Monday, December 7, 2015

Poor Mable

My poor little Mable had an indecent this last week.  Candy took her and Pebbles out for a walk.  She went down to the meadow, but on this day we had an issue.   She came across another dog owner with a pit bull that was off leash.

The pit bull took Mable to the ground and locked on.  Keep in mind Mable weighs 10 pounds, wet at best.  The owner was able to break the dog off Mable.  Candy got his information and I am sure he got a lecture.

Everything seemed to be OK with Mable, she was a little shaken.  They walked the rest of the way home.  When getting home Candy noticed the blood and Mable was pretty much flat, she couldn't walk any further.  In looking one of the teeth drove deep into her just left of her spine.  She was bleeding badly and the area was swelling up.

She was down and out.  She din't move the next few days and had a visit to the vette for xrays.  Tonight she is moving around a little better.  Impressive considering she is 13 years old.

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