Friday, June 3, 2016


I successfully made it through the day and didn't hit anyone with a golf ball, nor did I get hit with one.   The morning started early with 6:30 AM breakfast at the IHop.  We then loaded my truck with clubs of the other players.   We had a foursome and our team name was Old Balls.   I cant take any credit for the name as I was invited to fill out the foursome.  Then we headed down to Ft. Carson to get on Base to get to the course.   We were on the list so we passed right through.

I was playing with two reps from Oracle and one from Lexmark.  We were playing in the Carson Network Enterprise Center 8th annual team building tournament.  It has been a while since I was last out on the course and I had a blast.  Luckily my teammates were there just to have fun.  None of us are avid golfers so that pressure was off.

Their were several companies sponsoring the event.  At 8:00 AM when we were ready to tee off, a cart came by serving shots of alcohol.  This continued through most of the day, along with the Bud Lights we were drinking.   I think we came in 5 under, but that wasn't enough to get close to the gold.  They served lunch and then we needed to head out to get internet and out of the noise for conference call.

All in all had a great day and made some new friends.

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