Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Just to Cold

Maybe you have caught on to this, but my font is larger.  Only reason being is that I can't read the smaller font, so increasing the size makes it easier on me.

It's just to cold to work over at "The Shop" this evening.  When I left work, the temperature was reading 7 degrees.  I did run by and picked up a couple of items, so that I could work from home.

I brought home my mallet heads, but still need another coat of stain on the handles.   Dug out my painting box and found the colors I needed for the mallets so that they would match the balls.

They are looking good.   Will most likely hit them with another coat or two tomorrow and then spray them with a sealer.  I wish it would warm up, so I can finish the handles.   Once they are done, this project will be finished.

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