Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paint Mines

Feeling pretty good, I passed the 50/Mile mark today, for this month.  Yesterday I did 5.5/Miles on the treadmill and today we headed out to the Paint Mines and hiked around the rocks.   I have said it before and will say it again, this is one of my favorite places to go.   Not a long hike, today we did 2.6/Miles and hiked up through the canyon.   Took several pictures today and have included below.

I have an 8:30 AM call tomorrow and have to be in Denver by 11:00 AM for a lunch.   Going to try to get up early and do a quick hike up through BCP.

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day cleaning the house and doing laundry.   I managed to get all the laundry done and the bathrooms cleaned.   I had to replace the innards on the toilet up stairs.  Candy got home around 6:30 PM and we headed out for dinner.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Managed to walk again today, it was nice this morning but cool and raining this evening,   I am doing really well, just need to keep after it.  I am up to 37.48 for the month! :-)   Came across a Coyote on my way to work this morning.  He was down by the creek working his way up the hill.   I grabbed the phone to try to get a picture, but he was moving pretty quick and was gone.

Happy Birthday to David Lee Roth.  Be honest, who didn't want to be DLR in the late 70s early 80s rockin in front of the Van Halen brothers and Michael Anthony.  Good Times!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Well the miles are starting to add up this month.   I have managed to walk every day except for two this month.  I am at 32.28/Miles and it is only the 9th.   I have about 10 days left at home before I have to travel again.   It's tough to keep after when traveling.  I know we are going to have some late evenings and early mornings.

I hope to get some good distance in tomorrow and Friday.  Candy will be working late both days, so no rush to get home.  They say it takes about 21 days for something to become a habit, so getting closer.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Change in plans

I had forgotten that Candy has a big test on Tuesday, so she ended up spending most of the day studying.  I made my way over to the shop on foot.   It was exactly three miles.  The weather was great today so it made the walk very enjoyable. Once at the shop, I spent most of the day working on various things.  I made up a couple of more birdhouses out of the old fencing I had.  Candy is going to use one of them in the house for decoration and I think I will mount the other two onto the fence at the shop.   They are functional but really just made for decoration.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning the shop and watering the yard.   Everything looks pretty good.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Candy had to work today so that left me to figure out things to do.   I made an early start of the day since she had to get up, so did I.   First stop this morning was the German Deli.   They bake on Friday night through Saturday morning and you have to get there early before they sell out.  I picked up a bag of Poppy seed Kaiser rolls, a bag of sausage and cheese rolls, half pound of peppered salami, Havarti cheese, tub of cucumber salad.  Looking forward to munching down on salami/Havarti cheese baked sandwiches.

Candy is off tomorrow so I was thinking about dragging her out to the paint mines for a hike and some pictures.   Need to make up some sandwiches so we can have a picnic while we are out hiking.   I think I will take the guns and maybe stop in at the gun range and do some shooting.   I know she would have a good time, I know I will.

After the German Deli I stopped off at Kangaroo Coffee and picked up an Avalanche.    Mmmmm tasty!  When I got back I start thinking about what to make for dinner.   Candy had cooked a roast earlier in the week, so I made stew this evening.  Made a list of what I needed
Before I headed to the store I went up and did a quick 3.6/Miles through BCP.  This gets me up to just a little over 18/Miles for the month.  I guess this makes the fourth day in row out on the trails.  Feeling good, just need to keep after it.

Made a run to HD and picked up my Birthday present.  Got myself a new shop vacuum, I had one but loaned it to a co-worker along with my really nice moving dolly and when he split town he took it with him.    Stopped at the store and picked up the vegetables for the stew.  Then I stopped and picked up the dry-cleaning.   Got home and unloaded and then headed to the shop.

On the way I stopped and washed the truck.  When I got to the shop I wiped it down and then detailed the interior.   Used my new birthday present and vacuumed out the inside.  Came out looking pretty good.   I had some old fencing so I made a bird house, knocked it out pretty quick, and only took about 30 minutes.   I need to get a 2 inch hole cutter and make the entryway, pictures to follow shortly.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sad news

I was speaking with my Dad this evening and he let me know about a friend of his and my moms that passed away this week.   I did some searching on mother google and find that our neighbor growing up had also passed away this week.    Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the services.  I have included their names with links to the obituaries.

Edna Eagle - October 22, 1919 - October 3, 20131

Georgia Dubios - April 17, 1928 - October 2, 2013

Off for a couple of days

I took this afternoon and next Monday off for vacation.   I headed out and hiked through BCP this afternoon and managed to get 4.95/Miles logged.   It was in the 40's and the wind was blowing.  Made it a little chilly starting out but warmed up quick.   It was nice in the sun, but a little cool in the shade.   Supposed to be cold in the morning, in the 20/30's.   I want to get to the German Deli and pick up a few items.    Below is the route that I took today and a few photo's from the trail.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Social Butterfly

The title comes with the post that I made today on FB.  More than I normally do in a day, but who cares.   I have been listening to the Scorpions this week on my way to and from work.  So tonight I updated my profile photo and posted a link to a video.   I did manage to walk to and from work again today.  Felt good to be out, before it turns cold.  I don't mind the cold as much as I do the heat.

Candy started her new shift today.  It's just after 8PM and I haven't heard from her.  She said she is supposed to get off at 8:30PM but we will see.   I am going to have to find a productive way to fill my time.

I worked over at the shop this evening for an hour.  Took a few pictures of the vette.  Got the idea from a motorweek web site I was visiting.  I need to figure out how to cut out the back ground as I think this would make a pretty cool enlarged photo hanging up on the wall.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Change is schedule

Candy is moving into a new postilion at work and her schedule will be changing.   Looks like she will be pulling some weekend duty so I have been trying to figure out how to spend my time.   Originally I was thinking about getting out on the trails.  Now I am toying with the idea of going camping.  Unfortunately is it supposed to turn cold this weekend.  We shall see where I end up.

I checked the Auction rags but didn't see anything that looked all that exciting and I don't need any more
junk.    The Bird Bench as it has now been named is coming together.   I got the bench painted this week and now just need to get the birds on.  I picked up a fresh bottle of mod podge and will probably work on finishing this up over the weekend.  Need to make sure that I don't get bubbles or any color bleeding so will take some time.

I manged to get my ass in gear this morning and walked to work and back.   It is my October resolution to get back into the groove daily.  Being my Birthday is coming up next week gives me good reason to get after it.