Thursday, November 20, 2014


I had to travel this week.  Flew out on Sunday the 16th and got back early this morning, arrived just after midnight.   I was up in NYC and New Jersey for business.   Candy also left on Sunday and she drove out to Wichita to
see her sister and deliver a truck load of stuff for my dad.

My dad also had a few items for me.   Some how he picked up a set of first class airline seats.   I had seen them when I visited for the 4th of July.   I thought they were pretty cool when I saw them.  He offered to part with them a few weeks back and I jumped on the chance.   I haven't really ever seen these up for sale and thought they would look cool in my office.

Since our company is focused on consulting, I have spent a lot of time on planes throughout my career.   What better way to show that, then to have a set of airline seats as your guest chairs for visitors.

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