Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What up

I have been MIA for the last week or so.  We are super busy at work and I just returned from Las Vegas from a conference.   I did it right this time, flew in on Monday and out on Tuesday, Got everything accomplished that I had planned on and got out.  Of course my flight getting home was delayed for four hours so instead of being home at 8PM it was 11:30PM.  Oh well so it goes, I can't control everything, hahahaha evil laugh!

Last weekend we hiked up the pancake rocks trail and then to horsethief falls. We met up with another couple at my office and then drove up.  This trail is on the western side of Pikes Peak and is  about a 40 minute drive to the trail head.  We brought our dog Mable and the other couple brought two dogs, so we followed each other up.

Once again our old dog Mable did an awesome job,   She practically led us and had to be in front most of the way up and down.   We didn't even keep her on her leash, we passed several other dogs and she wouldn't even give them or the owners the time of day.  That makes it nice that we don't have to worry about her and other dogs/hikers.  I do worry that a big hawk will swoop in and carry her off, it could happen.

This one had me winded as we started at 9,666 ft. and hiked to the summit at 11,056 ft. that's a good 1,390 ft. incline.  We were lucky that water was running down the falls, wasn't much but at least it wasn't dry.

I did get one awesome picture or at least I think its awesome.  I did some research this evening and have decided that this is a Gray Jay, go figure.  I found pictures of others feeding them by hand, at the same place we were at.  Makes me want to go hike it again and see if I can make that happen.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I have been trying my hand at making some bracelets.  Each bracelet contains anywhere from 10 feet to 12 feet of Paracord.  A couple of the clasps can be used to start a fire.  You could also unwind the paracord and use it to make a bow to make a bow drill to make a fire. All it really is just macramĂ© using Paracord.

You tell me.

Is it just me but Sam the Eagle and Mayor Rawlings could be related.

Halloween is just around the corner!

One of my favorite holidays is just around the corner.   Halloween is always a fun evening to see all the kids all dressed up.   I thought this year I might dress up when I hand out candy.   Being thrifty I need to find a costume that is multi-usage. With all the news about Ebola and the new cases that are starting to be reported I figured it might be a good idea to pick up some new clothing for when I travel.

What do you think of this one?

Nothing Changes

As a kid growing up in a small town, we didn't have a lot of options when it came to radio stations.   I
think we only got one or two decent stations and they were both AM.   I remember listing to Radio Mystery Theater narrated by E.G. Marshall.   The stories were great and using your imagination you could bring these stories to life.  For a disciplined imagination can make our mundane life's a heaven on earth or a hell.

So if you a reading this, I just gave you an awesome idea, as I think newly updated stories, told in a similar fashion and available on ITunes would probably go over.  You could make your money by throwing in a few ads or just charge a dollar or two for each.  There may be something like this but I haven't looked.

But that's not what this story is about.   In listening to the first episode last night, at the end was a news cast from 1974.  The station was WDAF in Kansas City.  The first news item was related to Gerald Ford and his casting a to wide net on trying to obtain documents as related to Richard Nixon and water gate.   But that's not the story that got me.   The story that tells me nothing has changed was related to Arab Oil producers, and costs that Americans were paying back in 1974.    Seems like the stories we hear today on the news.  

They were also reporting on the usage of  windmills to produce power for our homes.   You could purchase one for one thousand dollars.   Imagine that 40 years later, we now have windmill farms in central KS.   So back to my point, nothing has really changed.   We have moved forward but the same issues still remain.   I guess this just proves how stupid we really are and continue to repeat the same mistakes.

Another story was about  a St. Louis County Attorney, Ron Lending who is suing Transworld Airlines for $500,000.00 as they cancelled a non-stop flight that he was scheduled to take.  He was looking for compensation for the mental anguish and physical exhaustion.  What a dick, deal with it. Attorney's are still dicks and seems this has not changed. Shit this happens to me all the time.   I guess I should dig into this deeper and see if he was compensated.  Maybe I could make some coin.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Very Blessed

We run through life at a fast pace and we don’t always know the way that we impact people around us.  What you may consider as trivial or just doing your job, you touch and interact with so many people.  I realized this weekend just how fortunate I am.

My beautiful wife who has put up with me for 27 years, we have loved and had our fair share of disagreements but deep down I would do anything for her and she is the most precious person in my life and I could not have accomplished what I have, without her by my side.

We raised two beautiful children; they are both very talented, smart and good looking.  I contribute most of this to Candy.  She is has the same traits and can accomplish most anything that she sets her mind to.  She decided one day that she wanted to be a nurse and two years later she was.  She has achieved and done so many things that she has set her mind to. We are lucky that both of our boys have this “can do attitude” in them as well and I am sure they will do great things.

Last night we had a party.  It was a party for me to celebrate my 50th Birthday.  Candy set it all up and did most of the work, Big thank you to her for everything. My family, friends and co-workers all showed up to help me celebrate.   We or maybe just I may have celebrated a little too much as my head is hurting this morning and the later part of the evening is a little foggy.  Some of my family and friends had to make a considerable trip to get here for this.  I feel very fortunate that they made the trip out to be with me and celebrate this milestone in my life.  Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope that you had a great time.   I know I did!   I received some great gifts, from vaginal cream to a fine assortment of rum (Thank you Sonu), and other fine spirits.  Again thank you to Candy for making this a huge success.

I had a little surprise last night that I was not expecting.  My coworkers made a video to wish me a happy birthday and in this video they had some very kind things to say about me.   I don’t think of myself as an emotional person, but seeing this video and hearing all the birthday wishes and listing to the kind words and stories that they told, made me understand just how blessed I am and brought a tear to my eye.   This is something I will cherish for years to come!  I want to say Thank you to everyone who participated in making this and give a big shout out to Ori BenZvi, who I am pretty sure, was the person that made this happen!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Boston bound

At the gate and getting ready to board.  This is a four hour flight, so this should be fun.

It's a packed flight and I bet I get seated next to the big guy or the stinky kid.  Wish me luck.

At least the airplane is here

Friday, October 3, 2014



Oh man I have a crazy week ahead of me.   I fly out tomorrow morning and will get back late Wednesday.   We are doing a big conference and I am on pins and needles to ensure that it all goes well.   We have a Rod Stewart tribute artist playing one evening for a party we are throwing.  I am nervous and want to make sure that it goes well.

I drove out tonight to see what the status is on the Ranchero.   Not a lot of progress as of yet, but we have a plan on how to move forward.   It is going to be a while.   I need to call and check on the vette and see what the status is.

OK, gotta go and will try to send some updates and pictures from the road.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello October

Well we ended up September with a little over 75/miles.   This has probably been one of my better months in the last several.   I feel pretty good and get pissed at myself on the days I don't get out and log miles.