Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back Home

Greetings all, been a couple of weeks since I posted anything. So let’s see since my last post I have been I Florida, Kansas and Colorado.  I spent the week in West Palm Beach and then over to Tampa.  Then I flew over to Wichita KS, and spent the fourth of July with family.  Had a couple of days off which was nice.

Had a great time visiting with the Family and even got a little work done around the house for my parents.  Both the boys made it this year and brought their girlfriends.    We ate way to much food over the weekend and on the Holiday.  Shot off a bunch of fireworks.

One evening we all went out to dinner at Connie’s Mexico Café.  This is a favorite of most of the family. After being on the road for nine days I was glad to be back home.  

Yesterday we headed out and did some fishing.  Went back down to Brush Hollow and then over to Florence for some lunch and a little more fishing.  I didn’t catch anything but we had a great time.  Took Pebbles with us and she had a blast.  She was chasing Chipmunks and Rabbits.

Today I worked over at the shop and made up another birdhouse.  Not sure what we are going to do with it.  Used some old fence wood that I had and top that my Dad had picked up when he was out garage selling.

I did some watering and pulled weeds.  Cleaned up my mess from the project today as well as the last one I was working on.   Man it get's dirty quick from the sawing, sanding, grinding and so on.

I started laying out my next project.  I am planning on making up a large flower cart.  This should be pretty cool when done.

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