Thursday, June 2, 2016

8:03 PM

I am kicking it in the backyard this evening and working on my third DFHIPA.  I am guessing the temperature is in the high 60's low 70's.  I am in a t-shirt and shorts.   In the house I have the sounds of the 80's playing and can hear it great through the back door.   In the backyard I have the sounds of the wild playing.

Sitting out back this evening, I have seen: Robin's, Finches, Humming Birds, Doves, Wood Pecker and a Towhee.  Man I love Colorado!

I am looking out onto my garden.   I have two kind of raspberries growing along with a blueberry and blackberry plants.   These are on their 3rd and 2nd year.   They have kept coming back, I am so happy.  I have new starters coming up all over the place.   It is very hard to find plants that do well with our climate and elevation.  What you can grow, the dear eat most of it.  I have said it before, they are nothing but large rats!

My Lilac is starting to wind down.  The aroma that this bush puts off is awesome.   When in bloom, I can pull into the driveway in front of the house and smell it all the way from the backyard.   This bush is old.   We have been in our house going on 19 years and it was here when we moved in.

Over the years I have done some transplanting and they have all taken.  In a couple of more years they will be a great neighbor blocker, plus they look and smell great in the month of May and the leaves provide great coverage through the summer and fall.

8:19 PM, I have three humming birds buzzing around the feeder.   

Oh no, battery low, back soon.

8:55 PM, Moved from the back porch to the living room.  Still jamming to the 80's and nursing that third Dog Fish Head 90.   I think I have mentioned we have been doing some serious cleaning. We got the bedrooms painted and new carpet.  Today they laid the tile floor in the bathroom.  Now I have to replace all the doors and we will be done.   After raising two boys who are both as hard headed as there old man we have several doors and door jams to fix.

I get the opportunity to play golf in a four man best ball tourney tomorrow.  It has been a while since swinging a club.  I hope I don't hurt anyone.

OK I have to run, but will leave you with image and quote below.   I have to say America that we are pretty screwed when I look at the candidates that we will have to choose from in our coming elections.  I am also embarrassed by all these protesters who are really just looking for 10 minutes of fame.   Let's be honest, when you show up with a gas mask you have pretty much decided to raise some hell. 

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