Monday, August 10, 2015

Spruce Railroad Trail

For our last day we headed out again early, this time our missions was the Spruce RR Trail.  The sign
at the park on the way in, said it was closed, but we continued any way just to see what was up.  A good portion of the trail was still open, so we headed out to do it.

It was a great hike and all the way along we followed Crescent Lake as we worked our way around.  We were to slow with the camera, but as we were walking along an Eagle came swooping down and grabbed a fish out of the lake and then flew off with it.   It was pretty cool to see.

We hiked for about 3.5/miles.  We came across an old tunnel from in the day, when the railroad was operating and hauling logs out of the forest.  Shortly afterwards we found a nice spot over looking the lake and stopped and had our lunch.  We finished up and then started making our way back.

When we got back to the trail head we headed down to the lake as the there was an open dock, with no one around.   We took off our shoes and socks and soaked our feet in the cool lake water.  We laid around for a while and soaked in some rays before heading back.

We were back at the house around 3:30PM and we started getting ready to cook dinner.  Being our last night we were going to grill steaks and asparagus.   We had a few beers and kicked back by the river and then started cooking. 

We had a great time, I was ready to hang out for a few more days.   Oh well.  We packed up so we would be ready to boogie out in the morning to get back to Seattle and catch our flight home.


Sandra said...

Great pics! Leaving for Colorado in a few days, looking forward to some hiking too.

Dennis said...

Thank you Sandra! Enjoy your time in Colorado, we have so much to do...