Monday, October 19, 2015

Catching up

It has been a few weeks since posting anything to the blog. A lot has gone on, that’s for sure.

We celebrated Clark’s Birthday, My Birthday, a trip to Florida and then Texas. Clark turned 21 on September 30th. We all met at the Golden Bee and had drinks and dinner. A couple of people came from the office, Candy and I along with Clark and his two friends. We had a good time and kept everything under control. Clark was heading out afterwards with friends to go bowling. Wow, hard for me to believe that he is 21. Guess that means I am getting old.

Candy and I snuck away to Sanibel Island for a week. The majority

of our trip was spent hunting for sea shells. Had a blast! Had a chance to do some fishing and bike riding. We rented a condo a block from the beach. It had a pool and we could fish in the canal out back of the unit. 

We checked out several of the beaches searching for shells. A couple of mornings we were on the beach at 5 AM with our headlamps on. It really paid off one morning; we walked the trash line, following a storm. When I tell people I am going shell hunting they look at me a little funny and wonder. Then I show them a picture.

Experienced sheller's walk in a sort of a crouch, the better to see their quarry and the easier to grab it. The posture is known as The Sanibel Stoop. On a busy day the beach is populated with arthritic looking tourists who all appear to be searching intently for a missing contact lens.
We didn't collect any live shells, and believe we found a bunch of them. I found two large lighting whelks, but they had inhabitants and threw them back.  And imagine that there a people there every day of the year doing the same thing, collecting shells.

We collected a large variety of shells including: Lightning Whelks, Lettered Olives, Conchs, True and Banded Tulips, Drills and more.  We have several ideas on what we plan on doing with them.  I would like to make another wreath and roof another bird house.

On our bike rides we saw a few critters.  We saw turtles, lizards, a snake, birds and we got to see an alligator when we drove through the wildlife reserve.

One morning on the beach I bet we came across over 100 jelly fish dead on the beach in the morning.  First of all they freak me out, don't really want to piss on myself.  But being that they were dead I guess they were no issue.  This is just another example of how different every day on the beach is.

While we were in Sanibel I celebrated my 51st Birthday on October 7th.  We spent the day searching for shells, riding our bikes and doing a little window shopping.   We enjoyed a nice dinner and then kicked back by the canal having a cocktail.  51, guess that means I am getting old.  Think I said that already.  hmm.

As soon as I returned I was back out again traveling to Austin for work. It was a needed trip as I hadn’t been down to office in a while. It was great to see everyone and actually got some work done, so I would say it was a good trip.  I have to say there is just so much to do, and my advice to you is focus on the things that make money, don't get caught up in bullshit.

I can't say that I got a lot done this weekend.  I spent time over at the shop but didn't really accomplish anything.  Spent most of my time just cleaning and putting tools away.  I did make a list of things that I need to do, and it is never ending.  Painted a green bowling ball chrome.  Why do you ask?  Well I am going to do another dime ball.   I have done two so far, one penny and one dime ball.   In the picture, the dime ball is on a stand that I got at the flea market for a dollar.   Painted it black and there you go.

I have found that it is best if you paint them chrome or bronze if you are going with pennies or dimes.  Guess it would depend on what your application is.

I am looking to expand my storage space and bring in a shipping container.  A friend was storing a couple of cars at my shop on the side and they are now gone.   Does this make me a hoarder?  Candy agreed that we need one as well so I am going to say no.  But you know I bet I have room for two, maybe I can get a deal.  Shit, I am a hoarder.

Over the last week Candy has been working hard to clean out our dining room.  She moved all of the soap supplies to the basement after cleaning out the basement.  Looks great.  Now that she had some room back I bought her an old wagon while I was at the auction on Saturday.  

Today we went out for lunch and the to Petco and Michael's.  Candy picked up up a small bail of hay and some pumpkins gourds to decorate it with.  Hard to believe that fall is here, but it is.  The leaves are starting to fall and the temperature has dropped.

I will say that this is the best sleeping weather.  We have doors out of our bedroom and out to the patio.  At night we leave them open and you curl up in the blankets and sleep great or at least I do.

I guess that is all for now.  We plan on starting out diets and walking daily again tomorrow.   Looking forward to it as I always feel good when I get to the office after walking a couple of miles.  Gives you some time to think about what it ahead of you.

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