Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fun in the Sun

So we did get our asses out of bed early and went fishing.  We left the house just after 6 AM.  We headed down to Brush Hollow and had a line in the water by 7:15 AM.  I am sorry to report that we or at least I didn't catch anything.  Candy read while I was fishing.  We took Donkey with us today and she had a blast.  She found squirrels, rabbits and lizards.  She was going ape shit most of the morning chasing critters around.  She was grinning from ear to ear today.

This is the second time that I have fished this area and not caught anything.  Lot of fish were jumping but I didn't hook anything.  I fished for about two hours and spent a good time laughing at Donkey as she was chasing what ever she could find.  She came across a squirrel and it ran towards Candy, I thought it was going to jump in her lap.  I packed up and then we headed down to Canyon City to stop at a quilt shop and get some lunch.

While Candy was at the quilt shop, I filled the truck with gas and then hung out waiting for her to finish up.  She wasn't long.  We grabbed some lunch and then headed out to see if we could find a place to park and eat in the shade.   We found a great spot and were able to park along the Arkansas river.  Man it was running fast and furious.   We got Donkey a burger and she was pretty happy.  Candy was walking around and taking some pictures.  She got a nice picture of a monarch hanging out. 

Donkey got out of site and then I heard a splash.  We started calling her and after a couple of minutes she came running.  She must have jumped or fallen in the river.  She was soaking wet from head to toe. She is lucky she didn't get swept away.

Our dogs name is Pebbles, but she has put on a little weight and she looks like Donkey from the movie Shrek.   I guess today with my green shirt, this would make me the Ogre.  She is a great dog and she had a blast today.  So did Candy and I, it was nice to get out and get away from the house.  If we would have stayed home I am sure I would have been working on the yard or cleaning house.  We got back to the house around 1 PM.  Once we got home I headed out and ran over to the shop and did some cleaning and worked on another rotary hoe tiller wheel project.  I plan on giving this one as a gift.  Then came back to the house and worked on cleaning up the garage.  It is still a mess from our remodel project.

Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.

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