Sunday, June 26, 2016


Today was an awesome day.  It started out with a three mile hike with Candy and Donkey.  When we got home I figured it was time to feed the squirrels.  Well today I made a new friend and I have name him Pinball.  Pinball is a squirrel and I got him to let me feed him by hand.   I went out in the backyard and shook the peanut sack.  I spotted him looking at me, so I pulled out a peanut and cracked the shell in my hand.  I just hung tight for about five minutes and then Pinball came over and slowly took the peanut out of my hand.

We did this a couple of time, I tried to get a picture but feeding a squirrel and holding a camera is a little tough.  this is the first time I have been able to get one to eat from my hand.  

I got a lot done today, from cleaning out the truck.  Syncing all my apple devices, planting some flowers, cleaning out the garage and even running over to the AT&T store.  It was a full day, that's for sure.

I cooked dinner this evening for Candy and I.  We had pork chops that I cooked in green chili.  Cooked up some tater tots and a bag of corn.  It was a great dinner.

Headed out on the road so I got packed and did a little laundry.  Really looking forwad to the 4th of July.  Will get to see my sister and her husband and kids.  Both Eric and Clark are going so it should be a good time.

That's all, got some more work to do before I head out.  Have a great evening and will catch up with you soon.

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