   He gave me a steamer trunk that came over on the boat with my Moms family.   It was trashed and not possible to restore.   I spent about a day, removing all the hardware and plan on making a new trunk, using the hardware.  This time it will have a flat top, so it can be stacked on as well.

Someone had tried to do some work on the inside of the trunk.  I found roofing paper used for the liner, but I did come across some very interesting sacks.  I have searched on the web and can't find any information on the information on the canvas.  They are pretty cool, they were used as lining.  The whole trunk was lined with this material, but this was all that was salvageable. 

I took a truck load of crap to the dumpster.  Got everything put away and swept.  Looked good when I was done and should have no problem getting another car in.  I fired up the Model A's and let them run for while.  I even finished up the shelves I have been working on for Eric.  Didn't come out, quite like I wanted but they will work.   I will get a picture tomorrow.

I also need to get a picture of the propeller I have been working on.  I had started it on Memorial day weekend with my Dad when we were visiting.  He finished it up and I brought it home over the 4th.  I have spent several hours sanding on it and have some cools ideas on how to finish it off.   I plan on placing it in my office.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Catching Up....

It’s been almost a month since my last post, sorry for keeping everyone hanging out there.  I know that you are on pins and needles to see what happens next.  You know what, I am each and every day, shit just happens and it’s not that it happened, it’s how you choose to deal with it.

I have noticed I am missing a couple of updates around Bears and Vultures.   My Last post was about the Deer and the Vulture I had come across.   The next day, Candy and I passed that way again on my way to work.  I took my good camera with me this time in hopes of getting some better pictures.   I am pretty pleased with this one.

Let's see, on June 6th we had a new visitor to our home.  I had let Pebbles out and shortly after she started barking.  I was on the computer and after a few minutes I got off my ass to see what she was barking at.  I walk out and look at her under the pine tree and looking up.  I look up and low and behold there is a Bear kicking back in the tree.   This is the first time I have seen one in a tree and most definitely the closest I have ever been to one.

Clark competed in a skate competition up in Denver.  I wasn't there but his girlfriend took some pictures.  I let him borrow my camera and was glad to see that it made it back in one piece.  I was even happier that Clark made it back in one piece as well.  I think he took 4th in this competition. 

We have about 20 or so Finches in the back yard going after the feeder.   I have to fill the socks at least once a week.   They are fun to watch.   I took a bunch of pictures one evening and after edits, I like this one the best.

Candy and I took the dogs out one day last week.  Again I took the camera and tried to capture as many different types of wild flowers that I could.  We have had some much rain that everything is growing like crazy and in bloom.

Our Raspberry bush is on it's third year and we are getting a bumper crop.  I have pulled off three colanders just as full over the last two weeks and there are plenty more.  They taste great and I have been eating them on my vanilla ice cream.

We were in Kansas visiting family for the 4th of July.  Had a great time and it was good to see my parents and my sister and her family.   I feel bad that I didn't get more pictures.  For that matter I only took two and they were of my dads airplane that he has rebuilt.  Very Impressive.

There was a free concert in the park.  Candy and I walked down and checked it out.  We had a couple of beers in the garden and them grabbed a bite to eat.   It was a lot of fun and I broke out my hat.  I had fun wearing it and it went will with my American Flag Vans.