Sunday, September 6, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

I cheated and got an early start to the Labor Day weekend.  I took PTO on Friday so we could go to the State Fair.   We left the house at 10 AM and stopped and met the boys at the office.   We had a quick breakfast together at the greasy spoon next door.

On the way down to Pueblo, we stopped in and visited the Corvette Center.   I have my car there having some more work done to it.  Will probably be another few weeks before it is ready.  So while there I asked if they had a scrap pile I could dig through.   They did and I scored on some pretty good scrap for my yard art.  Picked up a cam shaft, several brake disks and some other assorted parts.

The Fair was nice, we were there at 1 PM.  Found free parking close to the gate.  Did the tour, animals, 4H, arts, midway and several food vendors.  All in all I think we spent 4.5 hours there.  Had a good time.

Saturday we spent a good portion of the day at the Auction House and then the Flee Market.   I scored some pretty decent deals, of course more stuff to make yard out of.   Picked up an old jack, old detonation meters and the coolest item was my X Ray On warning light.   I think it came out of the airport because they were also auctioning off old school bag/suite case scanners.  Didn't need them, but the light was cool.  The light flashes red when it is plugged in, the light inside makes the red lettering glow.

I was going to build another flower for the yard with the jack I picked up.  Instead I decided to use up the denotation  boxes I snagged.  I bought 4 pieces, two denotation boxes, one amp gauge and another box like the denotation boxes, but labeled with heating.  They were a buck a piece.  So I decided I would make a box to hold them to go along with the X Ray On warning light.

I cut the wood, then holes to hold the control boxes.  Screwed it all together and hit it with some yellow paint.   I used scrap wood that I had saved and yellow paint that I already had on hand.

Added the control boxes and the amp meter once it was dry.  I think it looks pretty cool.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it.

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