Monday, December 19, 2016

Sunday 12/18

I am feeling better today.  Was in a bit of a fog after the graduation parties, we started with whiskey and then moved to beer.   It is never a good idea to mix the two.

Yesterday I heard a large crash come from somewhere in the house.   I looked all over and couldn’t find anything that had fallen.   I needed to get out today and pick up a few groceries and a last minute gift.   Well when I opened the garage door I found what the noise was.   One of the springs on the door had snapped.

Since I was headed out I ran by HD and picked up a new spring kit and replaced both of them when I got back home.

The roads were still pretty slick today.  Came across several cars stuck trying to get up hills and others that were just going too fast for the road conditions.  They will learn, I am sure.  Still pretty cold around here and I think it is going to warm up tomorrow.

So this afternoon after getting the garage door fixed I turned my attention to doing some cooking.  I whipped up about 3 dozen peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, brownies and then made a pizza for dinner.   The peanut butter balls are for the holidays and will take some to work later this week.

I packed my backpack so I should be ready to walk to work tomorrow.  Going to have to leave early as I have calls starting.


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