Sunday, August 16, 2015

Something Old, Something New

Well it's finished.  This was a fun, but long project.  The hardest part was the removal and clean up of all the hardware that I stripped off the old trunk.  There was over 160 rivets that I had to grind off to remove all the hardware.  Once it was all off, I took the wire wheel and knocked off most of the rust and dirt.  Then bead blasted each piece, primed and painted.

The box is made of premium pine panels.  I got them at HD and then cut everything to size and glued and clamped it together.  Instead of using screws to hold it all together, I drilled holes and used wooden dowels.  I would insert the glue in the hole and then nail in the dowel.   Sanded and then sanded some more.  Cleaned it all up and then applied two coats of golden oak stain to the top and bottom.  Once the stain dried, I taped it all off and painted in the green.  Why green? It's what I had from the wheel barrow project.  I also painted the inside of the box green.  Once the paint dried, I then applied two coats of urethane.

With the lock being brass I decided to use these gold looking decorative wood screws.  I have to say, overall I got pretty lucky as the colors work really well together.

For now I have it sitting in the living room.  I plan to give it my Mom if she want's it next time we go back or they come visit.

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