Saturday, November 29, 2014

Monkey Wrench

I have enjoyed the last couple of days off work.   Yesterday we focused on getting the outside of the house decorated for Christmas.  I got up in the attic and Candy took the rake to the flower garden and cleaned it all up.      We did about the same set up as last year.   Candy did make use of the sleds we had bought.   She placed them on the front porch, one with a snowman and another with garland.   I will get you pictures tomorrow.  I mowed up leaves so the front yards looks pretty good, (again).    Between Candy and I, we had another 5 large trash bags full.

Once the outside was done we turned our attentions to the inside.   We have scaled back this year.   We scaled back on the inside.   Instead of the big tree, we did a small table top tree.    We went with a Simpich Santa Christmas and left the Nativity scene in the curio cabinet in the basement.

We did a nice walk on Friday and I need to get out tomorrow and do the same.   The weather has been really nice, so it makes it enjoyable to be outside.   We took Mable and I know she was glad to get out.

I did get a couple of small projects completed.   I was over at the shop this morning cleaning. I    had to move my box of sprockets and I barely could so I figured I need to use a few up.   I dug out some various sizes, found some screws and went to work.    I added the wrench and wow this is done.   I have a few other pieces to use, but less is more.  This is on the backside of our storage shed at the shop.

When I got home I had shown Candy what I created.   She went and got my gold wrench and start placing it around the two sprockets we already had on the wall.   When she held like it is in the picture it looked to me like a bicycle or motorcycle.   So we went ahead and hung it up.  Looks pretty cool!

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