Sunday, November 9, 2014


If you have been keeping up, you know that I am rebuilding an old croquet set that I had found.   I spent some time trying to get a name of the maker and year built from Mother Google.   All I was able to find was a this picture on the right.   I am assuming this must be original and is selling on eBay for $89,99 or BO.

So I guess this won't be a high value restoration, but it has been a good learning process for me.   This little project has required metal working, painting as well as building all new clubs and handles which I still have to get to.

Since I found the picture above with the name on the side, I figured I had better do the same.  Candy dug a stencil set out of our craft drawer, so that is what I used.  It's not original but it looks good.  I did get the handles for the clubs cut and drilled the hole in the club head to attach them.

I need to work on the handles and clubs and do some shaping.   This will require me to dig out the table saw.  Its on the list for later this week.

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