Friday, June 24, 2016

Let's Go Fishing

I renewed my fishing license this evening and am planning to get out tomorrow and wet a line.  I doubt that I will catch anything but it should be a fun day.

Looking to head down to southern CO.  Going to fish in a small lake and then head further down and fish the Arkansas river.  Candy is going to go with me and I am guessing we will take Donkey with us.

Crazy week at work, busy, busy, busy, just not always sure it is a good busy.  I think I have said this before.   Oh well I just need to keep pushing rocks up the hill.

So I finished a new water feature for the yard.   It came out pretty nice when all done.   I had purchased an old pump last time I was in Kansas.  The pump is broke and not usable but for a decorative piece it works great.  I had built a bird house a year or so ago and it just happen to work out nicely.  I put a larger pump on this one and it really pushes the water through.  The sound it makes sounds great.  So nice I have been sitting on the front porch listing to the water and the birds chirping.

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