Sunday, November 9, 2014

Crank my bolt

As I mentioned earlier, I was given some large Williams wrenches.   Best I can tell this wrench was made between 1947 to 1955.  This is based on the logo and information I found on the J.H Williams site.  All together I think I got about 10 of these wrenches and four of them are the size that is pictured. In looking on eBay they sell for about three to six dollars on eBay.

The picture above on the right is what I started with.  I ran it through the sand blaster to get all the rust removed.   Then I hit it with my wire sander and polished it back up.   It looked good just polished but I have another idea for this piece so I went ahead and painted the handle black.

I am either going to turn this into coat rack or it will be the base for a coffee table that I am getting ready to build.  Either way I will be welding a sprocket to each end and possibly running a chain around the sprockets.     I think it will look pretty cool when I am done.   I placed the wrench on a couple of sprockets trying to get an idea of what it might look like.

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