Saturday, June 18, 2016

Yeah It's Saturday

I had a pretty awesome Saturday and hope that you did to.  Me and Donkey headed out of the house at 6:30 AM and went and got about three miles in.  Then I was off to the HD to pick up a few parts for my next projects.

I made a new bird feeder stand today and started working on my new water feature.  Once again you will see that I have incorporated another tiller wheel into the design.  More to come with tiller wheels.  I have about 30 of them of all different types. I spent most of the morning working on the bird feeder stand.   It was pretty quick to knock out.  It was just a matter of screwing all the pipe together.  I took another tiller wheel and cleaned it up and painted it copper.

I am pretty excited about my pump project.  I picked it up in KS at the scrap yard.  It's broke in a couple of places, but as a yard art piece I don't think anyone will notice as they drive by.  This morning I picked up a whiskey barrel, pump and hose.  I cleaned up the pump today, took the faucet off and ran the pump hose through to see that it would work.   I might get the base tomorrow and then it should go pretty quick.  I have a place for it all ready in the front garden.  It will replace an old ice cream bucket water feature that I had made.

I also watered the yard and cut down some starter trees.  I still need to weed eat and mow in front of the shop doors.  I might get to that tomorrow.

I cleaned out the smoker this evening.  Emptied the ash from last time and cleaned the grates.   We have a brisket marinating that I will be cooking up tomorrow.  Candy is going to cook up a couple of side dishes.  We will see who shows up.

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