Sunday, November 9, 2014

Just for fun

I picked up some old film canisters a few weeks back at the auction.  I have been slowly working on one and I finished it up this evening.   I guess I am going to go with a Star Wars theme for this project.  I picked up a Star Wars poster book at a garage sell, thinking I would use it for decoupage and now I have.

I blasted the original canister in the sand blaster and then cleaned it off with some 220 sanding paper. Wiped it down and cleaned it up, hit it with a coat of primer and painted it with chrome paint.  I think this little project cam out pretty decent.   Since I have the poster book and two more canisters I should be able to do the first three Star War movies.  I am planning to hang these in my office and think they will be some good conversation pieces.

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