Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of Month

Well I figured I better get something in the blog for the last day of the month.   I have slacked off the last five days.  I say slacked off but I have been working in my shop trying to get it framed in and finished.   I have a ways to go!

All in all this month I did manage to get 60.13/miles in.  Not bad but not that great. I could have done more.  I need to do more.

Well tomorrow is a new month so we will see if we can top June.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Humming Bird Nest

It was bugging me that I didn’t get a decent picture of the humming bird.    So Friday morning we headed out early to get our walking in.   I took the bigger camera with me so we could go back by the nest.  We found it again and sure enough the humming bird was still there.  I snapped off a few pictures and have included them below.

Today was a work at home day.   I am trying to finish out my shop, I say trying but actually I am just getting started.   I had picked up a few supplies last weekend and wanted to get going on this project.

We got just about one wall insulated and framed in.   I am going to try to finish up the first wall tomorrow afternoon.   Candy was there to help me today so it went pretty quick.  My plan is to get out and get a few miles in tomorrow morning.   Not sure where I am headed, still need to figure that out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Humming Bird and Nest

We went from the house over to the Bear Creek Nature Center and back, round trip 2.8/miles.   It rained two days ago, FINALLY!  But we need a lot more as it is dry around here and a fire ban is in effect.  Anyway the rain must have been good for the Cactus as yellow and pink flowers were in bloom.   You could look across the field and see them everywhere.  I took a picture but it didn’t really show the colors so I ended up with these close ups.

I was wearing a yellow shirt and Candy had on a pink shirt.  We were on the trail making our way back and we had a Humming bird come flying up to us.  At first we thought he was attracted to the color of our shirts and it thought I was the biggest ass cactus flower he/she had ever seen.

It buzzed up and down in front of us and then flew into its nest.  The nest was just above our heads.  We never would have even noticed that it was a nest as it was camouflaged so well that it looks like part of the branch.  Never seen humming birds nest before, so this was a first.  I took 10 pictures and only two came out decent.  Don’t know what the problem is other than I always seem to have the wrong camera with me.

Happy Hiking

Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekly Log

Not as many miles as I would have liked to gotten this week, but I did get 20.4 in.  For the month this brings me up to 51.75/Miles.   Need to keep after it!

Happy Fathers Day

We had a great Fathers Day on Sunday.  We all went to church together and then had a late breakfast at one of our favorite greasy spoons.   Then we headed up to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo to do some walking and see all the critters.   Thank you to my family for making this a special day.









Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun in the sun

We were able to log 4.71/miles this morning through Bear Creek Park.   We both got up early and were out the door at 6:50am.  Didn’t have the camera and needed it as we came across numerous Towhees’ flying around early in the morning.   Looking at Wikipedia, researching Towhee’s to find a sample of their chirp/song.   Found this pretty cool sight  If you are looking to learn songbird identification this great place to start.

Last week we were driving by Culvers and saw the parking full of classics and rods.  So we flipped it around to go take a look.  While there they were passing out handouts for show to be held on the third Saturday of the month at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.  Well today is the third Saturday of the month.  I washed and cleaned up the Corvette this afternoon and we headed out to the car show.

Big turn out!  I am guessing 30 to 40 cars there all together.   Some very cool cars and very talented people who built them.  It was a lot of fun and glad that we got out and went.

The show didn’t cost anything to participate in.  I even walked away with a coffee mug as a door price.   Bought a raffle ticket for any size tires and the drawing will be at the last show in September.   The show was held by Stockers Car Club, apparently the oldest club in Colorado Springs.   For more information on Stockers you can visit them here:

I tried to get a spot so that we would have good view behind us of Garden of the Gods and the kissing camel rock formation.   Candy took this awesome picture.

Look for us next month on July 16th for the next show.  Cars will be showing from 4 to 8pm and you can find us at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.

Happy Hiking

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots

Took the night off from getting my miles in, will have to make it up tomorrow I guess. Needed to get some to do’s off my list so we can enjoy the weekend and I did so I am good.

The wind is coming up and the sky is turning dark. I really wish we would get some rain to cool things off and bring down the fire danger around here. Most likely another tease, probably a sprinkle or two and that will be it.

In the May 27th post, named Feeling the Burn. I mentioned that I had gotten some new boots. Currently I have about 60 trail miles on them and they are holding up well. These are the Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boots. I got mine on sale at REI and saved about $70.00.

These are quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces of gear. They are very comfortable to walk/hike in. The longest hike to date with them on is 10.5/miles and my feet were feeling great. They are waterproof and also breathe so that is a big plus to keeping you moving as well as not ending up with stinky feet. One fact that you have to get used to around here is that any boot/shoe that you were will quickly loose it's outer beauty but that happens when playing in the dirt.

The real test will be this winter when we are out in the snow. They need to keep your feet dry and warm because if they don’t it becomes not fun real fast.

Happy Hiking

Call me crazy, the neighbors do!

As most of you noticed last night we had a full moon.   We even had a full lunar eclipse last night but it was not able to be seen in North America.   We had talked about doing a full moon hike for a while and last night was the night!

We drove up to the Section 16 parking lot and headed out to do the Palmer Loop Trail aka Ring the Peak.   There were just the three of us out on the trail as no one else was crazy enough to do this with us.

For the most part we had all the moonlight we needed to light the 5.8/mile trail up, over and around the mountains.   We did take our headlamps with us and used them when needed.  You just needed to remember not to turn and look at the person behind you as you would blind them and vice versa.

As far as taking pictures, ha it was dark so only took a few close ups.   I did notice that on this trip no one had there IPods on so they could be sure to hear if something was in the bushes about to get them.   We didn’t see any wildlife at all until we were back to High Drive and then it was just some goofy kids partying in there car.

The hike took us just under 3/hours to complete.   We were back at the car just a little after midnight.  Hey did you know that Sonic on 8th street is open 24/hours!  Very cool as we all needed some frosty beverages once we were done.

Happy Hiking

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chasing Butterflies

This evening’s adventure took us up High Drive.   We parked in the lower GC and High Drive parking area, threw on the packs and headed up the road.  High drive is a nice road to hike on as it runs along Bear Creek so you get the sound of running water and it seems cooler in the heat.

In the summer months from May through September the road is open to one way traffic.  So you will get to eat a little dust when a car comes by.   Tonight we had about four cars pass us.  People usually drive pretty slowly.    High Drive connects several other trails together.  You can catch Twilight Canyon, Palmer Loop Trail, Ring the Peak Trail and trail 666.

Along the creek there were wild roses blooming, in pink or white.  Also a couple of varieties of blooming bushes.  With all of the blooming this provided a source of nectar and pollen to attract the butterflies.  We saw plenty of butterflies flying in the air and when they did land, the second I would get close, they would fly off.  There were several different types with different colors but photo opportunities were tough with the little Casio I was using.

I was lucky enough to capture the three photo’s below.   I had to follow them as they were flying and see if I could find them when they landed.   I did catch the one in flight and it actually came out pretty decent.

These scans came out of a book from 1864.  My plan is to make copies of them and then cut out the copies and decoupage something.  

Butterfly Questions & Answers

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey, those are my nuts!

Had a visitor come calling this evening.

Another Day

Tonight after work we headed out for a quick 2.5/miles through Bear Creek Park.  It was a little warm out this evening and not hard to get a sweat going.   Didn’t matter we were outside so I can’t complain.

Not too many photo opportunities this afternoon.  This Towhee held still long enough to let me get this picture.

After we cleaned up, we took the vette out for a spin up Highway 24 and came back through downtown Manitou.  

Happy Hiking

Weekly Log

Well this last week I managed to get a little over 30/miles in.   Will be back at this week only changing up the routine a little as I have to work in Denver so will be doing my miles in the evening.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

North Catamount Reservoir

Right after church we came home, changed, grabbed our gear and we were out the door.    The night before we had been looking at my map trying to figure out a place to go and wanted to get back on Pikes Peak so decided on the N. Catamount Reservoir.   Thought we would hike around the lake and if we were up to it, go as far as Raspberry Mountain

Since we were getting a later start in the morning we packed our lunch to have a Picnic on the Peak.   We packed ham sandwiches, trail mix, pretzels, izze’s and a couple bottles of water.

We left the house and headed up Highway 24 and we were at the toll gate by 11:30.  At the toll gate they had both entry lanes open and we were probably 5th in one of the lines.  I was surprised by the amount of activity and people.   I don’t know why it is tourist season and we are happy to have you here!  Drove up Pikes Peak Highway and made our way to the North Slope Recreation area where we parked at the damn on N. Catamount.

Threw on the pack and turned on the GPS so that we could track our route.  Picked my playlist Hiking up the Hill on the IPod and away we went.   It was a great day to be outside and especially outdoors up on mountain.   The temperature was in the high 70’s and with a breeze. 

Headed across the damn and picked up Catamount trail.  Traveled a short distance and caught the Mackinaw trail that runs along the reservoir.   Wow, the reservoir was way down, I am guessing but probably 20ft maybe more.   Guess we didn’t get as much snow as we needed this last winter.  Thinking about it, we didn’t get much at all along the Front Range and we haven’t had much rain this spring or early summer.

From the Mackinaw trail you have some great views of the north side of Pikes Peak.  We found a nice stump in the shade, stopped and had a sandwich and took a little break.

Reaching the end of Mackinaw we picked up Mule-Deer trail back up to Catamount.  Catamount is also part of the Ring the Peak trail system, which someday I plan on doing that hike all 57/M in three days. (

We then hiked down Limber Pine trail, which is actually a service road.   It is a long down hill with no traffic.   If you are coming the opposite direction be ready for a long steady incline.   We then reached the end of the reservoir and got off the road and caught the Limber Pine trail that is actually a trail.   We screwed up here as we came across a fork in the trail and one followed the reservoir and the other seemed to move away from the lake.  Well you want the one that moves away from the lake.

After a quarter mile or so the trail following the lake pretty much disappeared.   It was there but didn’t seem to be well traveled.   Being that the lake was so far down, we just walked along bank of the lake back to the damn.

In the fingers of the lake there was lots of drift wood that had collected.

On the GPS I logged 8.4/M so some decent distance.   We both have red faces from getting a little too much sun today, but not bad.

Happy Hiking

Additional Photos