Saturday, November 7, 2015

Out on the trails.....

Pebbles and I got up and took off for a little hike this morning.  It was a little cool out, but I was dressed for it.  Pebbles didn't seem to mind as far as I could tell.   We did just about 5/miles and she was off the leash for the most part.  She does really good except for when we come across other pooches. 

My fitbit blew craps and isn't working any more.   So I am back to using my Garmin GPS.  I actually think I will prefer using my GPS as I can route it out on Google Maps.  It will also allow me to track my elevation.

I started a new spreadsheet to track my distance and my meals.  If I can just get in the habit of using it daily I will be off to a good start.

Pebbles took some time to check out the creek this morning.  She was all wound up after getting in.

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