Sunday, September 27, 2015


Getting ready to watch the Bronco's play the Lions, in Detroit.  figured while I had a few minutes, I could catch up on the weekends events.

We boogied out of the house about 10:00 AM on Saturday and drove across town to the Flea Market.  Did a quick walk through and didn't see anything.  I don't no why I have so much fun looking at and for junk but I do.  Candy enjoys it, so it works out well for both of us.

We headed out and made the drive down to Pueblo for the Chili Festival.  We walked through and checked out all the vendors and there was a lot of them.  Candy had a pork chop on a stick and I had a cup of corn.  The place was packed and we arrived about 12:30 PM.  We found parking pretty easy, but the amount of people was surprising. We bought some Pueblo chili's that were already roasted and peeled.  I used to buy a bushel and then I would have to clean them.   Going this way is easier as I will probably only use the six small bags I got.  We got three mediums, two hots and one extra hot.  I am going to be making some awesome green chili this winter.

Friday night I did some looking on to see what I might find in Pueblo since I would already be in town.   Well I did find some old junk that I wanted to look at, so on our way down to Pueblo I called the # and left a message we would be in town and if I could look around.   We met up at his property at 3:00 PM.  Candy was a little freaked out because of the area as well as buying off Craigslist.   So we met the guy at his address.  It was a RV/Mobile home repair business. It was just outside the mobile home park, which he owned as well.

He was pretty cool and he opened up his shop to let us in the back.  When we got out back, it was about an acre, just loaded with old farm implements.   I will be going back to get some more items as there are lots of things I can do with what he has.

We walked around and looked at all the different old tillers, disc harrows, cutters, harvesters and more.   It was a blast.  We came across what I think is an old cement or some type of industrial dump cart.   I have searched the web high and low trying to find a picture of something similar but haven't yet.  It all seems to be original and it is in excellent shape.

We had always talked about trying to find a mining cart, but man they are like 3K.  Candy spotted it and when she pointed it out, I was like yes.   It was tucked away where it wouldn't be easy to get out.  It weighs a bunch and no way Candy and I would be able to get it out.   

The owner went got his truck and chains.  We had to drag a couple of large disc harrows out of the way.  Then we were able to just roll it out.  It is in working order and was pretty easy to move on the 36 inch wheels.  We loaded it up in the back of my truck.  Luckily the guy had some ramps so that made it easy to load.  

I also grabbed a couple of old steel wheels that are about 5ft in diameter.  I plan on going back soon and getting more.  I have several uses where I could use them.  There are some other cool items that I am interested in as well.

This picture shows one of the steel wheels I snagged.  I am also showing off, my sunflowers.   I made a second one today.  We placed them to the left and right of the big wheel on the backyard fence.   I think it looks pretty cool.

Who know's maybe I am getting a little bit crazier as I age.  But it is a lot of fun to take some of the old steel and re-purpose it into something else.   My welding skills are starting to improve and I still have all my fingers.

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