Sunday, November 29, 2015

Working on the todo list

I have gotten some miles in just about every day while I have been off.  It has been great, didn't go more than 3 miles in a day, but still got out or hit the treadmill.

Colorado weather, On Wednesday it was 60 and on Thursday it was 20, with rain/snow.  How quickly things change.  Pebbles and I got out in the snow on Friday.   Pebbles had a blast jumping out in the weeds and snow.  Looked liked she was doing the hurtles.

I am sure you have all heard about the shootings we had on Black Friday.  It was a terrible and senseless  event.  My regards and prayers go to the families of the victims.  This is just another reason why I carry when I go out.  You just don't know what sicko crazy son of bitch you may come across.  Sorry for the families and that this is the reason Colorado Springs get's it 30 seconds of fame.

I had to move my table out of the dinning room and into the workout room.   We wanted to eat in the dining room for Thanksgiving, so needed to clean up.   The top is finished and sprayed with urethane.  Once it warms up, I will dig it back out and finish it up.  Most likely after Christmas or in the new year.  I have to paint the checker box around it and that is going to take some work.

So since the dinning room was clean, on Saturday I dug out our shell box from our last trip to Sanibel island.   Went over to Hobby lobby and  picked up a straw wreath wrapped in plastic.  I used the same on the last wreath I made and it has worked great.   for this wreath, I used up all the conch shells we had collected on our last trip.   I did a reverse patter each time I went around.  I used the hot glue gun to attache them to the wreath. It came out really nice, super sweet, very happy with this one.

Today I ran over to Home Depot and picked up a plant hanger.  I need to cut it down and paint it, then I will be able to hang this wreath in the dinning room.

This afternoon I am watching Harry Potter, not sure which one and going through email and setting my tasks for the coming week.  I have a lot going on and then travel to Austin for a company Christmas party.

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