Monday, August 10, 2015

More Hiking

We slept in a little today, I think we left the house at 8:30AM and headed down to the Hungry Bear restaurant for breakfast.  I say run down, but it was about a 15 mile drive.  Breakfast was great and one of the few times we actually ate out.  Every day we have been taking our lunch and when we find a nice place on our hike, we stop and eat.

After breakfast we drove about 20 minutes to the Marymere Falls trail head.   We parked at Bovee’s meadow.  We made the hike up to the falls and glad that we did.  It was a great trail and we only came across a few
people.  On our way back we actually did several other small trails in the area.  

We got 5 miles in pretty easy that morning.   When we got back to the meadow, we grabbed the cooler and found a picnic table and setup camp.   We ate our sandwiches and I tried my hand at some fishing, while Candy worked on her embroidery.

After we finished up around 3PM, we drove about 20 minutes to the Sol Duc Hot Springs.  We had brought our bathing gear with the plan of going.  It was pretty nice and not overly packed.  They had three pools.  One was 78, one was 105 and the other was supposed to be 115, but it didn’t feel that hot.

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