Tuesday, September 22, 2015


So what is up.  I have been super slammed as of late.  Plus I have been trying to get my distance in.  I think I crossed the 100 mile today.  My truck went into the shop on Monday, so it made it an easy decision that I needed to walk.  It should be back on Thursday.

This last weekend Candy was out with friends to Denver for the day.  This gave me some extra time to mess around at the shop.   With my time, I created another piece of yard-art.  Another flower but this one is about six feet tall.  It is my Kansas Sunflower.  It should look pretty good through the winter.

For this piece I used:  18' diameter tiller wheel for the flower head, an 8 ft. Studded T Post for the stem and the base is a heavy duty brake rotor.  

The stem was a re-used from when I had posts and chicken wire around some new trees we had planted.  They have grown enough that earlier this summer I pulled the posts.  That was a job! I had twelve of them to pull.

The brake rotor was a freebie that picked from a car dealership in the scrap pile.  The tiller wheel came off of E bay.   I actually bought four of them so have some more flowers to make.

I cut off the bottom of post where I wanted it.  Then I cut a groove in the brake rotor so that it would accept the T post.  I took the wire wheel  to the tiller wheel.   Welded the tiller wheel to the post.  Then welded the post to the brake rotor.   Then I welded on bolts to the post so that it will hold three wine bottles.

Took some black and yellow spray paint to it.  Shazam, there you go!

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